social media marketing strategy

Why social marketing strategy is essential?


You should implement the best social marketing strategy so that there will be great increase in sales. If you are running online store, you should attract visitors on a continuous basis. The traffic should increase at a great pace so that there will be corresponding increase in sales as well. It is crucial to attract targeted audience so that the conversion rate will be high. Hence, small as well as large organizations should implement best strategy so that there will be great increase in sales. The following tips will certainly help you in this direction:

Posting new content on daily basis

You should want to post content on daily basis so that visitors will get updates very quickly. The frequency that is appropriate for your audience and business should be found and the content should be posted on a consistent basis. If you manage a Facebook Page, the content should be updated once in a day. The frequency should be more on Twitter. As Twitter will help you send short messages (Tweets), you can send information at regular intervals.

There are tools which can help you automate the process. When you automate the process, the new content will be posted at stipulated intervals automatically. The work will be done unattended. The comments to the new post or Tweet should be responded at the earliest.

Images are better than words

As one image is worth more than a thousand words, you should give priority to include image wherever possible. The image will be retained in the minds of visitors for a long-period of time. If you post content, you should include a link to the content so that users will be able to click on the link for further information. It is a great way to bring traffic to your website as well. If you post an announcement or a discount offer, there will be great response.

If you are using images to post on Facebook Page, the guidelines should be followed. When you follow the guidelines, the content will be accessed through large user-base. The reach of your business will also be enhanced.

Enhance social buttons

The social buttons should be presented at prominent locations so that you will be able to make the most of your investment. If you can manage more impressions on your social network, it is possible to manage more likes on the media. When you manage more likes on Facebook post, the overall rank of your website will also increase. The social sharing buttons should be displayed prominently at various locations on the website as well as blog. In this process, readers will be encouraged to share the link with friends in their network.

Hence, you can include social buttons at the footer of a page, header of a page, and in email signature. If you are managing a newsletter, you should take the opportunity to include the link at the bottom of the page.

Explore social reviews

If you are offering various kinds of products, you should take initiative to offer product reviews. If you can provide great insight about your product there will be great increase in sales. By using specialized apps, it is possible to prompt customers deliver best reviews based on their experience. The feedback offered by customer will be a great promotional content. The review presentation by a customer can be automated so that the process will be done without your knowledge.

Through Twitter, Facebook and other social sites, customer reviews will be created automatically and they will be presented in an appropriate way as per the needs of visitors.

Promotion through various social networks

You should choose the most appropriate social network as per your needs. The social site should have necessary tools to promote your business. Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other kinds of social platforms can be explored so that you will be able to make the most of your investment. You should ensure that posts are fresh and relevant. You should be able to add value through each and every post and content presented on social platform. By presenting outstanding information at regular intervals, it is possible to attract right kind of visitors and the traffic as well as sales will improve very quickly.

social media is crucia for business

Why is social media crucial for your business


Social media plays a great role in building the reputation of the brand. You will be able to attract new leads as well in a very efficient manner. To improve your chances of success, you should follow certain steps. You can create accounts on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms. The following tips will help you in this direction:

Social media plan

A social media plan should be created so that you will use the available options in a very efficient way. The social media that is appropriate for your business can be selected. If you place a plan, it can be referred to your team without any issues. Instead of signing up on many sites and not playing an active role, you should restrict the sign up for few sites and there should be active engagement on them. By defining a good social marketing strategy, your business needs will be fulfilled very efficiently.

Consistent presence

A routine posting schedule should be developed and it should be implemented in a very efficient way. The content that you publish varies from one social media to another social media. You might send two to four Tweets per day. The Facebook Page can be updated once in a day. You can update some sites once in a week. By maintaining the schedule, you can reach to the audience in a very effective way. You should have plans to reach out to influencers. If you fail to publish content on a regular basis, space will be used by your competitors.

Share appropriate information

The information that you have on social media should be relevant. It should be accurate and appropriate for the occasion. The content should be entertaining and should be relevant to your audience. By giving a clear insight into the information, you can build an opinion without any issues. There are automated tools which will suggest topics and keywords that are relevant to your business. The trending topics should not be ignored. The tools offer suggestions based on keywords and data feeds. However, you should study the relevance of such suggestions and valuable content should be posted. The best content should be prepared and it should be presented in the correct form.

