what social media channel is best for your business
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Wondering What Social Media Channel Is Best For Your Business?


What you should know

Today, it is practically impossible to run a business without making your online presence known. Whereas a website may have been all you need for visitors and customers to find you, social media has taken over and you need to at least have a presence in one or two channels to have a wider reach. With so many social media platforms available it can be confusing as to which one is best for your business.

When it comes to choosing the best channel for your business, you should start by being clear about elements such as content production bandwidth, which platforms you like most and which platforms your key audiences are likely to use most. LinkedIn is, for instance a professional kind of social platform that attracts business people, whereas Facebook is not selective and you will find all kinds of audiences on it. The goals you have as a brand will of course help you select the best channel for your business strategies, but you should at least know what each channel is about and what is in it for your business.


Initially it was all about connecting family and friends, but it has since opened up for advertising and changed business prospects. It is a suitable platform for those who don’t mind competition and is a very popular network. It can however be a little too crowded for your business updates and you would need to be very creative using it. On Facebook you can connect and engage the audience using messages, comments, likes and business pages. You can also strategize using ad formats that are creative, optimize ads, enjoy adverts on multiple device, measure performance and use demographics, location and even behaviors to target ads.


It is the channel of choice for those interested in younger and tech savvy crowds. It is the modern newsroom of social media where people are free to share opinions and thoughts and also learn updates and happenings from direct sources. The channel offers an opportunity for you to connect with your target groups and build relationships that are reliable and strong. Using Twitter, you can increase brand awareness through direct communications in the form of mentions, hashtags, replies, tweets and likes. You get the chance to also empower brand image, network with influencers and brand advocates, get current updates in your industry and measure tweet performance through analytics and metrics available.


This social channel is best for those who can play business game. The audience on the platform is great for insights related to job hunting, networking and work productivity. It is the best channel for B2B companies and it makes it possible for you to connect with industry changers and find partners you can work with to improve your business. LinkedIn generally has a professional feel to it and attracts people strictly in improving their business networks and making all the right connections with influencers in the relevant industries.


If photography is your thing, then this is the social media platform that will work best for you. The best thing about the platform is that you can connect it with your Twitter or Facebook pages to gain even more value for your business. It has a powerful global presence and is fast growing. This visual platform gives your business the chance to portray your brand as a lifestyle concept thus allowing target groups to focus on what you are all about. You can actually tell your business story using photos and videos. Using Instagram, you can drive high brand awareness levels with compelling photos, carousel and videos, connect and engage with audiences using comments, likes, follows and messages, optimize ads and measure ad performance using data available on Facebook. You can use in conjunction with Facebook so you have expanded audience and unified management.

These are of course only some of the largest and most popular social media platforms. You can also consider others like Google+, Pinterest, snapchat and polyvore among others for your business. At the end of the day you would need to consider what the channel can do for your business and how effective it is in reaching the groups that you are targeting.

branding tips for Instagram
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Simple Tips To Help Your Brand Work Around Instagram


Instagram may be a social platform that is a photo and video centric, but this does not mean that you cannot manage to create brand awareness on this platform. In fact, whichever social channel you choose to you, your efforts are as good as your creativity and you can really achieve anything that you want. The most important thing you can start with is to understand how Instagram works. Create a professional profile and sell your company on the bio every possible way.

It is also important that you understand how to navigate the app and all important features you can employ to your efforts in making your brand visible. It may be one of the most interesting social channels for people who love sharing their best moments but it can also be a powerful tool for your brand awareness strategy. If you still are not very sure of how you can use Instagram to your advantage, go through the simple tips listed below and you might just come up with the best plan to find your way around the channel.

