Social media as lead management funnel

4 Social media as lead management funnel


Social media as lead management funnel

The social media will act like the lead management funnel so that you will be able to make the most of your investment. The social media drives traffic to the website. It is possible to convert traffic from the form. You can nurture engagement in a very efficient way so that the traffic generated on the website will be converted into customers. There are various tools through traffic will be generated. The content management, blogging, social media, SEO and analytics are great tools to attract traffic.

Social media for lead generation

The conversion of traffic will take place through leading pages, lead intelligence, lead management, and analytics. By using publishing, promotion and optimization, the website will be found. Through marketing means, educational content will be created. The content will be promoted through ads, blogs, website, social media, and referral sources.

The sales people will be able to promote products and services through their social profiles. The promotion will take place through conversations and discussions. It is possible to achieve social media relationship building as well. The prospects will be nurtured until they are ready for sales.

Market intelligence

The social media will contribute to market intelligence as well. It is possible to identify business opportunities and you can build trust in prospective customers and current customers. The blogs and content will help you build trust. The market research and customer support can be delivered through the social media so that there will be great satisfaction.

Google Page Ranking

With the recently modified Google Page Ranking system, the social weight will also be taken into consideration. The social media links are considered in the ranking algorithm. The links can be presented on blogs, videos, tweets and social network updates. Audience will be attracted towards the audience. It is possible to generate links to the site. If you present quality links, there will be higher search rankings.

Combination of search and social

It is noticed that a higher percentage of conversion is achieved through the integration of search marketing with social marketing. The SEO-friendly content can be increased with the help of social media. There is profound generation of inbound links with the social media. The quality of traffic will also be affected with social media.

The above factors will lead to increase in search engine rankings. There will be more number of organic search leads. With the creation of higher quality leads, the conversion rates will increase in a very efficient manner.

If a visitor is in search of a keyword from the search engine like Google, the search results from blogs, twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms will also be displayed. As prospects will access online information, sales volume will increase in a very efficient manner. There will be frequent communication with the social media channel.

Influence on buying process

Social media has great influence on the buying process. Prospective buyers will go through awareness campaigns. They will consider the product after going through the pros and cons. The reviews and feedback offered by customers will have a positive impact on customers.

Prospective visitors will make the purchase decision after going through the information presented through various social media platforms. Businesses should choose one or more social networking sites and they should play active role. The regular interaction with customers and visitors will build a relationship. The relationship will lead to sales in the long-term. It is possible to promote sales from the existing customers as well by engaging them in the best possible way.

Lead generation

The lead generation activity is crucial for the growth of your business. It is possible to reach the target industry and target company with the help of the best service provider. The current trends should be followed very closely while engaging with online community. If there is shift in usage of a new browser, you should be able to offer the new browser so that you will not lose your customer. The changes in lifestyle and user behavior should be tracked quickly and necessary changes should be incorporated in the social profile. Thus, the social media acts a lead funnel and you can increase sales in a very efficient manner.

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