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10 most popular places on Instagram


Instagram photos are fun and make the ordinary look extraordinary. Although 4 years old Instagram has become very popular among lovers of photography. Sharing a piece of your life with your pals through photographs is a very creative and desirable hobby. Instagram not only gives you the opportunity to tell others about you but it also provides you the platform to share your story creatively through art.

Apart from sharing beautiful pictures, Instagram is also a platform to exchange information about exotic places through photographs. You can plan your next holiday by checking out the popular locations shared on Instagram.

Here are the 10 most frequently shared locations on Instagram

  1. The Dubai Mall
    dubai mallIt is ranked as the number one place to visit in Dubai. It is the world’s largest shopping mall which has more than 1000 stores along with various entertainment centres such as the aquarium and the ice rink. This location has a massive presence on Instagram
  2. The Yankee Stadium in New York City
    the yankee stadium nyc
    Ranked as the most expensive baseball stadium, this huge stadium cost 1.5 billion dollars for its construction. Now it has been redesigned and converted into a mall with a baseball stadium at the centre. It houses restaurants and shopping centres and is a delight for every baseball fan. This is also a very frequently tagged site on Instagram.
  3. Madison Square Garden also in New York City
    Madison Square Garden New York City
    The Madison Square Garden is a colourful park situated in the heart of New York City. It is the 8th most tagged site on Instagram. The events and the natural beauty of the place attract millions of tourists each year. The place is known to hold popular events such as circus. Concerts and even sports events such as hockey and basketball.
  4.  Red Square, Moscow
    Red Square Moscow
    The Red Square has been shared numerous times on Instagram. It is one of the eminent tourist attractions in Moscow. A historical site the Red Square is known for playing host to events such as balls, coronations and other public ceremonies.
  5. Louvre Museum in Paris
    du Louvre in Paris
    The Louvre museum is a popular brand of Paris, France, and is swiftly turning into one of the top Instagram favourites. It attracts around 15,000 regulars every day, and the Louvre is said to the museum that attracts the most number of visitors. The Louvre museum has around 35,000 artefacts, from ancient times and also from the modern era.
  6.  The Gorky Park in Moscow
    The Gorky Park in Moscow
    It is an amusement park located in Moscow, Russia. This park secures the fifth place in most frequently marked place on Instagram. The Gorky Park was constructed in 1928, but it got renovated in 2011. The rides were taken off, and the park was made more environment-friendly for its visitors. Today, the park provides yoga, salsa dancing, and many more entertainment facilities for its visitors, both adult and children.
  7.  The Siam Paragon Shopping Mall in Bangkok
    The Siam Paragon Shopping Mall in Bangkok This highly structured, shopping mall in Thailand is the 4th most renowned location on Instagram. Branded as one of the chief shopping centres in whole of central Asia, Siam Paragon has lots to draw in tourists: It houses amazing restaurants, a sophisticated multiplex, a marvellous aquarium, an intricate art gallery and many more.
  8.  The Times Square in New York City
    The Times Square in New York CityNew York City’s distinguished Times Square tops onto Instagram’s most favourite list. The Times Square boasts of the biggest pedestrian intersections in the world, as well as it is a reputed and popular location for the entertainment industry.
  9.  The Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles
    dodgerlaThis popular baseball stadium of the Yankees is a social media darling. Based in L.A, the Dodger Stadium is ranked as the second most popular place on Instagram. This stadium has been a part of several popular movies such as the Transformers, Star Trek, Fantastic Four and The Fast and the Furious.
  10. Disneyland
    DisneylandEqually loved by adults and children, Disneyland is said to be the happiest spot on earth. This is the reason why Disneyland has become the top ranking location on Instagram. This theme park was built by Walt Disney in 1955 and since has been entertaining millions of tourists every year.

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