  1. Ensure that all posts relate to your brand. If you are a business trying to make a name for yourself, resist the temptation of posting photos that you personally love and are not relevant to your line of business. Animals, fashion and food, maybe some of the most popular photos of the platform, but if they do not in any way relate to what you do, you will only manage to confuse your followers. You can of course use such photos in a creative manner that makes them relevant to the business, but otherwise you should avoid them as they only make your marketing look disjointed.
  2. Remember links do not work on captions. Linking is a very important tool to use in social media marketing. But like mentioned above, you need to know what works for the platform you have selected to take your marketing campaign. When it comes to Instagram, you will only manage to share working links on your profile and not on photo comments or captions so you are able to take users to your business website. You can change the default link on your bio so that it specifically directs the users to your desired page on your website. Do not forget to mention in your caption that they can find the link on the Instagram profile.
  3. Always remember to respond to comments by users – When you post photos on the platform, you will be expecting comments. When users actually comment, make sure that you respond so you interact and show that you are paying attention and value them too. Whether the comments are positive or negative ensure that you do not ignore, but instead respond in the most appropriate way possible. By making your followers and customers feel valued, you will be encouraging them to keep checking you out and interact with your pictures every time.
  4. Embed posts on your website. Instagram is a mobile app, but it has a desktop version and using this you are able to embed code so you can add specific videos or images to your official business website. Remember that not all users will first find you on Instagram; some will land your business website first and you will only make your Instagram presence known when you embed some Instagram posts on the website. It is a simple process, you need no help with. Simply click on ellipses button on the bottom right corner after selecting the photo or video you wish to embed and select Embed then follow the prompts to place it on the website area you want.
  5. Consider running promotions and giveaways once in a while. It is one of the simplest ways of involving your followers and customers in marketing your brand. You can have them repost images using custom hashtags in their profiles using custom hashtags to enter into the contest, sales or giveaways. When you make such promotions, interesting enough for your audiences, you will manage to drive considerable traffic to your profile thus extending your reach and improving your visibility.
Twitter Is Worth Your Business Time

Decided Twitter Is Worth Your Business Time?


Thing you should know before getting started

Individuals love using Twitter to keep tabs with loved ones and to make new friends. As a business, this is a platform that goes beyond the social fun aspect of it. If you are careful with how you approach Twitter, you can help your business thrive and make a name for yourself across the globe. Your company stands to enjoy lots of benefits when using Twitter including driving traffic to the business website, searching for information relevant to the business and interacting with fans, customers and clients.

If you have been weighing whether this is a social media platform is worth your business time and you have found it worth trying out, remember how you start out can determine how easy it becomes for your business to start floating over the competition. Here are a few things that you know and do before getting started on the platform.

  1. Know your purpose

Some of the most typical reasons of using Twitter include building company profile, demonstrate expertise, gain new customers or clients, offer unsolicited commentary or free advice, and keep up to date with the latest news in your industry. The last thing you want to do is jump into the platform without knowing what your purpose is. When you have a specific purpose, it becomes easy to decide who to follow and who to engage with as well as information that you should be sharing of seeking out. A purpose ensures that your every move is well calculated and therefore bound to yield good results for your company.

  1. Understand how Twitter works

Do not rush into posting tweets without first understanding how the platform really works otherwise you make end up sounding like a broken record. Do not tweet if you have nothing important or relevant to say. To give yourself a good start with the tweets it may be advisable that you sit back, watch and listen to what others have to say. You can observe social influencers in your business field to find out how they use the platform, their content and what they choose to share as well as the kind of responses and interactions they make with the users. Paying attention to what they are doing will prove helpful in teaching you on the best ways to use Twitter.

  1. Find the right hashtags and keywords

You definitely want to stay within your circle and this is something you will only manage to do when you use the right keywords and hashtags on every one of your content on the platform. Apart from finding the right ones, make sure that you use them appropriately in your tweets to make it easy for users to find you when they are searching for something specific. If you are not too sure about the keywords, you can have a professional service provider help you make sense of what is right for your business and how to apply it to your profile content and business website as well.

  1. Familiarize with the common terminology

Twitter, just like any other platform does have lots of terminologies that you may need to get familiar with so you understand the system and how it functions. As a starter, do not bother too much trying to memorize each of the terminologies. But you should at least make an effort to familiarize with the most common ones. The most common include ‘tweet’ which simply means a message made up of 140 characters and can contain photos, videos and text links, ‘reply’ which gives you a chance to comment on a given tweet so you can join in a conversation, ‘retweet’ which means sharing someone else’s tweet with followers and can include your comments or thoughts, ‘hashtag’ which assigns a topic to a given tweet so it is easier for users to comment on the same and for you to find out what they are saying even faster.

