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What are the different ways to promote your brand?


There are different ways to promote your brand. You should choose the beat brand promotion channel so that the traffic on the site can be increased. When there is improvement in traffic, the sales will also improve. The overall profitability of the enterprise will be very much enhanced. If the website is new, you should take initiative to connect with others. It is possible to build email lists and fans right from the scratch. However, it will take long time. If you would like to deal with competitors in a more vigorous way, alternate channels should be explored.

Enhancement of network

It is very much important to build strong network with others so that traffic can be generated in an effortless manner. As you go through the blogs that are relevant to your niche, you can comment on those blogs. As you post a comment, you will get an opportunity to include a link to your website. The author section can be used for this purpose. You should post articles on websites that are relevant to your niche. The website page rank should be high and it should have links with other quality websites. Your credibility will increase when you manage number of incoming and outgoing links with the website.

Facebook fans

To increase Facebook fans very quickly, you should not hesitate to go for paid advertising. You can also go through the schemes to buy new fans very quickly. By joining in Facebook groups, you can attract new visitors. You can interact with members in the group as per the rules and regulations. The blog post can be promoted in a very efficient way with the help of Facebook groups and paid advertising.

The engagement with fans will be very efficient by sharing quality content on a consistent basis. The new content should be shared when users are active. Updated content should be posted regularly and outdated information should be removed. You should engage a seasoned SEO professional so that various kinds of tasks will be fulfilled in the best possible way.

You should be attentive to the needs of customers. Through surveys and reports, the requirements of users will be collected and they should be fulfilled through active engagement. As you offer great discounts on the Facebook, new visitors will be attracted. Exclusive offers can be posted on the social media. The existing subscribers should be used to attract traffic.

Article marketing

You can release articles about your business and services and they should be posted on appropriate sites on a regular basis. New set of visitors can be generated in this process. You should explore new ways to attract new visitors. Through article marketing, you can tap new visitors. Quality content should be posted on websites and blogs that are relevant to your niche. Before posting the content, you should go through the rules and regulations of respective site or blog. If you succeed in providing informative content, the audience will not hesitate to visit your site.

Share-able features

The website or blog should have all the bells and whistles to attract new visitors and to retain existing visitors. As new businesses offer free samples, you should offer a free guide or samples to visitors so that they will sign up for a membership. The email marketing has great prospects as you will be able to build userbase right from the scratch. There will be 0% tolerance on spamming by building email list afresh.

The website should have buttons, links and likes so that users will be able to connect with your site in various ways. The links, buttons, fonts, colors and images should be consistent across websites and various platforms. The brand image will be very much enhanced by choosing the most appropriate features.

Tech-savvy features

The business growth is based on various factors and the tech-savvy enterprise will always have an edge. You should outsmart your competitors by choosing the best and relevant technology. By implementing new technology, users will be able to connect and share links very easily. The interaction will be quick and seamless. The new channels should be explored and presented as per the demands of audience on a regular basis.

Thus, by exploring the best online advertising and marketing channels, you can promote your business website or blog in a very efficient manner.

Should you choose Facebook or Instagram
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Facebook Vs. Instagram – Best means of promotion


Instagram and Facebook are two popular online platforms through which promotion of business will take place in a very efficient way. As these platforms are different, users will create accounts on both platforms to connect with others. The platforms can be used to connect with your friends, family members and colleagues. They can be used by brands and advertisers as well so that they will be able to make the most of their investment. You should implement a branding strategy that is unique to your business so that there will be great results.

Facebook potential

Facebook with more than 1.3 billion users offer quite efficient online promotional channel. The exposure that you get for news and views posted on Facebook is very high. The message has the potential to go viral so that you can make the most of your time, effort and money.

  • If you would like to add value through the social media page, Facebook page will accomplish the task in a very efficient way. Facebook has certain advantages with which it becomes the most sought after platform than all social media sites.
  • The networking capability associated with Facebook is very high. The reach with Facebook is higher than Instagram. If you are keen in improving the reach, you should go for Facebook. Even though Facebook lags behind Instagram in terms of engagement, it has the potential to generate the second highest number of interactions.
  • Facebook is very popular among adult population. 72% of the adults are found Facebook. There is no drastic difference between male and female presence. The presence of female users is 77% and it is 66% male users out of total internet users.
  • Facebook has the potential to attract users from all age groups. The performance of ads is highly successful. If you can use ad campaigns in right directions, the popularity of your brand can be enhanced very easily.

