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7 Instagram Marketing Tactics to Take Advantage Of


Engagement with posts on social media is strongest among individuals who use Instagram. In fact, research has identified Instagram to have trumped both Twitter and Facebook in terms of per-follower engagement as well as with-brand user interactions. To help you harness the sales improving power of Instagram, consider doing the following tips:

  1. Engage with your fans – Generating leads and engaging customers is entirely possible with Instagram because of its ability to let you interact with your audience’s shared posts. This does not only support your growing relationship with your audience, but also allows you to become more visible in their own accounts or network. Regular interaction with your audience is actually key to your Instagram success.
  2. Leverage the people with influence – Welcoming movers and shakers into your Instagram account is a great way to target a new audience with your business campaigns. The former are the ones who define the experiences of the latter, who are then influenced to buy your products (to which the influencers are associated with). To put it simply, people with influence let you broaden your reach by allowing their own audience or followers to view your products.
  3. Study your activations – Connecting with your audience is not the only thing that Instagram helps you do. It also provides you a means of measuring and analyzing your marketing strategies. Use Instagram’s analytic tools to let you identify which members in your community are the most active, what type of content they share and find relevant, and how these results impact your business strategy in general.
  4. Incorporate email into your content – Email can definitely give your Instagram marketing strategies a boost, especially when done in such a way that your email entices your audience to try your products, which you have made more attractive. You can do this by embedding your brand hashtag with a live Instagram content. This lets your audience view the images posted by people who have already tried your products.
  5. Draw attention to your user-generated content – Instagram allows you to make use of visual marketing to highlight your brand through the eyes of your ardent followers. To make use of this marketing advantage, make sure to showcase your community’s user-generated content. This allows you to increase your audience’s level of engagement and improve your success rate with doing business on Instagram.
  6. Make use of your other contacts – Determine which of your contacts are also using Instagram. Extract a list of phone numbers and other contact details from your customer database. Next, import the said list as contacts into your account with Gmail. Then, upload the Gmail contacts list into your smartphone, which you will use to log into your account with Instagram. Lastly, activate your Instagram account’s feature that lets you follow all your contacts.
  7. Hashtag it – By making use of relevant hashtags, you can categorize your posts (photos as well as videos) and allow them to be shown on your audience’s live feeds. Moreover, using hashtags also lets you drive more traffic to your personal profile on Instagram, as you can use your followers’ profile links and the profile links of the people you follow to generate more traffic. The important thing to remember when using hashtags is that you can either use existing hashtags or create new ones.

When opting to use existing hashtags, analyze the ones used in your community first to see if they are relevant in your brand before you consider using them. In the case of using new hashtags, make them effective by understanding your true purpose of creating them.

Try using these marketing tactics with your Instagram account to improve your business performance and revenues. The key is to employ these tactics consistently.

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