You can add reputed sites which post high-quality content as per your needs. Those websites can be added to an RSS reader so that latest posts from sites will be readily available on the dashboard. As you will be aware of the relevant content, the content can be posted quickly.

Social media management

The social presence can be managed in a very efficient way by using a tool. By using a social management tool, you can publish content on various platforms very easily. Posts can be scheduled very easily. The collaboration is made simple with social media management tool. It is possible to manage all social media feeds from a single dashboard.

The tracking and measuring of results will be done in a very efficient way. Businesses can perform social media presence obligations by using the best management tool.

Track results

It is crucial to measure the impact of social media promotion. Efforts made by social media team should be tracked and analyzed. It is very much important to track the social media ROI so that the strategy can be modified to fulfill the interests of business.

The Likes on Facebook, the reach of Facebook and views and impressions on Twitter should be figured out. You should also find out the views and actions on Google Plus. There are impressions, clicks and interactions on LinkedIn. The Likes and comments on Instagram and Pinterest should be gauged. You should invest more on platform which delivers great results. The results should be tracked on weekly basis as well as monthly basis.

Paid advertising

To boost your business promotion chances, the paid advertising can be used. There will be quick results to paid advertising. As Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media offer a variety of paid advertising platforms, you should choose the right platform and service to optimize results.

Social media efforts should be accelerated by measuring, analyzing and streamlining the social media strategy.

leads through social media

Generation of leads through social media


Social media has great potential to generate swift leads. You can target the audience precisely and you can nurture relationships as well. By creating compelling landing pages, you will be able to convert visitors into customers. The analytics software will be useful and you will be able to make the most of the online promotion by channelizing resources in the right direction. The buying behavior of customers, age group and lifestyle can be studied and best marketing methods can be implemented to make the most of your investment.

Nurturing the prospects

You should nurture prospects until they are ready to purchase products or services. By using the social media channel in a very efficient manner, you can generate inbound links in the best possible way. It is possible to improve the quality of web traffic. The internet is used to buy business solutions. If you can offer solutions to issues faced by various businesses, you can achieve great results.

Communicate in unique style

You should communicate with audience in unique style so that you will captivate them with your convincing skills. There should be means to analyze the success of your efforts. You should have a plan that includes KPIs so that the results can be tracked very efficiently.

By implementing an automated program or creating a list builder, the automation platform can be run in a successful way. You should present vivid information on the social media. The testimonials offered by customers should be presented so that new users will be convinced to use your services.

By offering case studies, prospective users will have the opportunity to go through the details in a systematic way. Call to action parameters should be presented at various locations and you should include the phone number as well.

Buyer-supported content

You should offer content which is supported by buyers so that there will not be any issues. The social media participation will be efficient when you present the required information in a way that it most appropriate for your business. The product information can be presented in the form of PDF files. Images and videos should be presented on the website so that users will be able to go through the information very easily.

Participate in discussion groups

The lead creation will be quickened when you participate in groups. You should offer information required for the customer and the queries raised by visitors should be answered promptly. You should allow new connects or followers to go through your activity. They should be able to review your profile. When new users click a link, they will reach the landing page and the lead generation will take place in a very efficient manner.

You should communicate to prospects in an approachable manner. By offering a sound advice and maintaining a respectful presence, you will be able to make the most of your time and efforts. The website should have call to action buttons at various locations. You should offer those buttons to connect your business through various platforms including Twitter, StumbleUpon, MySpace, LiveJournal, LinkedIn, and YahooMail.

Sell messages

The social media engagement should take place in a successful manner. The engagement proportion on Instagram is very high. Through engagement, you will accomplish trust-building measures in a very efficient manner. The sell messages can be pumped to prospective users as soon as you establish the content and trust.

If you have a Twitter account, the account should be active. You should tweet on a regular basis. You should present information in a helpful manner. You should play the role of ‘trusted advisor’ so that there will not be any issues. There are special online programs which help in the study of online activity and the influence.

