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10 Instagram food accounts worth following


Delicious photographs of yummy delicacies can make your day or even better act as an appetizer! Instagram is very popular for wonderful food photography by brilliant home-cooks and professional cooks. If you are a foodie then you must follow these 10 Instagram food accounts.

These brilliant photographs have been contributed by professional chefs, bakers and even a computer programmer! Follow these accounts to get inspired on cooking and clicking photos.

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  1. @alifewortheating__
    Adam Goldberg discovered his love for cooking and food on his summer trip to China. He further reinforced this love for good food when he was studying at the Columbia University. He is a software engineer who travels extensively in search of new cuisines and delicacies. He shares his experiences consistently through Instagram.
  2. @spoonforkbacon__
    Teri Lyn Fischer and Jenny Park began blogging about food recipes through their blog spoon fork bacon. Teri is a food stylist and Jenny is a photographer. They combined their skills to produce beautiful photographs of food which they regularly started to post on instagram. The blog includes wonderful photos of delicious food along with the recipes. They have posted some gorgeous pics of their cooking experiments and have managed to secure 139000 followers. Their instagram account is an eye candy for food lovers.
  3. @shivesh17
    Who would ever imagine that a 19 year old could cook so well? This young Indian amateur cook’s food photography will leave you in awe. His pics of meringue frostings, apple galettes and vanilla cake are mouth-watering. He is a self taught chef and a baker who whips up amazing dishes in his kitchen. His food styling and photography skills are extremely commendable. Check out his Instagram account to see it for yourself.
  4. @njinla
    Natalie James’s blog speaks volumes about her experiences while growing up in Los Angeles. She loves exploring L.A. She runs an Instagram account that features photos of food from different restaurants in L.A. Her Instagram is like a trip advisor for good restaurants across L.A.
  5. @thewhiteramekins
    Himanshu Taneja is an Indian computer programmer who moonlights as a food blogger and a brilliant photographer. His incredible food photographs are bound to leave you feeling really hungry. His photos focus on Indian foods such as Laal Maas, Shakshuka and lots more. Take a look at his works and let us know if he was able to convince you to try Indian food for a change.
  6. @thenaughtyfork
    This account showcases the best of dining opportunities in Miami. Since they also add reposts from people in other cities you must get a tad confused. They don’t seem to show the patience to tag the place where you can take a bite and enjoy the food shown in photo. And sometimes when they do add the tag, you are sure to jump off in search of the restaurant. This account too has a whooping 67000 followers.
  7. @thoughtsoverchai
    This person will take you through her food journey and food experienced all the way from India to Dubai. She is a tea addict who enjoys experimenting with food. Her popular food experiments include Banana Oats blueberry bread, Sloppy Joes to the authentic Indian Murg massalam. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary food treat with thoughts over chai.
  8. @spoonuniversity
    Spoon University features college kids in the kitchen. They are said to have 3000 volunteers across 100 colleges. They provide reviews on restaurants and college foods. Their Instagram has 42800 followers. Their content on Instagram is mostly re-grammed.
  9. @sugarnspicebyradhika
    Radhika has photos of everything from salted caramel stuffed cookies to nutella cheesecake. She loves to bake and will win your heart with her awesome baking skills. On her instagram page you can expect luscious photos of Deep dish chocolate chip cookie and gooey chocolate dishes. She also offers an insight into the popular restaurants in India.
  10. @eatingnyc
    Alexa Mehraban founded the EatingNYC Instagram account last year. She is a big time foodie and has managed to get 96,500 followers through her delicious photos of her gastronomic adventures in New York City. Succulent lobsters to delicious cocktails, this Instagram account has it all.

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