With social platforms making improvements on their features every day, you might need to keep abreast of the latest to be able to use your preferred platform to the maximum and to the benefit of your business. Twitter is one of the best you can choose for business.

facebook marketing tactics

Marketing Tactics That Are Actually Working On Facebook Currently


If you are among people with a general feeling that Facebook is being overshadowed by other popular social platforms or that the increasing algorithm updates and news feed are making it hard for your brand to be noticed, you may need a change of tactic for your marketing efforts to pay off in the end. More brands seem to be posting more content on Instagram compared to Facebook, but this doesn’t mean that Facebook is not valuable anymore.

By using tactics that are presently working on this platform, you should be able to get your message out there and achieve the kind of results you are looking for. This post should be able to help you make a few changes to your marketing strategy and use methods that will actually work for the business objectives you may have.

Use dark posts – On Facebook, dark posting is publishing posts that do not appear on the timeline. These posts are usually targeted to selected audiences and can be really helpful in split testing. You can actually create three different variations of the same post with the intention of finding out which type works best of performs the best in relation to your expectations. You can use Facebook ads manager and Power Editor to get started with the dark posts. You simply need to follow instructions and you will be able to put together the creative dark posts.

Share quote photos – This tactic is not new and the truth is that it is still very strong on the platform. People always seem to be moved by inspirational quotes that can motivate them or stir a particular emotion and you can enjoy post interaction and shares when you choose to use the quote photos. Sharing on the platform is an integral part of social proof and this leads to more fans and friends, finding your page and probably even liking it.

Try native videos – Videos have definitely taken over photos on Facebook and you can get very good results especially with native videos. Users get compelled with the slightest move and your video will definitely draw them in. There is always a high likelihood that they will stop and actually play the video. But to make it yield some good results, you should ensure that it is short, easy and quick. The video should also contain a very strong call to action to be relevant to your efforts. Native videos are those posted directly to Facebook and they seem to bring better results than those linked from other sites like Vimeo or YouTube. Still on videos, you can consider featured video and creating video playlists on Facebook.

Target organic posts – It is possible for your posts to be limited to smaller audiences, but you can make a difference by ensuring that they are the exact audience you are targeting. Publishers now have numerous new tools they can use on Facebook and you can experiment with targeted audiences for organic posts. Targeted posts generally attract higher engagement compared to posts that are not targeted.

Make use of your Call to Action button – It is what gives users’ direction on what to do next and this is exactly where you want your Facebook presence to do for your business. You will enjoy new visits on your page and without a proper CTA, you could end up losing value from such visits. Facebook offers different calls to action that you can use depending on the services or products you are offering or what you want your visitors to do next. You can strongly invite them to sign up, shop now, use app, contact us, book now or even watch video. It all depends on the contents of your page intended direction you have laid out for the visitors.

Other tactics you can effectively use on Facebook to make a difference in your marketing efforts include zeroing in on key topics, posting frequently but relevantly and being creative with topics that are trending. It could also prove very beneficial to study negative feedback so you know what your audience does not like. This way, you will be able to make important changes and discover patterns that can guide you into themes, language use and post types that work for your audience.

social media mistakes to avoid

Mistakes You Must Avoid When Using Social Media For Business


A marketing strategy on social media that is successful in every way needs to be targeted and planned. You will only manage to broaden your brand reach, capture the interests of new customers and showcase your brand positively when you take time planning your approach. The business world has become very competitive and you will only remain relevant when you are able to strengthen your brand.

In as much as there are so many positive ways of marketing your brand using different social networks, mistakes can negatively impact your brand identity and business in different ways. The last thing you want to do is make errors that end up damaging your reach, integrity and image as a brand. A silly mistake can end up ruining the goodwill you have spent time creating towards your business. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you must avoid when using social media for business.

Giving focus on quantity more than quality

If at all you are to acquire followers on social media, you must capture them with the quality of content that you choose to post. Most businesses make the mistake of replacing quality with quantity believing that it is the best approach in getting the numbers. If what you are looking for are organic results on the social platform you are using, then make sure that you pay attention to the quality of everything you post otherwise you may come out as very unprofessional and fail to make the impact you were hoping for amongst your target audience. In relation to followers, it is best to think about valuable ones than thousands of them who are not relevant to your business.

Responding poorly to negative commentary

As a business not everyone will agree with what you post and you must therefore be ready for users who have a different opinion or those who find your post offensive in some way. There are sometimes valid reasons behind such commentary or it could be from people who love complaining and finding negatives behind everything. Whatever the case, never ignore, delete or respond harshly as though you are attacking the complainant. You will come out more professional when you are quick in responding and ensuring that your response is to try and calm down the user or apologize for offending them with the post. You can also offer private means for them to contact to have the issue resolved. A positive response is highly likely to turn a previous negative comment into a positive thus improving your reputation because you at least hear out your customers and strive to meet their needs.