The marketing automation should be done so that marketing leads will be transformed into sales-ready leads in the best possible way. The revenue generated through the social media promotion should be gauged so that you can participate in social campaigns in a vigorous way.

There will be visitors from various geographical locations. You will come across new visitors as well as old visitors. The browser used by the user, the mobile OS, time spent on the site and the social pages visited by the users will help you devise the best plan to generate leads.

Social media as lead management funnel

4 Social media as lead management funnel


Social media as lead management funnel

The social media will act like the lead management funnel so that you will be able to make the most of your investment. The social media drives traffic to the website. It is possible to convert traffic from the form. You can nurture engagement in a very efficient way so that the traffic generated on the website will be converted into customers. There are various tools through traffic will be generated. The content management, blogging, social media, SEO and analytics are great tools to attract traffic.

Social media for lead generation

The conversion of traffic will take place through leading pages, lead intelligence, lead management, and analytics. By using publishing, promotion and optimization, the website will be found. Through marketing means, educational content will be created. The content will be promoted through ads, blogs, website, social media, and referral sources.

The sales people will be able to promote products and services through their social profiles. The promotion will take place through conversations and discussions. It is possible to achieve social media relationship building as well. The prospects will be nurtured until they are ready for sales.

Market intelligence

The social media will contribute to market intelligence as well. It is possible to identify business opportunities and you can build trust in prospective customers and current customers. The blogs and content will help you build trust. The market research and customer support can be delivered through the social media so that there will be great satisfaction.

Google Page Ranking

With the recently modified Google Page Ranking system, the social weight will also be taken into consideration. The social media links are considered in the ranking algorithm. The links can be presented on blogs, videos, tweets and social network updates. Audience will be attracted towards the audience. It is possible to generate links to the site. If you present quality links, there will be higher search rankings.

Combination of search and social

It is noticed that a higher percentage of conversion is achieved through the integration of search marketing with social marketing. The SEO-friendly content can be increased with the help of social media. There is profound generation of inbound links with the social media. The quality of traffic will also be affected with social media.

The above factors will lead to increase in search engine rankings. There will be more number of organic search leads. With the creation of higher quality leads, the conversion rates will increase in a very efficient manner.

If a visitor is in search of a keyword from the search engine like Google, the search results from blogs, twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms will also be displayed. As prospects will access online information, sales volume will increase in a very efficient manner. There will be frequent communication with the social media channel.

Influence on buying process

Social media has great influence on the buying process. Prospective buyers will go through awareness campaigns. They will consider the product after going through the pros and cons. The reviews and feedback offered by customers will have a positive impact on customers.

Prospective visitors will make the purchase decision after going through the information presented through various social media platforms. Businesses should choose one or more social networking sites and they should play active role. The regular interaction with customers and visitors will build a relationship. The relationship will lead to sales in the long-term. It is possible to promote sales from the existing customers as well by engaging them in the best possible way.

Lead generation

The lead generation activity is crucial for the growth of your business. It is possible to reach the target industry and target company with the help of the best service provider. The current trends should be followed very closely while engaging with online community. If there is shift in usage of a new browser, you should be able to offer the new browser so that you will not lose your customer. The changes in lifestyle and user behavior should be tracked quickly and necessary changes should be incorporated in the social profile. Thus, the social media acts a lead funnel and you can increase sales in a very efficient manner.

be impressive on instagram

Key To Impress Your Special One On Instagram


Instagram is a photo sharing app which was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger just 18 month before its acquisition. This app was acquired by Facebook on April 9th 2012 at a net worth of $1 billion in cash and stock. People on Instagram share pictures publically as well as privately.

Even after the acquisition Instagram did not wait to surprise which begins with following their user profiles and then continues with liking, commenting and even texting. People just need to click pictures and videos and share it as a message or post it on the profile after passing through the edit section of Instagram. This has many filter as well other editing options. Instagram has a layout as well as Boomerang option, which makes it stand out.

