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Ways You Can Advertise Successfully On Instagram As A Small Or Medium Business


Advertising can be quite costly, especially when you are a small or medium business with a budget that is too tight to think very expensive campaigns. Instagram is unfortunately a very expensive platform to do advertising and the truth is that this social network only works with limited ad partners. With this in mind, it can prove tedious to try advertising on the platform, but it does not mean that it is entirely impossible for you to get some light on your products and services using it.

If at all you are to make it big advertising on Instagram, you must walk away from traditional advertising options and to be a little creative and willing to take your chances. The essence of any business is to grow into a reputable and profitable brand and only the daring, but strategic make it to that level. It may be hard to post ads on Instagram but there are definitely ways you can still be a success in making your company known and gain valuable exposure to your targeted audiences. It may mean including paid media efforts, but the results will make everything you do worth the effort.

  1. Allow an influencer to take over your business account

Account takeover simply means allowing a guest instagrammer to post to your account for a certain period of time. In this case, you should make sure that you stick to influencers in your relevant business field for the takeover to yield the kind of results you have in mind. Among the greatest benefit you stand to gain from this approach is having your brand introduced to targeted followers with similar tastes and interests with the influencer you have selected. This will instantly lead to an increase in the number of followers you have, clicks on your bio as well as likes on your posts. It should be expected however that the influencer will let his followers know that they are taking over a certain brand’s account; don’t expect that they will do it exclusively for your brand benefit.

  1. Host a giveaway on the social network

The giveaway can be solo branded or partners, but it creates a very effective channel to create awareness of your brand on the network. The good thing about Instagram is that it does not have too many promotion rules, especially when compared to other social networks like Facebook. You only need to acknowledge that your promotion is not associated, administered, endorsed or sponsored by Instagram and to ensure that you accurately tag content. Contents that seem to work extremely well on the network in creating brand awareness are those that require interested users to tag others on the comments section to enter the giveaways. You can also use a different approach where interested entrants post videos or photo on their profiles mentioning or tagging your business on their posts. Creativity will rule the day with such giveaways and the rules make it very easy for you to remain flexible.

  1. Pay an influencer to highlight your brand

Apart from welcoming an influencer to take over your Instagram brand account, you can also consider paying them to post positive commentary about your brand. You can for instance pay models to shoot with your giveaways or products and post on their profiles. By aligning yourself with all the right accounts, you will be amazed by the huge following you get to receive through the influencers. To make this work you of course must choose an influence who shares the same aesthetics as your brand and has something to offer in the field. It is the only way posts will be of relevance to their followers fetching you some valuable traffic in the process too. Remember to also select influencers who are not too expensive to work with but be willing to spend a reasonable amount to make the effort worth your while.

Instagram remains to be a platform that supports creativity and you can have an impact with the community on the network by letting your creative side guide you. There is still so much you can do with your posts and advertising approaches to gain your brand the kind of exposure it requires to grow.


Misconceptions you should ignore for Instagram

Misconceptions You Should Ignore For Instagram To Work For Your Business


In a short period of time Instagram has managed to grow exponentially. It is indeed among the rising platforms on social media may be because of its unique approach of focusing more on photos for visual marketing and interactions. Brands get the chance to diversify content to broaden the online presence and reach using the network and app, but there are some that turn away from Instagram because of misconceptions about what the network is all about.

By shunning out Instagram as a brand, you end up missing out on a very strong user base that could have made a huge positive impact on your business. The reasons keeping you from using this platform could end up being untrue and it is therefore important to unearth the truth before ignoring the platform all together. Below are some of the most common misconceptions you should steer away from so you are able to use Instagram for the benefit of your brand.

Instagram is only for photo posting – Most brands even the top ones, unfortunately hold this as the gospel truth. Even though it is a platform that is more focused on photos, there are so many other approaches you can use to share your content. You can even use videos and Instagram stories to pass your message along. Some brands have been successful using user generated content. Hash tagging offers great advantage even when using the photos so do not be afraid to explore what the platform features can do for your business.