Overusing hashtag

It does come with amazing benefits, but you need to always make sure that you use relevant hashtags and in moderation for that matter. Never use multiple hashtags in one post and ensure that they remain precise. When you end up overusing the hashtags, you end up appearing as though you are piggybacking on trends that could actually be irrelevant to your brand or post. Do not annoy users and followers with endless hashtags and those that have nothing valuable and new to offer otherwise you could end up losing valuable followers. Hashtags are also more suited for Instagram and Twitter than they are on LinkedIn and Facebook. Make wise choices and your brand will stand to gain.

Not having a marketing strategy

It is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when using social media for business. In as much as social network is integral part of buyer experience in terms of sharing purchases, checking in and even socializing with your brand and creating loyalty and strong relationship, you need to have a plan. Failing to plan your social media marketing will only drain your efforts and probably even resources and not achieve anything valuable in the end. Start by choosing social networks that are most relevant for your business and you will be able to keep up with; you don’t need presence on each one of the social networks. Think of your target audience and the platform they relate most with then think about approaches that will appeal to them most when planning your strategy.

top 8 Instagram accounts
Top Lists

Peep Into These 8 Instagram Accounts


Art galleries are not affordable for everyone, not to mention the amount of time and effort that one has to invest in order to find the perfect one. Here enters Instagram; it’s easy, quick, just a few clicks away and free! Art doesn’t always need to be very structured and formal; it can be little dewdrops you see on wild weeds or a dandelion on your regular newspaper- and if one wants to see the beauty in daily things and share them instantly with her followers, Instagram is the place. Give a visit to the profiles of these 8 Instagram artists and find out how they are living their life; you have my assurance of finding them interesting.

  • Evoca1: A Dominican artist based in Miami, Evoca1 is a self-taught urban artist/activist who beautifully amalgamates humanity and art. Check out his amazing graffiti and life-sized paintings on his Instagram wall and for more you can also follow Evoca1 is also the brand ambassador for @Liquitexofficial and @winsornewton_usa and he is doing some great work around.
  • daleast: unique in every way imaginable, daleast’s work is avant-garde if you ask me. He uses dark base and bright edges to make his art look life-like; they seem to be jumping out of the canvas any moment now. I also find his creation to be very soothing and have a calming effect on me and I hope you feel the same.
  • Daniel Arsham: architectural art isn’t a new thing but Daniel Arsham does more than that. His modern designs and contemporary outlook make it worth watching out for. Daniel wraps the most regular and basic things of your life in quirky foils and presents them to you in a way you may have never imagined before.
  • Pixel Pancho: Robots meet art in Pixel Pancho’s creations. “Animal, Plant and Robot! Human kills them all” – with this tagline in his bio, the artist presents a blend of quirkiness and intricate detailing in his creations.
  • Oleknyc: this conceptual crochet artist explores sensuality, feminism and the development of communication through colors. Check out her pink house which is a beautiful piece of crochet work and explore her unorthodox creations.
  • Ryan McGinness: This man is wild. From his haircut experience to his deep dark secrets, he shares it all on Instagram. Typographical phrases and abstract pieces once dominated his work but this guy is pretty versatile; from acrylic maquette to porcelain and digital painting, Ryan explores it all. Take a peek at his journey and enjoy this artist’s madness!
  • Michael Kagan: The painter is obsessed with outer space human efforts and portrays how rocket-science (don’t take it literally) affects human beings. Winner of the best Art Vinyl of 2013, Michael was commissioned to create three paintings for Smithsonian.
  • Petra Collins: Petra Collins is an enigma to most people and hard to digest as well. This twenty-three year old has achieved a lot in much less a time (I feel ashamed of myself for being the lazy oaf I am!). Check out her brazenly feminist Instagram account and don’t blame me for not warning you; she might make you feel uneasy or intrigued-it depends on how you look at life.
top models accounts
Top Lists

Top Models on Instagram


The way the modeling game has turned today, you’re only as good and famous as how many followers you have on the social media. Creating minor online celebrities online, instagram has exploded in popularity over the past few years. By simply just sharing their daily routines and lifestyles young men and women alike have accumulated millions of followers. The most popular of these are the female models, who rack hundreds and thousands of likes on professional instagram photo-shoots in order to increase their fame and money-making potential further. No doubt, these females are hot but also talented who create huge digital empires with nothing more than a Smartphone. The list consists of a mixture of up-and-coming instagram stars and also established hotties who are no doubt worth a follow.