Well listed below are some secrets to turn your silly flirting attempts to a really impressing try –

  1. Follow- Now this is the thumb rule which you have to follow even if you want to know the person. And if you are really crushing on the profile picture of the person, you surely should get to know the person and the pictures in the account better.
  2. Profile Picture- Have a decent yet classic profile picture. As the profile picture in an Instagram account cannot be accessed for a bigger display, it is better put a recognizable picture cropped to the appropriate size as your profile picture.
  3. Liking in Bunch– Well if you really are crushing on someone, you will have this outrageous urge to like all his/ her picture. But keep calm and think what if you get categorized as another stalker and the person detests to even looking at your profile. So like only a few pictures, recent and older.
  4. The Recent One’s- You should generally like the recent pictures and avoiding liking old pictures in the account. It will give some genuine remark to your personality.
  5. Connect with Her on Other Social Networking Sites as Well- Well don’t just stick to the persons Instagram handle, explore the other connected accounts as well.
  6. Create a Story- Instagram, like many other social networking as well as instant messaging apps, has a write-your-story section. So utilize this opportunity, share a story which turns all the attention all to you but in a surprising way. You may also post a similar thought that was on the person’s account last week. It will make the person feel that there is some connection, or maybe post a picture in a common place.
  7. Like a Not-So-Liked Picture but Know the Limit – Like an old picture of the person concerned which may not be hell beautiful, but different from the lot- a picture which is great but has received less appreciation than it deserves.
  8. Be Appropriately Flirty- Commenting “nice “and “beautiful” on some of the pictures is an acceptable notion. But like a dumb head pouring all the appreciation over her pictures will seem too cheesy and annoying.
  9. Send a Casual Direct Message– Send a Casual Direct Message, may be an informative one. Like where did you purchase that wrist brand (flashing your favorite brand’s name) from?
  10. Use Emojis Appropriately– The thumbs up, the smiling face are the safe emojis. But if you really want to get noticed you can always put the emojis with heart eyes or maybe the kissing emojis on the comment section. But don’t fill the comment with ten of them.
  11. Wait for Actions to be Reverted – Leave a message request after a few days of liking and commenting. Accepting the message request and replying or a follow back could be a gesture that the person is open for some interaction. But if this doesn’t happen, don’t seem too desperate in your attempts.
  12. Polish your Profile – Before starting with all the liking and commenting, make your profile presentable. Edit the “about you” section and put up something decent and real that really introduces you correctly.
  13. Don’t over Think– just go with the flow, don’t plan much of it. Be real and don’t fake about anything.

Just sign in and start exploring the picture-filled world of Instagram!

best internet marketing strategy
How Tos, Other

How to implement the best internet marketing strategy?


Digital marketing is essential to boost sales. The chances of success can be very much enhanced by implementing right online marketing methods. The best online marketing strategy should be implemented so that you can make the most of your investment. There should be ways to connect with new as well as existing customers. By creating a digital marketing strategy, you will be able to deal with the competitor in a very efficient way.

Website design

Your website should be designed by a professional and it should be presented in a very efficient way. The landing page should have all the bells and whistles so that users will stay on the website and go through the information. The navigation on the website should be simple. The page should be loaded very quickly. If there are too many images or videos, it will take a long time to load the page. You should sign up with the best web hosting service provider so that the web page will be loaded very quickly. Based on the traffic present on the website, the bandwidth should be adjusted. You should present mobile-friendly content as well as attention-grabbing content.


The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be done as per the latest standards. By implementing the best SEO methods, you can promote your website very efficiently. The keywords which are relevant to your business should be used and web pages should be optimized. SEO measures should be implemented as per the latest practices. There should not be over optimization as well as under optimization. You can use keyword research tool so that right kind of keywords will be used without any issues. The competition for a keyword can be analyzed and more appropriate keywords can be chosen for promotion. Through efficient SEO, you can convey information about your products and services to the audience. You can reach the targeted audience very easily.

Affiliate programs

By being associated with affiliate partners, you will be able to promote your brand very efficiently. There are some businesses which can be promoted through affiliate partners. It is easy to grow your market by offering a commission to affiliates. As affiliates get promotional tools and payments with respect to their efforts, the brand promotion will be very much enhanced. The traffic on the site will increase. As the number of enquiries increases, you can put efforts to convert those enquiries into sales very easily.

