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Best Animal Photography Instagram Accounts


Instagram is so addictive and something that we can keep watching nonstop, you all know that. Since 2010, it’s been like a place to share anything and everything from ordinary day to day clicks to mesmerizing professional clicks.

Animal Photography is an area that has brought to the light quite a lot of celebrities recently. If you are an animal lover or just animal photography lover, here are some of the best animal photography accounts you must be following.

Allan Dixon is an Irish photographer who spends his time travelling, taking amazing photos of his surroundings, and generally inspiring all of our desire to travel through Instagram. He is the master of taking selfies with animals, from kangaroos and quokkas to donkeys and tiny birds. With patience and diligence, he has managed to take some of the best animal selfies the world has ever seen.

Toast was a rescued puppy. She had a mouth full of rotted teeth that had to be removed. It caused her tiny tongue to hang out at all times; a blessing in disguise but that’s now her signature look. Toast has even become a bit of a fashion icon, having been featured in Lucky magazine and serving as the face of Karen Walker’s summer 2015 eyewear campaign.

After quitting a full time job, photographer Theron Humphrey rescued a dog, and hit the road for a cross-country adventure. With time Humphrey discovered that his dog Maddie’s had incredible balance and started photographing her on top of various objects like a lamp post , a basketball hoop and many more. He also released a book, “Maddie on Things: A Super Serious Project About Dogs and Physics,” and have even been featured on the TODAY show. Maddie as snowman is the latest click with already 77.4k likes and 2000+comments.

BarkBox are just not the spot for dog owner and lovers, the subscription box for dogs supports rescues. Their feed features dogs, cats, pigs and even horses and owls, but we swear these videos will make you smile. It is such a nice place to unwind your minds after a hectic day.

Harlow and Sage were best mates who did everything together, until Sage, the mini Dachshund, passed away in 2013. Shortly after, Harlow found a friend in miniature Dachshund Indiana, and then Reese joined the family a year later. Follow along as these three pups pal around, take naps, and pose for hilariously cute family photos.

Utacci has a twin stuffed animal that she enjoys napping with. She’s a big fan of crochet and soft headwear, has some really interesting costume collection, and is just so cute it’s hard to believe she’s real.

@BunnyMama this account follows the lives of three house bunnies: Eddy, Marbles & Olive. Individually they’re all adorable, but when they cuddle together it’s almost too much. Eddy left the world in Nov 2014.

Samson the Goldendoodle’s Instagram pictures are just too cute for words. He frequently naps with his twin (a stuffed animal bear named Bea), looks absolutely adorable in a raincoat, enjoys swimming, and is totally a feast to our eyes.

@dmason4589 From wild animals to exotic birds Dan Mason’s eye captures living creatures in its purest form. You’ll gain an appreciation for the variety and beauty, and you will just want to see them again and again.

Ocean Conservancy is a professional organizations offering science based solutions for wildlife and ocean conservation and related services. They regularly have breathtaking photos that can freeze your time.

Rita Birkeland brings us gorgeous images of wildlife and landscapes. Her winter photos are just amazing. She uses a DSLR camera –  NIKON D800E & Tamron SP150-600mm and her iPhone for her capture. She adores birds and the painstaking untried clicks show her dedication to photography and her love for nature.

Tim Laman is a National Geography photographer who brings is stunning photographs consistently. From Close up to wide angle everything is just worth the view. He is a fan of wildlife, mountains, rainforests and adventure. He brings us a visual treat fulfilling our exploration desires.

If it is now you got to know about these interesting accounts in Instagram, you shouldn’t miss out, go ahead right now and follow them. You will never regret your decision. Enjoy and go astounding.

Top 10 travel photographer profiles to follow on Instagram
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Top 10 travel photographer profiles to follow on Instagram


If you are an avid traveler and are wondering where to store all those memories, we have the right solution for you. What is the whole point of wanderlusting when you have no good memories to show to your loved ones? The fix is Instagram account.

There are millions of accounts opened by amateur and professional travelers across the globe on Instagram. The platform helps you store the moments you’ve lived and most loved. These moments are guaranteed to stay with you forever, till you die. Instagram is special in providing you this service. No matter how long your trip lasted, the memories shall live forever in your account.