Living the dream, these girls make money from Instagram. They hold modeling career and travel the world with their unbelievably attractive companions, all this as a full-time job. These girls profiles are filled with gym selfies, stunning beach pictures and also posing in front of a beautiful backdrop. They show a life completely different from average person’s instagram. To create the perfect snap, they use meticulous chosen filters and angels on the photo. This increases the popularity of their account and boosts them further into fame. Here are some top hottest models on Instagram you definitely need to follow this year:

This beauty has already accumulated a huge fan following which is 241,000 to be precise. She is a model as well a blogger living the life in Miami. She was born there and raised. She is of Cuban and Spaniard decent thus giving her great genetics to pursue her career in modeling. On her instagram page you’ll usually find her bikni modeling photos and night outs in the famous clubs of Miami. She is beauty with brains. She studies Public Relations and Marketing at college along with maintaining a huge popular modeling career and also managing her extremely successful instagram page.

In the fashion and beauty pages of the magazine, she has appeared multiple times. The Polish Star is on top of her modeling career and is the head of the biannual magazine 25. Most recently has released a shoe range, collaborating with designer Giuseppe Zanotti. After signing up to instagram, not long after that, the model had her account closed. There was indecent exposure after posting too many photos of herself topless. Anja Rubik took to twitter with the following phrase, “Don’t fear the nipple.” Finally she has succeeded in re-opening her account and now is more careful. She continues to toe the line by posting provocative pictures of herself.

She is indeed a very fit woman. She is a social media guru who is promoting healthy eating along with active living on her accounts. By far, she is the most followed person on this list. Everytime she posted her picture of her yoga-pantsed posterior she would gain 5,000 new followers. She lives in New York.

She is an American born model and has 758,000 fans on instagram. She is showing off the life of rich and famous. She is from Irish and is 23 year old.

This tattoed hottie is very famous on instagram, she brings a fresh twist to modeling on instagram. She resides in LA and is a model, photographer as well as blogger.

snapchat new features

Snapchat Incorporates a New Set of Features for a Better User Experience


Snapchat is one of the most commonly used social media apps on both android and iOS devices. It provides a number of features to keep the users engaged and make the app more interesting for them. Recently, a set of new features has been added to Snapchat that are expected to make your experience with the app even more interesting.

You can now prioritise your friends on Snapchat. You can select that particular friend whose story you want to watch instead of the earlier Auto Advance feature where the stories use to appear automatically one after the other.

In order to create your playlist based on your friend’s stories, you simply need to tap on the thumbnails beside your friends’ names. Next, you need to press the ‘play’ button on the screen in order to complete the creation of the playlist.

A new feature related to Face Swap has also been added recently. Face Swap, as you must know, allows you to change your face with another one. This Face Swap comes with some new facilities in the latest update of Snapchat.

There are certain hidden features too. For example, one can send his or her location. On typing a specific address into the chat, it is displayed in the card that is deep linked into Google or Apple Maps app.

You will also find a hidden search feature for the perfect sticker. This indirectly helps you to use the right sticker while chatting with your friends. The stickers that you will get will depend on the keywords types by you.

The Snapchat users will also be able to view and search links. These links can now be viewed without leaving the app by using the in-app browser. After doing this, one would be required to leave the browser and come back to the chat.

Another thing that you would be able to do is to share a number of photos at the same time. And for a change, all of these photos will be present in your chat history unlike the previous versions of Snapchat where the previous ones used to get deleted.

You can even share videos while chatting. A video with doodle, motion-tracking emoji or text can even be shared. You can also detect whether your friend is online at the same time as you.

In this new version of Snapchat, there are new selfie lenses as well. You can choose from an option of ten different lenses. A rotation of lenses also takes place on a regular basis. In order to use the Snapchat lenses you need to open up the camera, tap on your face and then choose the ideal lense for yourself.

You can select any lense that draws your attention such as the flower crown, doggy ears, hippie sunglasses and so on.

