things you want to tell your friends about Instagram

8 things you want to tell your friends about Instagram


Many know that Instagram is the next big thing. But, there are still a few slow ones left behind, who haven’t heard of the beautiful world on Instagram. It is about time, you introduced them to this platform and tell them how much they are missing out on in life.

Instagram is a platform for like-minded people to share their favourite interests and bond over them. It is a platform for users to display what they see through their naked eye, no matter what part of the world they belong to. It is a platform to connect people across borders and boundaries. It is a platform that brings you closer to each other and see what is happening on the other side of the coin you are living in.

But, how many really are aware of the Instagram world? Do you not want your friends to give up on other social media and sign up here so that they could also see what life is all about? Do you not want them to make a scrapbook of their lovely life and display it to their loved one? Of course you do. Therefore, we have listed top 8 things that you need to tell your dear ones right away about Instagram so that they too sign up immediately. After all, what is life and fun and zeal without opening an account here right?

  1. The technologically-advanced scrapbook: Tell your age-old friends that Instagram is the 21st Century scrapbook. You can display your entire life here and share it with the ones you love. Can scrapbooks get any better now? It is about time they participated in your high and low points in life. Tell them.
  2. Leave other social media platforms: There are tonnes of social media platforms available in the online market, but are they any good? Tell your friends the various ways that makes Instagram special over other platforms. Tell them how important it is to hold an account on Instagram and forget about handling the rest.
  3. Swag is here: Your friend circle needs to know how crucial it is to join Instagram in order to look cooler. In case they are working, tell them that employers tend to look at Insta profiles over LinkedIn these days. If your friends are studying, tell them the platform can boost their creativity and knowledge and also give them an opportunity to meet and converse with new people across the globe.
  4. Introduce yourself to the world: This is a platform for your friends to introduce themselves to the big world out there. They ought to create an identity of themselves and this platform gives you that liberty. It serves the purpose right as it displays your life in front of million other users, with whom you can interact with and share interests too.
  5. Showcase your talents: Unless you get into the ring, no one would know you exist on this plant. It is time you showcase your inner hidden talents to other million Instagram users. It is time you show them what you actually got and makes you stand out. Your friends can actually create a fan following in the name of followers by opening an account here. The key is to tell the world how ambitious and skilled you are and how badly you want them to recognize it.
  6. The edits are out of the world: The editing options every picture has on Instagram is unlike any other editing expensive softwares. The options you get here are beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Every edit tool is a step to making your pictures look prettier and special.
  7. Like, comment and share: Tell your friends how the platform gives you an option to acknowledge someone’s work and comment and like on it. This not only encourages them but also increases your friend circle. Tell your friends that here you can also share ones picture and get them the global reach that they deserve.
  8. Make friends: There couldn’t be a better way to making more and more friends than on Instagram. On this platform, one can come across artsy people that share similar interests as you from music to painting to cars to almost everything. It is safe as long as you use it wisely.

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