Just like you, there are many others on this planet who have been one step ahead and already opened accounts on Instagram to show the world what they are up to. With over a million followers for each, their accounts are even trending on social media for the crazy stuff they are up to.

To give you travel goals and inspire you to get your backpacks and just leave, we have listed out top travel photographers on Instagram for you. The list is surely going to leave you jealous but also develop the urge the get set go.

  1. Murad Osmann: Murad was not even a known face to this world before he joined Instagram. And now? He is a superstar, also being covered by several news channels and websites and other travel portals. Murad hand in hand with his girlfriend Natalia Zakhorava travels the untouched and most visited places across the globe and clicks breathtakingly amazing pictures. There is always something unique about these pictures that makes Murad’s account so famous. Wonder why? He has a style of making his girlfriend pose with her back towards the camera and him holding her hand with a gorgeous background of the destination they are presently at. Outstanding right? Exactly what we thought as well.
  2. Kirsten Alana: Alana is a professional photographers who travels around to give her followers photos of fashion, food and other significant moments. Her account is to die for, so is her life. Alana will give you major travel goals and make you want to leave your home right away. Do follow her to know where she is at, while you read this article.
  3. Brooke Saward: Follow Brooke’s handle worldwanderlust to reach the highest level of jealousy. Brooke is an expert at creating a variety of pictures. Her Instagram account itself is so colourful that you cannot even imagine. You’d actually have to zoom into her pictures to confirm their chasteness. Brooke usually gets on to such adventures all by herself which makes her account so special. A young girl in her 20s already has bagged a substantial number of followers to her account. You too could add to her happiness!
  4. Matthew Karsten: Matthew walks and roams around almost anywhere. His vagabonding nature will make you want to fall for him on your knees. Sadly, he apparently broke up with her girlfriend and left his job in 2010 to quench the thirst to travel inside him. Even if your love hopes have been shattered, there is always a chance to stalk him and see for yourself what he is up to by following his account right away.
  5. Gabriela: She is smart and it clearly shows in her photographs too. She definitely knows a lot about shapes and sizes and silhouettes and other dramatic factors that make a frame perfectly natural. Follow her account and see out of the box pictures that will surely leave you mesmerised.
  6. Andrew Evans: If you are a fan of animals, nature and cuteness, Evans will show you how to capture them! His pictures are an epitome of love!
  7. Annette White: Very lively and genuine photography is what you get to see her. Annette very well captures the good and unforgettable moments for her Instagram scrapbook.
  8. Liz Carlson: If you believe and follow storytelling, this is the account you must stalk right this moment.
  9. Elise: Roundtheworldgirl is curious as much as you are in and about life. She is one step ahead though and will teach you what exploration means.
  10. Kiersten: Theblondeabroad will make you red in enmity but leave you astonished to what all a person can do in one human life.
interesting profiles on Instagram
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Top nine most interesting profiles on Instagram


Instagram is not merely about posts, uploading pictures and hashtags. It has some really motivating profiles with inspiring life stories. Not only are these stories interesting to read but also teach us many important lessons about life. They also enruch us with good quality images, videos and posts. It is hard to believe what these people have achieved within such short time periods. Here are the top ten impressive profiles on Instagram:

  • David SK Lee: He has a fleet of Ferraris, both old and new which are expected to be 30 in number by the end of this year. The owner of a jewelry shop, Lee accidentally became the centerpiece of fame in Instagram due to his amazing collection of cars.

He is very respectful to the moral principles and ethical values.  He draws inspiration from his father and acknowledges the value of family, love and relationships in one’s life in spite of reaching the pinnacle of monetary success.