Instagram potential

As one image is worth more than a thousand words, you will be able to attract visitors very easily through the Instagram. It is possible to share locations as well with the help of Instagram. The information will be presented in a creative way on Instagram so that it will catch the audience very easily. The engaging content will propel users to visit the native site so that there will be great satisfaction.

  • The active users on Instagram are 300 million on daily basis and 500 million on monthly basis. 80% of users are located outside US. Businesses can use Instagram to enhance visibility in a very efficient manner. There are highly engaged users on Instagram. More than 95 million photos and videos are shared on the website and there is great scope to promote your products and services with the website.
  • The user interaction on Instagram is higher than any other social media site. The social media site will also ensure that highly engaged media interactions will take place so that the promotion of the brand will be done very efficiently.
  • The social media network should be chosen as per the demographic reach. The selection should be done as per user preferences. As per the research, it was found that the number of female users on Instagram is higher than the number of male users. 55% of young adults between the age of 12 and 19 are registered on the Instagram.
  • The best features available in Instagram can be used to promote your brand. You can target new generation and young customers on Instagram. Facebook has the ability to attract users from all age groups so that you can make the most of your investment. You can set social media budget and the promotion of products and services can be done very efficiently.


It is very much important to maintain presence on both platforms, Facebook and Instagram. The features that best serve your interests on both platforms can be selected so that you can promote your business to the next level without any issues. Deeper content can be created on Facebook and it can be shared in a very efficient way. You can provide better customer service through the Facebook so that you can increase traffic and the promotion of the site can be done in an effortless manner.

instagram new features 2017

Unearthing Some of the Least Known Features of Instagram


It is impossible that you have not heard the name of Instagram until and unless you are living under a rock. Instagram is not only about adding random filters and enhancing the look and feel of your photographs. There is a lot more to this popular app and a number of functions are present which can be looked at. Since the latest update, you can do a lot more than before, so let us take a look at the different things this app lets us do:

  • Managing your Filters: The new update has come up with five new filters and has given you more to choose from than before. But with so many options at your disposal, you can tend to get confused as to which option to choose and when to choose what. The filter shows a blurry effect of the outcome of the photograph once you use it. So you can get an idea as to how your photograph would be looking once the filter is applied. If so many filters become a burden to you, Instagram has come up with the option of re-organizing the mostly used filters. You will get an option called “Manage Filters” at the end of every filter when where you can customize your list.
  • Using Instagram Direct: You will find an inbox icon at the top right hand side of the app. This is an option where Instagram lets you share a photograph with a select number of friends rather than sharing it with all your followers. Follow the usual steps of uploading a photograph. When you come to the last step, choose Direct Instead in place of followers and select the recipients with whom you want to share.
  • Refusing Instagram Direct: Everyone would not feel comfortable in getting bombarded with several photographs which you are sharing via Instagram Direct. To change this option, you have to tap on the icon next to the comments section. There you will find options to “Ignore” or “Hide” posts. Ignoring a post would stop you from receiving direct requests from a particular person while hiding a post helps to exit without the sender understanding your absence from the group.
  • Playing with Perspective: The new update has not only announced some quirky filters but has changed the way you view a picture. It has a host of options to tweak your photograph so that it looks fresh and different. You get to choose from a variety of tools like Contrast, Vignette and Shadows. There is another option known as ”Adjust” which helps to straighten an image and also to use a host of other options. You can also change a photograph from Horizontal alignment to Vertical and vice-versa. Properly angled photographs are not in fashion especially on social media platforms and these options help to bring out your creative side. It gives you an opportunity to present a photograph in the exact manner you want.
  • Photo Mapping: The geotagging feature helps you to tag the photographs at the exact places where you have clicked them. It also lets you to know where others have clicked their images and you do not need to ask them. So the beautiful landscape near the seaside would be tagged at the place where it has been captured so you would get to know the location as soon as you see the photograph. You will get a “Geotag” icon on your account. But some users may have their location turned off which would not enable the locations to get tagged.
  • Filter Layering: The filter customization option provides a lot of flexibility to choose the template in the manner you would exactly want your photograph to look like. Sometimes one filter may not be enough and you would want to layer one filter with another to get the effect as per your choice. Add a filter and instead of posting it hit return to get the filtered image saved. Open it again, apply another filter and now you would get the blend according to your preference.