Email marketing

Email marketing has great prospects to increase the visibility of your business. A solid email list can be created right from the scratch and there will not be scope for spamming activity. There will be great personalization with email marketing. If you are aware of the buying habits of customers, you can implement best email strategy as per their needs. The information about new products and services can be presented on a regular basis. The message will be sent to the inbox as per the subscription. An opt-in email list will help you connect with new customers.

Press releases

You can present information in a formal way through online press releases. The information will be released through newspapers, blogs and media. The information about your company will be posted so that you will connect with other businesses in a very efficient way.

Contests and giveaways

By presenting online contests, you can increase traffic on your site. By offering giveaways to customers based on their efforts to promote your products or services, there will be an increase in sales. Contents are great means to create awareness about your brand. There will be long-term as well as short-term impact through contests. By offering a special discount on products or services, you can attract new customers. The information about discount or rebate should be conveyed through various channels.


It is not possible to offer detailed information on the website. Hence, you can provide a business blog to provide supplementary information. The business blog can be used to post various kinds of articles. You can offer the knowledge base, pros & cons, tutorials and troubleshooting steps and further references so that visitors will be engaged in a very efficient way. There should be strong social media presence also so that the promotion of your business will reach new heights.

promote tourism through Facebook
Facebook, How Tos

How tourism can be promoted through Facebook?


Social media play an important role in building relations. You can build new connections very quickly by using various kinds of social media platforms. Some of the best social connectivity options are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Instagram. You should choose the best platform so that the promotion will take place in a very efficient way. The promotion of a travel agency can be accomplished with the help of Facebook very easily.

Official website

It is true that there is great competition in the promotion of tourism services. The posting of your offers is not the only means of promotion of your website or services. You should be able to connect, engage and offer various kinds of services on Facebook. The Facebook is a great means to attract new users. The website should be presented in a professional way. It should have all the bells and whistles to entertain all kinds of users. The website should have all the buttons so that new users will be able to follow the travel agency on various social platforms.

You should go for mobile-friendly website so that you can fulfill the needs of customers very easily. When you go for a responsive website, the website will fit into the screen automatically.

Sharing of news

The news about offers should be conveyed with the help of social media. The promotion can be done directly by the travel agency or with the help of satisfied customers. The photos and videos shared by users will have profound impact on new customers. The feedback offered by customers will be taken positively and there will be increase in new bookings. You should provide links about packages on the website as well as social media site so that there will be great scope to share it with others.

New offers

It is very much important to provide interesting offers so that users will go through the details without any issues. The offers should be published at one location and they should be updated at regular intervals. The website should be easy-to-use. It is crucial to build links on your website. As the promotions are presented n the website, you will witness great increase in traffic.

Facebook page

The Facebook page should be created to start your social media promotion. You can go through the tutorials to create a page in a very efficient manner. You should fill keywords and description, link to the website and a business logo at appropriate locations.

Before finalizing the page, you should get feedback from others so that necessary modifications can be done very easily. If there is increase in number of likes, the popularity of the site will also increase. By optimizing the keyword, there will be great change in traffic. As the traffic increases, the page rank of the website will also increase.

Online campaigns

Various online campaigns can be created and promoted to take your business to the next level. You can go for Facebook ads to promote your website very quickly. You can create new groups and join various groups so that there will be quick promotion. Groups can be used to your advantage. You can promote your website through the small group as well as large group. When you join in biggest relevant groups, there is great scope to attract traffic in an effortless manner.

Engage with users

You should get information about members from various groups and you should contact them so that the promotion of the travel group will take place. Before sending messages to prospective clients, you should take steps that the link generated will not appear like a spam message.

The information should be posted on Facebook travel pages. When you present useful information, prospective travelers will contact you. They will contact other travelers who had availed the package so that the promotion of the travel agency will take place in the best possible way.

By implementing the best marketing techniques in various ways, it is possible to make the most of your time, effort and money. You can promote your travel site through other social media such as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as well. The features that bests serve the needs of the industry should be selected so that you can make the most of your investment.