  • Cory Richards: The National Geographic Photographer and mountaineer Cory Richards uses his skills to make his Instagram profile quite impressive. The pictures he uploads receive a host of likes since most of them are based on his mountain expeditions.
  • Jason Stone: He is one of the most successful Internet Marketers and has come to the limelight courtesy his creative images and motivational videos. He started his own business during his college life by selling auto-parts in e-Bay. It is enchanting to hear how he used to get out in the freezing cold to gather car parts to sell them off. Today he has been able to invest in multiple businesses thanks to Instagram and to connect with some social and semi-famous people. He expects people to get motivation and inspiration from his account.
  • Manny Khoshbin: He is a real estate giant from Southern California. His family travelled to America all the way from Iran and was forced to live in a station wagon during the early years. After his father worked hard for years to gather some money, they could shift to a small apartment. Today Manny has more than 2 million square feet of commercial and residential real estate. The way he has struggled to make sure that his family does not have to go through those hardships again The story of Manny’s life is really inspiring.
  • Diego Luca: He is a seller and manager of super-yacht and yacht charters globally. He opened his Instagram account with the primary aim of posting photos and offering an insight to the world of luxury yachts. Instagram offered him networking opportunities and contacts which he uses for the development of his business.
  • Usain Bolt: We all know him. He is the fastest man alive. Naturally, most of the clicks and videos that he uploads feature him running, lifting weights and carrying sledges. He is also lucky enough to take photos with some of the most famous celebrities and politicians of the world and post them on Instagram.
  • Alexander Mijares: A great artist, Alexander Mijares started using Instagram as a platform to display his beautiful works of art. Most of the art-works that he sells today is from Instagram. Instagram allows him to sell of his works within unbelievably short time duration. He gets the majority of his foreign clients using Instagram. Just like the other impressive profiles of Instagram, the profile of Aleander Mijares was also created accidentally. Little did he know then that his Instagram profile will boost his business to this extent.
  • Daniele Zaccone: He shares his real life with the Instagram followers. This man is full of elegance and charm and uploads some great photos where he focuses on his attires rather than his face. He is a style icon from Italy with an impressive Instagram profile and a lot of followers.
  • Gil Antolin: He is the owner of a high profile travel brand. He didn’t join Instagram with a strategy of influencing people. Later on he decided to use Instagram as a platform for influencing people to follow his passion of travelling. He believes in appreciating the beauty of different tourist spots and exploring new places and wants to influence others to follow his dreams.
Justin Bieber quits Instagram

Justin Bieber quits Instagram… not really


The fact that Justin Bieber had made his profile private first and deleted it subsequently, is all over the news. The drama with Bieber’s ex-girlfriend is widely covered in other sites, so we will not repeat it here. If you want to know more just write ‘Justin Bieber Instagram’ and get the latest news, or read the “very important news” here on CNN
Justin Bieber deleted Instagram picture

We are writing this article to give the Beliebers (if there are any after the drama) a little bit of hope. Justin Bieber might deleted his profile, but he did not delete the pictures yet (i.e. they are still on Instagram CDN servers)
What does this mean? It means that JB could be back on Instagram at any moment. If his decision was final, maybe he would already removed any trace of his pictures. Maybe he did not make his decision final (yet). Only time will tell. Until then we will just sit here and wait.
justin bieber instagram deleted photo

Get a cached version of some of Justin Bieber Instagram profile photos and videos.



Top 10 apps to improve the quality of Instagram content
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Top 10 apps to improve the quality of Instagram content


With the launch of the exclusive photo-sharing social media platform, Instagram, technology has indeed gone to a completely different level – several notches higher than where it was originally. Almost all youngsters use Instagram to upload and share pictures among their friends and family today across the globe. Instagram is easy to use and the quality of pictures/videos here is far better than other social media sites. As more and more people keep subscribing to Instagram with every passing day, many technology companies have understood that there is still a huge potential in this market which is remaining untapped. Therefore they have come up with some brilliant apps, which when downloaded, can provide photos and videos international class quality. If you are an avid Instagram user and love sharing lots of photos on a daily basis, use one or all of these 10 apps and see the difference that they bring to your photos!

  1. Aviary – Photo Editor

One of the drawbacks in Instagram is that you cannot crop the images that you upload to remove the unnecessary portions. To overcome this, Aviary has launched this app, which when downloaded can help you in cropping, correcting colours and bringing other effects to your picture.

  1. Afterlight

When you download this app, you will be surprised at the number of filters that it comes with for applying in your images. One of the best features of this app is that it will make your picture (even if it was taken from an out-dated mobile phone) look absolutely professional and awesome.