These are some of the newly launched features which have enhanced the user interaction with the application and have made people more hooked to it due to a range of flexibility options at its disposal.

how to promote your brand on instagram

Can you promote your brand with Instagram?


For the promotion of products and services, you can use various social networking sites. Instagram is different from other social networking platforms. You will be able to connect with the right audience and sales can be enhanced by having a great presence on the platform.

Instagram has monthly users more than Twitter. Instagram is used by many businesses to improve awareness of products and services. The message will be conveyed in image format so that users will be able to go through the information very easily. The audience will remember the message for a long period and they will take the most appropriate action at right time. By presenting appealing information, the sales will take place automatically.

Market your brand

Instagram offers great opportunity to market your brand. The first step to making the most of the platform is to set up the business Instagram account. You should present content on the media which is relevant to the audience. If you have personal information, it should be shared on the personal account. A certain level of professionalism should be maintained when you access and manage social media account.

Optimization of social media presence

There should be greater customer appeal through the professional Instagram account. If you can present a compelling content, the visitor will click on the link to land on your site. Hence, the opportunity should be utilized in the best possible way.

At the top of the Instagram page, you can provide a bio. As you provide the name and description of your business, you will provide the link which takes to your website. The link should take the visitor to the targeted page on the website.


Your brand should be recognized by the audience by using consistent content and image. The font color, font size and font type will have a great impact on your success. The content format should be easily identified across various social media platforms. By delivering a professional appearance, audience will be able to identify your brand very easily.

The content should be presented in such a way that Instagram community will identify it very easily. You will not want to focus on keywords and hashtags as visitors will not use them to search for content. However, you can include a hashtag if you run a hashtag campaign. The bio can be changed to promote the latest campaign. However, the link should be presented so that audience can reach your site by clicking on the link.

Compelling Instagram posts

You should focus on production of outstanding content. As soon as the visitor goes through the image, the information should be conveyed implicitly. The absorbing nature of information is crucial to attracting audience. The audience will not make special efforts to go through the content. The customer will be glued to the image and would like to visit the site again. The user will not hesitate to share the content with his or her friends in the network.

You should understand the fact that Instagram is an image-centric platform. The comments that you receive for a post with images will be double to the comments that you receive on a post with text and links. The images will be engineered by experts so that they will alert the visitor’s brain instantly. Being aware of the Instagram culture, you will settle for the best course of action.

No hard selling

The brand’s social media will have a great influence on sales. Even though customers will be influenced by the friends and social media references, the role played by the brand’s social media is very much important. When you embrace Instagram as an effective medium to promote your products and services, authentic information should be provided on a consistent basis. You should offer the choice and in-depth knowledge about product or service should be provided. There should not be any hard selling.

When visuals are presented, you will not want to yell about products. By providing creative photos about your products and services, you can grab the attention of the prospective customer. By providing detailed images about the product, there will be a complete openness. The information about the product, features and the customer support should be easily available so that a quick comparison will be done by the audience. Thus, the traffic on Instagram can be converted into sales by managing the social account in a professional way.

promote your business with google plus

Can you choose Google Plus to promote your business?


Google Plus offers the highest level of privacy. It is possible to manage various kinds of circles and the information can be shared within each circle as per your needs. There are business friendly features in Google Plus which can be tapped to the full potential extent so that there will be a great improvement in the promotion of your brand.

Business listings

You can set up business listings in the best possible way by using Google Plus. ‘Google My Business’ feature can be used for the promotion of your business. If you list your business in Google Plus, the visibility of your business will be very much enhanced. The business will be available in local as well as mobile search. Based on the authentic information, potential customers will contact you and it is possible to generate new leads very easily. It is possible to get directions to your business by using Google Maps. The verified business website can be checked very easily.

When you lost your website, it is possible to find your photos and videos as well very easily. Your business page will provide complete information. It will help customers to leave review on the business page. If a website is verified, it will rank high in organic search results.

