10 ways to get your Instagram bio interesting
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10 ways to get your Instagram bio interesting to get more followers


You’ve probably heard the famous saying: ‘first impression is the last impression’. But, do you actually take it seriously and act upon it?

Instagram is a platform to display your life and what beautiful things you see while living it. It’s a platform to connect with those who share similar interests. Unlike other social networking sites, Instagram gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded people and exchange valuable information.

Although the Instagram trend has taken over any other social media, not many are aware of how to utilise it wisely.

Not many are aware of the several unique ways to portray themselves on this platform in order to get more followers who share common interests. Therefore, we have listed out ways to make your biography section even better than before to bag you most number of followers. All you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps like a Bible and you are good to go. Within no time, you’ll see a huge list of people, just like you, following your work, your life.

  1. Keep it simple: Most people like to add a lot of information about themselves into a very limited space of the biography section. Avoid doing so. The key is to keep the details very simple and easy to understand. With a view to look cooler and smarter, several tend to use gigantic words straight out the Oxford dictionary. Remember, the aim is to get more followers by reaching out to them in their layman language. If you use big words to portray yourself more posh, you may end up driving your potential followers off your list.
  2. Keep it crisp: Sometimes, people believe that long and unending bios interest potential followers. Very untrue. It is a fact that the more crisp your data is, the more people would like to know about you. Avoid adding up unnecessary information, save the rest for when they directly contact you through messages. Your job is to build curiosity about your work and life.
  3. Avoid sharing extremely personal information: A lot of people cannot stop themselves from overflowing personal details about to Instagram users. You need to realize when to stop your writing and emotions. What is the use of letting out all the information in the first meeting, after all? Save some for later. Build interest in other users by offering only limited and less information.
  4. Be smart: There are tonnes of trashy people out there in the world. You do not want to accept them all in your list that may put off your other potential followers. Choose wisely who should follow and comment on your pictures. This will give a sweet invitation for others to get intrigued with your work and also your personality.
  5. Be witty: Try playing with words as much as you can. Give out riddles, puzzles, incomplete information in the biography section to leave other users thoroughly intrigued. That is the key to woo most followers to your profile. The smarter you play, the bigger genuine list you create.
  6. Humour always helps: If you got a great sense of humour then what are you waiting for? It is about time you flaunted it to the world. Let people from across the globe know how smart, artsy as well as entertaining you are. Everyone wants to be around people who are funny and intelligent. You are the one and thus show them what you got. Tweak your bio in a way that attracts users to your profile.
  7. Never lie: Strictly avoid lying to people out there. They want to know the real you. So, do not unnecessarily lie to get extra followers. Be honest and see for yourself, how many people respect that.
  8. Avoid revelation of unnecessary details: Do not EVER reveal private details. The world is a bad place, well almost. Do not easily trust everyone and play smart.
  9. Save time: Just like #2 mentions, keep your profile crisp and save time of your potential users.
  10. Don’t share private number or account details: Last but not the least. If you plan to display your personal contact number, be ready to be the next victim on CSI. We don’t mean to scare you in any way. Just be cautious as social media can prove fatal sometimes. Act smart as you already are.

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