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An overview of Instagram


Instagram is application software that was launched by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It became a hit as soon as it was established. This makes it even more famous. It was found in the year 2009. Its location is in San Francisco. It had 10000 users within an hour of it being published; this explains its success. Now it has over million users from different parts of the world sharing different experiences, feelings, emotions and of course their beautifully captured moments. Through this application software one can follow the people he/she knows. And others can also follow us upon our updates.

“Instagram” the name itself is quite self- explanatory. This is a world -wide famous application software which enables the users to capture the perfect moments. It does not just merely stop there, there are numerous filters from which you can opt one to customise those perfect moments. This is now becoming a trendsetter. It also enables users to take short and crisp videos which would last for fifteen seconds or less. This is another social networking site that is absorbing the younger generations into the internet world. This application software allows the user to post their photos or videos publicly or privately and thus it is user- friendly application software.

Instagram is also interlinked with other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. One can take a single picture modify it as per their needs and post it in two or more platforms, which makes it easy for the user. If there was no interconnection the user would first have to upload it in one platform and then go for the other. The interconnection has made it way too easier and also helps the users to save time by just selecting the social networking sites in which the pictures have to be posted.

This being user- friendly application software, it allows the users to either make their profile visible to public or have privacy of their own. It helps users to know whereabouts of their kith and kin and also to visualise their happy moments through the photos and videos shared by them. It not only allows you to see the photos of just your kith and kin but also of celebrities whom we otherwise have no chance of meeting. This is mainly known for its features of editing which no other social networking site offer.

It is less laborious to create an Instagram account. And if you have your own account in any other social networking sites the job is even easier. All you have to do is log in with the account of the other social networking site. It is always better to be preventive and keep your account private, than causing harm to oneself and curing it. This makes only the ones you accept to view your posts and thus avoids a lot of problems. Being an internet era people are enjoying all the perks that internet offers and at the same time they are at greater risks. Many a times, keeping one’s account open to public leads to a lot of internet scams.

The only drawback Instagram faces is that it can process only square shaped photos. It is so programmed that even the rectangle photos are cropped like a square before the photo gets edited. And so people have to either crop it like a square and edit or get application software that helps in squaring photos without any part of the photo being cropped. This requires extra effort from one’s side. Except for this one drawback, Instagram is almost the best photos and video sharing application software with editing features.

The clarity of the photos is quite good. They don’t create any blur image or photos of poor clarity. The standard of the photos is also quite high. With the additional feature of filters, it enhances the photo even more. This makes the other users to take a look at it and thus getting likes to the posts. The younger generations being active users know a lot more about Instagram and its features than the older generations. Taking pictures and posting them on social networking sites is now child’s play, thanks to Instagram.

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