Enjoy Snapchat in a better way with this host of features!

youtube new features

YouTube Undergoes Developments… A Number of New Feautres are Being Added


YouTube, the website that is highly popular among internet users across the world still continues maintain the undisputed #1 site for uploading and viewing videos. However, it has been receiving challenges from the other forms of social media who are grabbing a major share of the commercial videos and emerging as threats to YouTube in the world of social media marketing.

As a result, YouTube is now developing some new features that would help it to retain its position in the world of social media marketing. Some of the new developments in YouTube that will benefit the users in a great way are described below:

  • Displaying Notifications: As we all know, YouTube has a large number of channels displaying contents of various types in which the different users will find interest. A user subscribes to a channel that he likes.

The latest technology will allow them to receive notifications from the channels that they have subscribed to, and thus get informed of a new video that is posted in their favourite channels.

  • A Variety of Cards: A variety of cards, such as the channel cards are being developed which will help the users to promote contents, carry on merchandise, collect funds and serve other purposes. The cannel card which will allow you to share different stuffs with your friends in the other channels of YouTube.
  • Filtering of Comments: YouTube has decided to filter comments and display only the relevant ones which add value to the users or are acceptable to everyone. Junk comments, which make the users feel distracted and irritated at times will be prevented from being posted.
  • Easier Subscriptions: The users will find it easy to subscribe to the different channels of YouTube. The new developments with respect to the subscriptions will also allow the users to decide whom they would allow to be subscribed and whom they will not.
  • Faster Creator Studio App: This app will help the creators to develop their contents in a better way and also make their decisions optimized. It will also allow them to interact with the users in a better way.
  • Video Management Features: It is now possible to manage the videos even while you are travelling. You will also be allowed to enable or disable monetization on your videos and update custom thumbnails from your mobile phone.
  • A Better View: In order to offer a better view of a particular location, YouTube has made provisions for 3D videos and 360-degree views. These features will help you to view things along all the dimensions of the location under consideration.
  • Creator Community: The creators in YouTube badly needed to have a forum of their own. And a new initiative taken by YouTube has made this possible. They are now being able to discuss matters and establish a unity among themselves.

With these features, YouTube is all set to make both the user and creator experience even better!

in learning

Linkedin Learning – Videos to Boost Your Career


The business and employment-oriented social networking service, LinkedIn, has now acquired at a hefty $1.5 billion which means now you can also upgrade your skill set through videos on the same platform you showcase your professional skills! specializes in offering learning videos on a monthly fee basis. had specialized in developing and marketing learning videos for more than 15 years. Originally the focus was on training courses for software programs like and Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Excel and the likes. But in recent years, increasingly expanded its presence in the business area, with learning videos on marketing and strategy. It seems for now that this collaboration will prove to be quite productive: with’s 9000 videos available to 450 million LinkedIn users it will be possible to know about an individual’s work experience, skills, contacts and now even the videos she checks out and in how frequently.

You can now learn skills from over 1000 business courses to help you gain that extra edge over your contemporaries. In the U.S. it has now become a standard practice for HR officers and company managers to look into the LinkedIn profiles of employees before their personnel files. LinkedIn Learning can soon make synced LinkedIn profiles with a professional learning video library a yardstick for professional development programmers in companies. Discover and develop skills with recommendations based on your LinkedIn profile, learn on your mobile devices even when you are offline and you get to learn all these from industry experts with real-world experience.

Build skills for leadership, communication, online marketing, project management, productivity tools and more with the new LinkedIn learning feature. Not only that, you also get to offer IT training on networks, business intelligence, big data and a wide range of essential applications. Inspire learning in design, video, 3D animation and photography and much more. LinkedIn experts curate content into series of courses on dozens of topics so that the learners can stay current. They can also use data-driven insights to assemble their own series, providing learners with truly individualized instruction. Trends and technology are always evolving; LinkedIn Learning provides 24/7 service for thousands of up-to-date and cost-effective business, creative and technology skills training videos designed for both desktop and mobile learning. LinkedIn users can avail all these for a monthly fee of only $25, while LinkedIn Premium members get free access. Currently, most videos are offered in English, but a drive has been created for the production of German, Japanese and Spanish contents as well.

LinkedIn learning can very well prove to be a new revolution in the world of professional skills if this idea is harnessed right.