With the increase in usage of mobile search, the business listing gains importance in local SEO as well. The listing will certainly enhance your prospects in the coming years.

Well managed connections

By using connections, circles can be managed in a very efficient way. The sharing of content and regular updates can be accomplished in an effortless manner. You can share content selectively.

Circles will be created based on friends, associates, business partners, affiliates and influencers. You can follow them as per your requirements and the engagement will be efficient and fruitful. The updates can be sent to a particular segment very easily. Even though there are certain restrictions with Gmail, they are avoided by using the Google Plus.

Join communities

To enhance your network, you will want to join communities. Through communities, you will be connected very deeply. By using communities, you will be able to engage like-minded people. You can figure out people who advocate your products and connection will be established with them. You can create a new community based on a specific topic. You should take initiative to join with other communities as well. The communities that you create and engage with Google Plus will be unique. These are different from Facebook and Twitter. Hence, there will be addition of real value to members. Hangouts should be organized which will be exclusive to community members.

Content categorization

The content should be categorized based on the topic. Posts can be added to a collection very easily by using the latest features of Google Plus. New features are being added in the process so that there will be great satisfaction. As you start collections, Google Plus users will be able to find you and they will follow you without any issues.

A collection of blog posts can be created by a blogger and subscribers will get a different way to get updates from the blog. It is possible to create a collection of photos related to your products or services. Collections of various campaigns can also be presented so that many users will follow you in a very efficient way. When you manage an interesting collection, it will be featured by Google. You can find the collection in Featured Collections page.

If you follow posts in collections, they will appear in the Home stream. Collections will be classified and information will be shared very easily with the help of collections. Users’ news streams will be decluttered and they will be able to follow topics in which they are interested.

Promotion through Hangouts

If you can broadcast hangouts, there will be great increase in followers. Hangout is a popular tool. It will be used by businesses to promote various kinds of events in a seamless manner. Various kinds of events such as Q & A sessions, webinars and seminars can be conducted to engage the audience. It is possible to connect with people through video conferencing. There will be great growth in the audience when you take all the important steps present in Google Plus.

get more instagram likes
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Trying to Find Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram


Instagram is the numero uno platform for sharing your photographs with your friends and followers. It gives you a lot of options to customize your images and present them in a manner which you feel brings out the essence of the photographs. The number of followers and the number of likes vary from person to person depending on what kind of photographs he or she is posting and also on the fame enjoyed by that person. But there are the few tips which you can keep in mind if you want to increase the number of likes on your posts. Let us try to find out a few ways:

  • Use appropriate hashtags: Hashtags are an important factor that helps increasing the number of views and eventually the number of likes in your photographs. Hashtags came into prominence with the popularity of Instagram when more and more people began to get more aware of the use of this technique. Not only can hashtags be added to define or describe the photograph and the emotions associated with it but you can also tag prominent pages and persons to get your photograps across to certain forums. Photographers use hashtags to tag along famous photography groups or journals so that they get a chance to get featured in those eminent pages if their photographs are up to the level desired. When your work gets featured in a popular forum, it would surely get viewed by a huge audience who would like to follow your previous and upcoming works. Hashtags help to increase the number of likes in a great way. You also get to see the most trending hashtags of the day. Using those hashtags would also help your photograph rise up the charts and be trending!
  • Applying Filters: Do not overdo your editing and use extravagant editing options by combining more than one filter. The intrinsic nature and the spirit that the photograph carries should not lose its charm. If the filters are not used appropriately, then the photograph would not contain the required aesthetics and hence would not be viewed by many people.
  • Sticking to a schedule: It is very important to keep the frequency of your posts in check. If you are someone who posts every day, then your audience would have that expectation. If the chain breaks, then your views and eventually the number of likes you get would take a beating. If your posting is irregular, then it will be very difficult for you to keep the rate of likes on the rise.
  • Do not be boring: Do not be repetitive in the kind of photographs that you post. If you keep on posting the same kind of photograps like sunsets and sunrises, it would become boring for the audience. The audience always expects something innovative so if you cannot be comfortable in serving out new stuff, the views and likes would hamper. You should look at your feed at regular intervals to see if you are yourself getting bored in seeing the same kind of photographs. If that be the case, then it would be easier for you to figure out.
  • Do not overdo the use of hashtags: Some people have the habit of bombarding their images with infinite number of hashtags. In most cases the hashtags used bear no relevance to the photograph or the context. Using whatever hashtag comes to your mind keeps the feeling that you are desperate for likes and hence are going berserk.
  • Increase your interactions: You should care for the audience who are viewing your photographs and encouraging and motivating you to stride ahead. Try to respond to all the comments made if the count is a manageable one. If it is not then thanking your followers by posting a photograph with such a caption would be a great approach towards your audience.
  • Taking good photographs: This is perhaps the most important of the lot and frankly it goes without saying. You have to know about the aesthetics of photography and what it takes to create a good photograph. If the content and perspective of the photographs are not of a higher quality, the number of likes would still be limited, no matter how hard you try.
instagram or facebook
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Instagram vs Facebook: Which One Is Better for Your Brand


Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger, Instagram is a photo sharing app. Well it’s not a just app for the professional photographer, it is a platform to share from a picture or may be a number of pictures that you want to share with the world. The pictures have a story to tell. This app also has pictures of stores who promote their brand through Instagram, pictures of fashion icons…..and the list is never ending.

Facebook was created by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg along with his fellow Harvard student on 4th February 2004. Since then Facebook has been a huge platform for interactions, socializing, marketing, brand promotions and fan base of celebrities. Facebook attracts 1.4 million users every year.

Well both Instagram and Facebook are under the common Owner Facebook since April 9th 2012. On that date Instagram was acquired by Facebook at a net worth of $1 billion of cash and stock. Even after this we cannot consider both the apps as a single entity. Each of these apps has separate market for promotions of brands and their products.
Facebook and Instagram have their respective markets with respect to age group, customer’s profile and the product details. Undoubtedly Facebook has more than four times the users logged in on a daily basis as compared to Instagram. But Instagram posts are a visual treat for the users, only the picture-oriented posts seem clutter free. They are similar in many aspects as they have the same list of contacts, apart from the people following you now and then. Facebook is a place where even the smallest of a business owner opens a page which may not be logged in ever again .Facebook has become the place of sharing information where people mandatorily feed their information.

Well let’s discuss how these platforms differ from each other as a marketing tool based on various aspects.

  1. Young users – Instagram is mainly used by the people of age below 30 whereas Facebook doesn’t attract comparable of amount of young population. This will surely affect the market of products encircling the young people. Well if the young people don’t use Facebook than who does? Well the answer is older ones do. And here comes the benefit of advertising in Instagram over advertising in Facebook. The older people are generally wealthier with a higher bank balance than the younger population. And thus Facebook could act as a great advertising platform for your brand if it is an investment firm.
  2. Engagement- We know it clearly that Facebook engages more number of people than Instagram does. But when we speak about posts, Instagram generally wins the battle. What Instagram does is the demonstration of the issue with pictures and a catchy caption is. And people generally get attentive about pictorial content than textual ones. But if a client wants to contact the owner or the advertising head of Facebook or Instagram, Facebook goes way ahead Instagram due to its compatible functionality.
  3. Host a giveaway – A giveaway is generally associated with a contest where people need to share and tag a picture of the brand product and just wait to get lucky to get a hamper.
  4. Pay an influencer – What does an influencer do? He posts catchy stuff on your product details and advertises your product over the Instagram account and facebook account by adding the link of the product site. Adding direct links to the posts on Instagram is not yet an option.
  5. Platform Strength – Instagram has a small user base and options as compared to Facebook. In Facebook the advertising agent can create groups, invite people for events, and post lengthy videos beating the 1 minute videos allowed on Instagram. But Instagram is hassle-free and the small customer base which is loyal. The user sticks to Instagram and doesn’t get distracted as on facebook because of the several options it offers.


Both Instagram and Facebook are great way to reach out to the desired group of customers. The main mantra of marketing is the research before it, to know the place and people for whom the products are being made and to concentrate on the marketing techniques that will be suitable for the target audience.

facebook for business tips

Still Wondering Why Your Business Needs Facebook?


Social platforms seem to be outdoing each other as new ones become more popular than the previous. But Facebook is among the social networks that have managed to remain relevant in the lives of many people even as other networks gain popularity. The state of Facebook makes it all important to the business and so even as you consider making your presence felt using other platforms, there are so many reasons as to why your business may still need to have a Facebook presence and use all its features to keep your business relevant.