  1. Snapseed

Want to bring out the artistic elements of a picture in a real-time scenario? Use Snapseed for best results. With this app, you can pop out certain parts of an image, edit filters, straighten images and change the complete texture of an image easily.

  1. Tiny Planet

When you are looking to capture huge landscapes with great detail, Tiny Planet comes to your rescue, with its fisheye appearance effect. With this app, you can bring about the necessary details in huge images. This is usually used by business owners in their pictures.

  1. Overgram

While you can only upload pictures on Instagram, it is not possible to type any text on specific areas of your photo, with the existing features on it. For some photos, you may want to add text boxes in specific areas to provide some useful information to people viewing your pictures. Overgram app helps you do this. When you download this app, you can create text boxes wherever you want on the picture.

  1. Facetune

This is one of the most commonly used Instagram apps to correct faces/portraits so that the images look absolutely professional. You can use this either to correct your selfies or to slightly alter the portraits of your employees on your business account.

  1. PicFrame

As the name suggests, this is an app which will help you to bring different photos in a single frame. Once you download this app, you can select the pictures that you want to appear together and form a collage out of it before posting the same to your account.

  1. Vintagio

When you post many videos in your account, this app can be of great use for you. When you download this app, you can create an exclusive vintage texture to your videos, thereby making them look very authentic, natural and professional at the same time.

  1. Everlapse

This is one of the best apps when you want to convert your images into a nice video. Download this app and choose the images that you want to upload to this app. Once you select some your nicest pictures and click on the app, watch with surprise as your photos come one by one as a nice and compact video upload.

  1. DXP Free

Sometimes you might want to give a shady/dreamy or a double visual effect to your pictures. All you need to do is to download this app for the desired effect. With its 18 different effects, you can try various versions of your images to get the desired smoky feel. These kinds of dreamy pictures work well for travel and fashion accounts as it helps to accentuate the various properties of the objects.

Top ten Instagram editing apps 2016
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Top ten Instagram editing apps you must use


Instagram apps make the experience with Instagram more exciting. They boost the quality of your photos and videos and make editing all the more easy. Here are some apps that can be used for some fantastic photos and videos on Instagram

  • Tiny Planet Photos App: This app allows you to capture entire landscapes and transforms the landscapes into spheres (that’s how the name originates). It comes with a fish-eye looking effect for the images that you capture. This app works well for people trying to edit their business’ Instagram feed. With the rounded images this app gives you, get ready to see your business’ Instagram feed in a more original look!
  • Slow Camera Shutter Plans: Love the glittering effect in your photos? Slow Camera Shutter Plus offers a spectacular display of letters, shape and characters that glow in the midnight sky. Heavenly and mesmerizing!! This can be achieved by long-exposure images taken with your phone. Not finding it easy? Keep on practicing. You’ll soon learn doing it.
  • Photo Editor by Aviary: Instagram offers a wide range of settings and effects. However, for people with a fascination for editing, these settings and effects may sometimes seem to be insufficient. In that case they can try out this app which offers an entire range of special effects and colors so that you can edit your photos to your full satisfaction. Those who have problems executing the different steps in editing a photo, the good news is that the Photo Editor by Aviary comes with “one-tap auto enhance” features. You can also crop images though this app which is not possible through Instagram directly. In short, it is the one-stop platform for all types of editing that you would like to do with your images. So, get ready to make your photos and pictures more attractive and gorgeous with Aviary.
  • Afterlight: This is the best Instagram photo editing app for those who love the old, vintage look in their photos. You must have noticed the difference between a photo clicked from your phone and the old photos clicked by a camera. Afterlight makes them look similar. Afterlight also comes with provisions of filtering for clearer and brighter picture quality.
  • Everlapse: Have you ever experienced the joy of converting your Instagram pictures into exciting videos? Get ready to do the same with Everlapse. It is a great photo editing app for Instagram which comes with great features for some excellent photos and pictures.
  • Snapseed: Even if you are a new to the world of Instagram editing you will face no difficulty in using this app. For those who are not satisfied with the built-in filters of Instagram this app will be the perfect solution since it has a wide range of filters to serve all your purposes like redeye reduction, tilt shift and straightening. This app is extremely useful for people with promotional purposes since they can pop items to make it catchy and appealing to the people. Starting from images of products to texts- everything can be popped up for a better effect.
  • Vintagio: It comes with a range of video filters. As evident from the name, this app is meant for a vintage look in your photos. If you prefer the retro look in your photos or photos in sepia mode, go for this one.
  • Superimpose: Increasing brightness or adding a 70’s feel to the photos are too basic. It’s time to go for some exciting editing effects such as superimpose. This app supports your craziest ideas such as attaching the face of a monkey to your friend’s body or replacing the spoiling background of your room with a beautiful landscape. Watch all these miracles happen with mere touches of your finger.
  • Average Camera Pro: This app is specially designed for nightshoot. When you still find it dark after using the flash of your camera, then comes the need for using this app. It is expert in increasing the radiance of your pictures so that you can click brightest photos at ease sitting at a night club.
  • DXP Free: It allows you to blend two images together to bring about a 3D effect. Photos edited with this app are the most mystic of all.
Instagram for business
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Top 5 reasons why you should consider Instagram for your business purposes