Online marketing powered by social media

Online marketing powered by social media and content marketing


Content plays crucial role in communicating your thoughts and goals. You should implement the best content management strategy so that you will be able to make the most of your investment. By managing highly efficient content, you will be able to attract prospects in the best possible way. You can educate buyers and overcome various kinds of objections in the best possible way. By using high quality content, you can build credibility and trust without any issues. You can tell your story in a very efficient way and it is possible to build a loyal list of followers.

Benefits of content

The content has the potential to attract customers. You should use quality content to educate prospective buyers. The objections raised by users should be overcome with the presentation of accurate information. There should be solid proof and evidence so that users will not be able to deny the facts. If you provide authentic information about the niche, the traffic on the site will increase gradually. By including social media buttons on the main website, it is possible improve the social media membership.

The credibility and trust can be established with the help of highly efficient content. It is possible to build buzz about various activities so that new set of customers will be attracted in an effortless manner.

Objectives of content management

You should prepare groundwork as per the objectives of your business. The marketing efforts should be integrated so that you will be able to make the most of your money.

There should be focus on the requirements of your audience. If you are aware of your audience, you can present the content in the best possible way. Instagram is very popular among young users. On the other hand, Facebook is popular among adults and seniors as well. The selection of social media platform should be done as per your needs so that there will great satisfaction. If there are any issues with your audience, you should take steps to resolve them.

The content that you circulate through the social media should include information about your competitors. There should be means to analyze the success of the social media strategy. The success of your efforts should be gauged. The social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus should be used as per the popularity of users. If you fail to garner audience on a specific social networking site, you will not want to invest your time and effort on that site. On the other hand, you should invest on highly efficient social networking sites so that you can achieve great results.

Different forms of content

The content can be presented in the form of podcasts, webinars, demonstrations, and webcasts. High quality content should be distributed through various channels including white papers, blogs posts, case studies, and technical briefs.

If you would like to present tutorials, you can choose e-books. The content should be published in various formats including email, website, news & reports. You can collect information about visitors through the online form. The email address and other details will be included in the email marketing program or list builder. You should follow the best practices of landing pages so that the new visitors will be impressed by the layout and you will collect necessary information from the user without any issues.

A professional content marketing service provider can be approached so that your social media marketing will be aligned properly and there will be great results in the shortest possible time.

Connecting with prospective customers

You should present quality content through initial contacts. When you are able to attract attention from customers, you will be able to communicate with right kind of messages. The objections that are likely to be raised by customers can be overcome very easily.

You will offer later messages which support buyer decisions. There will be better search engine ranking when blogs are filled with right kind of content. The content should be updated on social media sites are regular intervals. New links can be created through the blog commenting. You can also add links on various social networks so that new traffic will be generated from various sources.

When you combine the power of content marketing with social media plus points, there will be great change in the profitability of business.

how instagram changed the world

How Instagram Has Changed the World


Social Media has transformed the world in more ways than one. There have been changes in the mindset of people on issues that range far and wide. Various industries have also been affected due to this rise in the number of users on these social media platforms. Instagram has been one such medium that has caused a change in the life of 400 million people! Yes, you read that right: that is precisely the number of active members on Instagram who use this application on their smartphones. Almost 50 percent of the users are under the age of 25, which establishes the growing popularity of Instagram amongst the young generation. Instagram has gone through some changes since its inception, with the core structure remaining the same. Some tweaks have been developed which has only upped the user experience and made people more glued on to this fantastic application.