It has millions of users. Globally, Facebook has actually gone past the 4000 million member mark, making it a very strong platform. This social network remains very strong around the world and this tells you that it still has the potential to take your business all over and break geographical barriers. Its penetration across the globe means your business can make the same kind of penetration in different markets in different regions.

It connects thousands of sites. Connect is probably the greatest long term impact initiative that Facebook offers. Integrating Facebook has made it possible for sites to connect and make social graphs portable. Reputable sites are not integrating into Facebook giving users and easy time finding what they need on the go. It is something that has made this platform more of a central hub of the web besides social media.

Average users spend almost an hour on the platform every day. Your business, therefore stands the opportunity of grabbing consumer attention using the best tactics and strategies on the network. An hour for every user is a long time good enough for your business to impact on target audience positively. With the right content on the platform, you can make huge progress of your business.

It offers a customized news feed. News feed on Facebook are not algorithm driven and with this you can use content that is targeted based on interactions. Engaging content seem to be taking center stage on the network and this gets you shares, likes and comments that you need to keep your presence relevant and widespread. You have the freedom to test out different content types to find out what works for your brand to enjoy the benefits offered by the customized news feed on the platform.

Facebook offers real-time search. More content is now publicly available on Facebook unless you change the settings on privacy section. Considering that search engines like Google and Bing are incorporating such data into search results in real time the implication are tremendous for reputation management and SEO. Facebook may not be the best for all social media initiatives, but you can consider participating because of the size and with the right choices and approaches you can make the real-time searches work to your advantage.

The friends’ base on Facebook is reliable. An average user will have more than one hundred friends on Facebook and probably fan several pages every month. The trends open up huge opportunities as far as business exposure goes and there is a lot you can do with this opening when you choose your content carefully. Casual friendships ties have seen to dramatic rise of friend counts on the network and this only means better chances for your business to enjoy a presence that is valuable out there.

It has become a customer service hub. When you have a strong marketing strategy, you will be a success with organic traffic on Facebook. The network offers lots of tools that you can use to advertise your business. You can actually choose the people to reach with the ads making the ads more relevant to them, hence turning into really valuable results for your business. With tools like Facebook ads manager, Facebook ads manager app, social ads tool and others, there is really nothing you cannot achieve in reaching your customer base and growing it without spending too much on it.

There is so much you can do on Facebook and so many tactics and strategies you can incorporate to take your business even higher using the network. It has actually also become possible for you to connect your Facebook page with other social networks you may also be interested in.

how to boost sales in social media
How Tos

Tips to Boost Sales by Using Social Media


Social media has great potential to transform your business. It offers equal opportunity to online business as well as offline business. The opportunities are endless for startup as well as a multinational entity. The business should implement the best marketing strategy so that sales will be boosted in a very efficient way. The key element for sales is the traffic on the website. You should address all the issues that are associated in hindering the traffic to your site. As a powerful magnet attracts iron objects from different directions, you should be able to create a powerful funnel to attract targeted audience in a very efficient way.

Enhanced sales and conversion rates

Social selling is a great challenge faced by all kinds of businesses. The tips offered by experts will certainly help you achieve a great breakthrough to enhance sales through your website.

Social involvement

Social involvement is the key to the promotion of your brand. Through regular conversations, you will build a bridge with audience. There should be two-way communication so that apprehension about the brand will be removed trust-building measures will be enhanced.

Use advertising

By using social media advertising, the promotion of the business will be very much enhanced. You should choose the best Pinterest and Facebook strategy. New articles can be posted on these platforms so that new sales leads will be generated.

Answer questions

The questions posed by audience should be addressed quickly and efficiently. By using simple language, the message should be conveyed very effectively. When existing customers are satisfied, it is possible to get new customers very easily. The concerns of customers should be addressed so that they will suggest your product to their friends and associates without any issues. Thus, you will be able to convert your customers as brand ambassadors.

Follow your customers

You should establish connections with customers by following customers in a very efficient manner. The social media is the most effective means to add new visitors on your site in the shortest possible time.