Here’s the reason you ought to consider utilizing Instagram for business – it’s the fate of online networking promoting. Instagram is here to stay. With the prominence and quick extension of Instagram, there are various reasons why it is useful to utilize this stage as a piece of your online networking technique.
Instagram for business 2016

  1. Elevated amounts of Engagement
    Different online journals and studies have stated that Instagram engagement is ordinarily higher than some other website. The proportion and number of preferences and remarks on Instagram posts essentially surpasses the proportion and number of preferences and remarks on some other online networking webpage.
    Elevated amounts of Engagement
  2. High Visibility of Posts
    One reason Instagram posts get such abnormal amounts of engagement are that posts are very unmistakable. Each and every one of your posts will show up in each and every one of your fellow followers. Vital utilization of hashtags can likewise essentially help the presentation of your presents on new clients who will like and comment on your posts and who might even follow you thus. Your posts likewise live on for eternity. They don’t vanish or get documented like old tweets or get lost like Facebook posts. A simple look will be enough for new followers to tag along and understand your posts properly. This is an incredible route for new followers to associate with your image!
    High Visibility of Posts
  3. Associate with a Targeted Audience
    I guarantee that your group of onlookers is utilizing Instagram. With 150 million clients and developing, your clients are on there. There might be a lesser number of your clients and it might take a while to develop your group to noteworthy levels. Be that as it may, exploit the littler group now to develop genuine brand advocates and steadfast clients. Instagram clients are enthusiastic and dynamic – they need to communicate with you and become acquainted with you.
    Associate with a Targeted Audience on Instagram
  4. Enthusiastic Connection
    Photographs quickly pass on enthusiastic reactions. Without much work, you can utilize your presents on bring out effective feelings in your group of onlookers keeping in mind the end goal to create the responses you crave. In the event that you need individuals to give to your non-benefit, use pictures that inspire the craving to take an interest and give. On the off chance that you need to commend a point of reference or accomplishment with your group of onlookers, use posts that invigorate those feelings. Utilizing the privilege passionate association through your posts will definitely expand your engagement and offer you some assistance with reaching your objectives.
    Enthusiastic Connection Instagram
  5. Visual Marketing
    Instagram, and other visual substance locales like Pinterest, are picking up prominence which is as it should be. We’ve heard the expression “a picture says a 1000 words” innumerable times since we were kids. As advertisers and substance makers, is there any good reason why you wouldn’t have any desire to exploit pictures as a component of your substance promoting technique? Simply think how a great deal less writing you’d need to do! It’s a whole nourish of visual incitement empowering cooperation at its most abnormal amounts. In case you’re seeing any accomplishment with visual advertising on alternate stages you utilize, envision the abilities you have on a site committed exclusively to visual promoting.
    Instagram Visual Marketing
    The best aspect concerning Instagram is that it’s out and out fun! The posts make you snicker, you get the chance to arrange great photograph shoots, and you see the magnificence in the easiest things. Instagram will change the way you consider substance showcasing – in light of the fact that when you’re having a ton of fun making your substance, it truly isn’t too much “work”!The development and extension that we’re seeing on Instagram is just the starting for this intense site. Instagram is the most recent site to develop into a perpetual position inside of the enormous online networking mammoths. As this site acquires footing and more clients, the all the more effective it will get to be for organizations and advertisers. The arrangements and long haul advantages that are given by Instagram to business are inevitable. Be arranged – in case you’re not on Instagram now, you will be sooner rather than later.
Insta save app
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Instagram and its features