Now let us take a look at how Instagram is really changing the world and if so, in which sectors and in what respect:

  • Travel: We are travelling across the world while viewing the photographs posted by our friends on this platform. We get to see so many exotic locations that literally bring the whole world in our 5 inch screens! Instagram photographers are getting popular with every passing day and their photographs are being purchased and used for marketing purposes by various agencies which are out there to promote travelling. Instagram is opening its horizon to places like Iran which is a place not accessed that much. For travel brands, Instagram is now a medium to understand the places where people are showing more interest in visiting. That would give them the perfect window to promote their tours and programs.
  • Food: #foodporn: The world would never have known that these two words could go hand in hand if there were no Instagram. You go to a popular restaurant in your city and taste the most popular dish out there. It is almost impossible that you would not take a few snaps of the delicacies that had been spread and showcase it to your followers via Instagram. Food photography has come to the scene in a very large way where photographers are experimenting with this genre with the help of Instagram. It has become a very powerful media for food bloggers across the world with Instagram Food Meets being organised in major cities around the world. A con of this practice is that people nowadays are more focused on getting the perfect shot on the dining table rather than focusing on the spread in front.
  • Fashion: Designers and fashion brands are also not left far behind in using this social media platform to promote their new range of designer wear. The Instagrammers get a sneak peek into the range of upcoming products that are set to get launched soon. The trends that get set here become a reality. Models also get a platform to make their dreams into reality. Designers also get to know what their customers are willing to try out and customer reviews on their latest products can be easily accessed. The buyer-seller connect has now become quite easy thanks to platforms like Instagram.
  • Art: Not only are the changes restricted to the fashion world, the art forum is also seeing a sea change in the way people perceive artists. In many ways, art and fashion go hand in hand and becomes difficult to isolate one from the other. Artists also get to post their videos on how to go about doing a particular project and their thought process behind the kind of work that they do. The audience also gets a taste of the intricacies of the work behind the beautiful paintings, photographs and sculptures that they see in an exhibition.
  • Fame: This is one aspect which is getting more people to join this band wagon. It is a place where if your talent gets recognized, your followers list would keep rising at a rapid rate. It serves as a motivation for an artist to keep trying out innovative techniques to create something new. Photographers are also getting hired if their photographs are getting viral and are getting appreciated.
impresive instagram accounts
Instagram, Top Lists

Top Impressive Instagram Accounts


In the recent couple of years, Instagram has mounted as a strong social networking platform which is not limited to selfies and a random collection of pictures. Instagram is even helping out businesses across to promote their brand and products.

The prime reason behind the growing popularity of Instagram is the fact that in the present scenario, virtual content has become an integral part of business marketing. Instagram gives a distinct opportunity to utilize the power of virtual content and present a brand in the most personalized manner. Instagram advertising gives you an edge over your competitors.

And if you have yet not taken the plunge, the following insanely famous Instagram accounts will surely leave you impressed. Let’s have a look:


Heard of co-working communities? Well, if you haven’t WeWork is the place to look for. It offers shared work spaces in various cities and countries worldwide. And they have utilized their Instagram page very effectively to showcase their striking co-working communities. They have a collection of photographs featuring wonderful office space that eventually They do an amazing job photographing the spaces in ways that make followers like us wish we could jump into the photos attract followers to like and share. And their #hashtags are simply amazing.


A dreadful disease like cancer can never be a reason to smile, but Grandma Betty has been giving all possible reasons to fight cancer and brighten up life. She is an inspiration to others and her Instagram page regularly posts lively clicks and inspiring messages.


GoPro showcases fan-provided images captured with a GoPro. The page has many followers and their posts are always creative and innovative ones. From grocery stores to surfing photos, with GoPro you always come across some impressive shares.

National Geographic

With over 60 million of followers, National Geographic has carved a niche when it comes to brand image on Instagram. Their page has contributors from travelers of exotic countries to small African villages. It is notable that National Geographic was found in 1888 and before venturing into the online arena, they were active in print magazines. But it’s really commendable that over the years, they have made an impressive transition.


Staples are the masters when it comes to Instagram postings; but there are two things which set them really apart and on top of the game. Firstly, they engage with their followers by posting interactive questions and answers; and other think is the inclusion of call-to-action which works towards building more engagement.

Vin Farrell

Vin Farrell is a creative working on the agency region for larger clients and has an aptitude for photography. He does amazing photography, while the majority of images are from NYC, you will find ample number of images that are simply ecstatic.

These are just the tip of ice berg, and you have many more impressive Instagram pages that have been utilizing this social platform with perfection. Do check out a few of these pages, and plan an equally striking Instagram strategy – targeted around your brand, business or service.