Fine-tune your website

To reap the benefits of social media promotion, you should manage a professional website. The website or blog should be built and managed as per the latest standards. There should be consistency in the presentation of the content. The colors, fonts, font size and logo should be consistent across all the web pages of the site. The consistency should be maintained across various social sites as well. The website should have the buttons, links and other ways to connect with social platforms. There should be ways to share links with others in the network.

Content that adds value

The content that you post on the website and social media should add value to the audience. The content should be fresh and it should be filled with facts. There should be images, videos and presentations as per the business niche that you belong. Through visual marketing, the story behind your company can be conveyed. The goals and mission of the business should be conveyed prominently. The growth achieved by the company should be depicted so that audience will trust your brand.

Highlight the unique proportion

The unique proportion added through your business should be highlighted on various social platforms. If you focus on sales as well as support in a very efficient way, relevant facts should be presented. By using the most appropriate keywords, you can attract new set of visitors on your site.

Invest on R&D

There should be research and development on various changes that take place in user behavior, lifestyle and expectations. If there is change in technology, you should make swift changes so that your business will not lag behind in offering the smart services to users. By offering a simple and cost-effective mode of communication and service, the customer satisfaction will be enhanced. You will also be able to attract new customers very easily.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is the key for any organization. If there are any disputes, they should be addressed in a professional way. The argument should be traced and suppressed at the earliest. If there is failure on the part of the business, a quick apology should be offered and the negative perspective of the customer should be overtaken with positive support.

It is very much important to choose few social media platforms and focus on them to get best results than having inactive presence on multiple platforms.

social media

Reasons Why Social Media May Not Be Yielding Expected Results


Social media networks make some of the best tools for businesses that are looking to widen their reach and strengthen position in the marketplace that is competitive. Regardless of the line of business you are in, you are bound to meet stiff competition and it is up to you to come up with ways to remain relevant amidst all the competition and to actually grow. Social media marketing strategies are working very well in modern times, especially considering that they have become a way of life for millions of users globally.

But for the approach to work for you and yield the kind of results you expect, you need to have a plan that is targeted in every way. When you have everything figured out social medial channels will be a success and yet the smallest errors can end up causing damage to your brand image and integrity. If you have been giving it a try, but social media do not seem to be brining you the kind of results you expected, it could be because you are making common mistakes most business people make when using the platforms. Find out what you could be doing wrong and make changes as appropriately and social media could turn to be the best marketing tool you ever chose.

You are using one plan for all your social platforms – If you are treating your social media campaign as a one size fits all it will not work as optimally as you expect it to. Each one of the media channels has features that could be unique to it and therefore content that works for one platform may not necessarily do as well on the other channels. You need to base your content on specific channels and the kinds of audiences, it attracts to be a success. The approach you use should differ from one channel to the next. Alternatively, consider using only one network or at least two instead of trying to have a presence on all the channels.

You are talking at your audience – Social media remains to be just as the name suggests, social. Remember, it is not a newspaper, radio or TV for you to broadcast at audiences. Your conversations should therefore be two ways so you are able to encourage consumer interaction at the end of the day. Learn to talk with your audiences instead of talking at them if at all you are to be able to create better relationships that are rewarding. Avoid taking a sales pitch in every one of your posts and instead share fun, informative, valuable and interesting content most of the times to keep the engagements going.

You are posting too little or too much – Posting too much turns annoying for your followers and users especially because it clogs their newsfeeds. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why users unfollow or unlike pages. On the other hand, if you end up posting too little will suggest apathy and this will only make it hard for you to retain followers. People tend to move on very quickly on social media because of the short attention span the channels naturally promote. It is very easy for you to be forgotten if you are not a regular poster. Try to find a balance; post at least one daily, but do not go beyond three posts either in a day. It is also very important that you ensure anything you post is relevant, informative, valuable or interesting.

You keep inserting yourself in the wrong place – Not every trending topic will be relevant to your business and neither will all topics offer any value to you. Stealing mindshare on topics your business has no relevance in will only end up making you look insensitive and ignorant. No matter how popular a topic may seem, if it has nothing to do with your line of business, try to avoid a force-in otherwise it can easily make your followers questions you and your business. Choose topics and conversations to join with care so you only choose what is really of value to your business and can give you the right exposure to your target audiences.