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Today’s age where we can relate more to an object than to a human being, Instagram has its top funniest Instagram accounts to give you a reprise from the otherwise dull day! Here is a list of some top funniest Instagram accounts which are guaranteed to make you go, ‘Woah! That just made by day!’ Follow them quick and get your share of daily fun!

  1. Girl with no job

This account is owned by Claudia Oshry. There are already about 2.4 million followers. If you would like to read a fun mix of memes, you are in for a treat with this one! This is a prime example of turning a no job situation into a decent one! Every day, Claudia posts hilarious pictures with witty captions that express a relatable feeling.

  1. Texts from your Ex

Somebody’s tragedy is another’s comedy. Here is an account which claims to have ‘uninspirational’ real texts from the ex! Follow them for a quick relief from your troubled life. Post your experiences to the email mentioned with the account. Never know; the next image shared could be your text!

  1. Late Notes

Are you one of the dads who find it a real struggle to wake your child to get up and go to school every morning? Well, if you are, you know that routine often does not go according to plan and you do need excuses to be made to the child’s school. Here is when you will love this account! You will find hilarious notes with all sorts of creative excuses to offer to your child’s teacher!

  1. Passenger Shaming

Are you in the list of people who have been witnesses to embarrassing situations whilst traveling? Well, of course! This is a profile that has a portfolio of pictures showing people in the most absurd behavior. Well, did you not take the hint from the name!

  1. Pee Jet

Are you interested in following a friend of international stars…better yet, the best friend of international stars! He can be seen everywhere with them, at parties, restaurants and best yet, even at their homes! Yes, you guessed it right! It is the mix of Photoshop and the creative imagination of this funny man. For all the star struck fans, this account is one you have to follow!

  1. Miserable men

Here is a profile that captures men in fun and unusual situations! Would you like to see an unlucky man captured in a hilarious position? This is the perfect account to follow! Have you wanted to take pictures of your friend in a funny situation? Well, this account may just do it for you!

Memes have surely caused a stir and none can us can complain! There is nothing better than a little humor to liven up your day! Check out these top funniest Instagram accounts and you will not be able to resist tagging your loved ones in the comments! Come on! Make your Instagram feel funny! Follow these accounts and add a little smile to your day!


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