Everyone around the globe knows about Instagram. Instagram is application software that enables it’s users to take pictures, edit them and post publicly. It doesn’t stop there it also enables users to take videos – really short videos which last for one fourth of a minute. It has developed so much from the time it started till now. The growth of Instagram is quite a speedy one. This was because of the boom in the users of internet within a span of six to seven years. Instagram had around 100 million users in the year 2013 where as it has increased many folds to 400 million users in not less than 2 years.

The instant hit of Instagram is due to its unique features which distinguish it from other editing or photo sharing application software. Even though the filters are only handful they are of great use to the users. The editing tools are quite professional ones. This draws numerous users towards this application software. It was a really a trend setting application which drew the youth on the whole. And the facilities it provided to share their pictures with the outer world made it even more attractive. Instagram till now doesn’t have a equal competitor in the business world.

The first feature it offers you is that you can take photos either with your primary camera or secondary camera. Not all apps provide you to take photos with both the cameras. You can take a photo by clicking the photo icon that will appear at the bottom of your screen you can adjust the lighting by filling it with flash. As it provides you dual camera facility you can even switch between the cameras by tapping on the appropriate icon. Once you click the photo icon you are all set to take a photo. All you need to do is tap on the blue circle and you will be done with the task of taking a photo.

The next best feature is the editing part of the pictures you take using Instagram or the one’s which are already on your device. If you are going to edit the picture that you have taken using Instagram all you have to do is after taking the picture you have to continue with the editing. When you want to edit the pictures which are already in your device you have to tap on the photo icon and scroll through the photos that are available in your device. And choose the one you would like to edit and start editing.

The editing should be done in a very careful manner. Once you over do the editing the picture becomes a disaster and not a memory. To have correct editing it is better to use the correct lighting effects and choose the correct filters that suits the picture that you are about to edit. Once the editing part is done successfully you are all set to post the picture to the world. With the response you get for the picture in the way of likes and comments, you can very well ascertain if your posts are being welcomed nor not.

You can also make use of captions to bring more colours to your posts, when you have an Instagram account. You can also make your pictures more creative by using catchy captions. Your captions may even include hashtags. Hashtags are quite popular. So using hashtags in caption might boost the publicity of that particular picture. You can also use hashtags in your comments to boost the likes and comments for your picture.

Instagram allows its users to take even videos too. The videos won’t last more than one fourth of a minute. And with the new update in Instagram users can also send text messages to the ones who follow them. Texts can be sent only along with pictures. Texts alone cannot be sent to others.  And photos of Instagram can be downloaded with small application software called InstaSave. With each and every year passing by, there is tremendous change in it and due to those changes there is terrific growth which has made Instagram so successful.

Instagram for beginners
How Tos

Instagram for beginners


How to create an Instagram account?

First of all you need an email id to start with. All you have to do is click on the sign up button that appears on your screen and fill in your name, email id, phone number and also type the desired password. After filling all this you have to select a picture to keep it as your display picture. Keeping one’s own picture is advisable so as to let others know that it is you.

Let’s get started with following people

Once you are done with creating your account all you have to do is look for people you know and follow them. To follow a certain person, all you have to do is search that particular person’s name. Once you find his or her profile, double check if it is the same person you are looking for. Now, all you have to do is click the follow button that will be displayed right in the corner of their profile.

Let’s do some privacy

Unlike other social networking sites Instagram allows you to choose the people that can view all your posts. This way, you can be sure of your account’s safety. This method of choosing people is done by clicking on the “Direct” tab. After clicking direct tab you have to choose those people with whom you are ready to share your posts with.

Let’s get to know more

To get to know about what your friends are up to, you have to scroll down your feed. This place displays all the posts that the people that you are following post in their respective accounts. You can look through the feed by clicking the icon that looks like a home. This lets you scroll through the posts of your near and dear ones. For reloading the tab click on the refresh button on the top right corner.

You can search for a particular person’s post by typing their name in the discovery tab. This tab is indicated with a magnifying glass icon. You can even search a post with the hashtags that were used to caption that post. You can discover posts based on the photos and videos liked by you.

News tab is a place where you get notified when someone likes your photos or videos, or when someone tags you in a post, or when someone starts following you or requests you for following. This tab is indicated with a small comment box icon with a heart in the center. If a person actively likes or comments when you are logged in your account in Instagram, a small orange heart or comment bubble will appear just above your news tab.

When you find a photo or video attractive you can show your interest by liking the post or by commenting on it. You can like a photo either by clicking the heart shaped button just below the post or by simply double tapping on the post. For commenting on that post first you have to click the little comment box icon type your comment and post it.

You can also see your own profile to just have a check over the people you follow and the ones who follow you or to see the posts you have uploaded so far by clicking on the profile tab on the right side which is indicated with an icon of a bubble with stripes inside of it. You can also edit your Instagram profile.

To add photos to your Instagram profile all you have to do is click on the share button first and then tap on the camera icon and you are ready to click a photo. If you want to share an already existing photo click on the share tab it will show you the existing photos in your mobile.

If you want to edit your photo Instagram offers you even that facility. It is minimal though. But still unlike the rest of the social networking sites it isn’t same providing only the platform to posts photos and videos.

With all these amenities Instagram has been rocking the world for the past several years from the day of its launch.

Instagram overview by Mulpix

An overview of Instagram


Instagram is application software that was launched by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It became a hit as soon as it was established. This makes it even more famous. It was found in the year 2009. Its location is in San Francisco. It had 10000 users within an hour of it being published; this explains its success. Now it has over million users from different parts of the world sharing different experiences, feelings, emotions and of course their beautifully captured moments. Through this application software one can follow the people he/she knows. And others can also follow us upon our updates.

“Instagram” the name itself is quite self- explanatory. This is a world -wide famous application software which enables the users to capture the perfect moments. It does not just merely stop there, there are numerous filters from which you can opt one to customise those perfect moments. This is now becoming a trendsetter. It also enables users to take short and crisp videos which would last for fifteen seconds or less. This is another social networking site that is absorbing the younger generations into the internet world. This application software allows the user to post their photos or videos publicly or privately and thus it is user- friendly application software.

Instagram is also interlinked with other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. One can take a single picture modify it as per their needs and post it in two or more platforms, which makes it easy for the user. If there was no interconnection the user would first have to upload it in one platform and then go for the other. The interconnection has made it way too easier and also helps the users to save time by just selecting the social networking sites in which the pictures have to be posted.

This being user- friendly application software, it allows the users to either make their profile visible to public or have privacy of their own. It helps users to know whereabouts of their kith and kin and also to visualise their happy moments through the photos and videos shared by them. It not only allows you to see the photos of just your kith and kin but also of celebrities whom we otherwise have no chance of meeting. This is mainly known for its features of editing which no other social networking site offer.

It is less laborious to create an Instagram account. And if you have your own account in any other social networking sites the job is even easier. All you have to do is log in with the account of the other social networking site. It is always better to be preventive and keep your account private, than causing harm to oneself and curing it. This makes only the ones you accept to view your posts and thus avoids a lot of problems. Being an internet era people are enjoying all the perks that internet offers and at the same time they are at greater risks. Many a times, keeping one’s account open to public leads to a lot of internet scams.

The only drawback Instagram faces is that it can process only square shaped photos. It is so programmed that even the rectangle photos are cropped like a square before the photo gets edited. And so people have to either crop it like a square and edit or get application software that helps in squaring photos without any part of the photo being cropped. This requires extra effort from one’s side. Except for this one drawback, Instagram is almost the best photos and video sharing application software with editing features.

The clarity of the photos is quite good. They don’t create any blur image or photos of poor clarity. The standard of the photos is also quite high. With the additional feature of filters, it enhances the photo even more. This makes the other users to take a look at it and thus getting likes to the posts. The younger generations being active users know a lot more about Instagram and its features than the older generations. Taking pictures and posting them on social networking sites is now child’s play, thanks to Instagram.