Instagram reserves the right to sell photos – It is one of the misconceptions that have lasted for a considerable time. It came up after Instagram updated its Terms of use with rumors spreading the right to sell photos to third parties of their choosing. The negative feedback led to a reworking of the Terms to try and correct wording that seemed to give the impression. The truth is that you remain to be in full ownership of your photos. You have no reason to worry about your photos being sold outside the app. It is always wise to read through the terms and conditions of everything so you do not end up being misguided by poor interpretations.

Instagram is only for those selling visual products – Just because you are a service provider does not mean that you cannot share photos on instagram to market what you do. The photos should actually be treated as effective incentives to get your brand out there. As long as you have entertaining, compelling and valuable images, you can be sure that sharing with the right audience will help you meet your goals regardless of the products or services you have to offer them. You need to remember that even though you may not have any products to show on instagram, you can still use photos to show your company culture, celebrations, merchandise and employee goodwill.

Instagram is for big brands only – No single social network is designed for specific brands. In fact, all networks offer all brands both big and small equal opportunities to grow and expand using provided features. You may be a small company, but there is so much you can do with Instagram to make it benefit the company. Explore the platform and everything it has to offer, then be creative on how to use it to benefit your small or big brand. There is really something for everything the platform, so do not be left out because of a simple misconception.

It is impossible to measure results on Instagram – It came about because Instagram does not have any built-in insight tool, hence people assume tracking and monitoring is a task they have to do manually. The truth is that it is very possible to monitor your activity on Instagram using web based apps like Statigram, SimplyMeasured and SumAll. Tracking and monitoring your activity is important because it gives you insight on what is working and what needs to be changed. It is the only way you can tell how successful your brand presence is so find an app that gives you an easy time doing so. You can also use IOS apps for the same function.

Instagram Advertising Strategies to make money

Instagram Advertising Strategies You Should Try


Instagram has taken social media by storm and has gained loads of popularity. Businesses have found the platform very effective in driving advertising messages home. No matter how limited advertising can seem on this social network, it is not entirely impossible for you to publicize your business and gain followers who add value to your business as customers.

When thinking of advertising on Instagram, you should start by remembering that it is a photo and video centric platform. Instagram makes advertising possible in three different formats. You can go for photo ads which are posts that look like regular photos, but contain sponsored label on them. There are also video ads that are regular video posts, but come with a sponsored label as well. The third format is carousel ads which mimic photo ads only that they feature multiple photos users can swipe through to see.

The three formats appear on home feeds when users are scrolling through Instagram app and they support clicks, video views, mass awareness and mobile app installations. Many businesses have ignored Instagram when it comes to advertising because it seems too complicated. However, there are lots of strategies you can try on the social network to fetch your business some valuable exposure to your target audience; you only need to be creative and the network will prove worthwhile to your advertising efforts.

Take photos to show off services or products. It is definitely one of the easiest and most obvious strategies you can use on Instagram to let people know about your existence and the kind of products or services you have to offer. You can share pictures of products that are most popular under your company or any new products you feel a need to create awareness on. If you are in the service industry, you can still share photos of what you do. For instance, you can take snaps of the top foods on your menu if you run a restaurant or take photos of professionally done hairdo if you what you have is a hair salon.

Give viewers a tour behind the scenes. It is an interesting way of gaining the trust of your customers, especially when it comes to quality and all. People tend to trust what they see and when you take them through your production process using photos, you can be sure to get positive feedback and responses. You can showcase a process that most customers always seem to be asking questions on to create interesting content they will love going through.

Allow customer to show off photos they have taken with your promotional materials or products. You can create incentives or create some kind of contest to encourage them to share photos of the products or services you have to offer. You can create custom hashtags and Instagram handles for such so other users who could be interested in what they see can have an easy time finding you. It is also important that you make sure you comment and like photos your customers post so they can feel encouraged to continue doing so.

Offer exclusive deals. Nothing works better on any advertising plan than giving back to your customers. You can offer discounts on certain products and services to your Instagram followers.

instagram content creation

Creating Content And Interacting With Other Users On Instagram


What you need to know

Instagram has become among the most popular social networks and mobile photo-sharing apps. It now has millions of active users and even though it is video and photo centric, users can share short stories and live videos on a temporary basis. Temporary here means that they get deleted or disappear after 24 hours. It is nonetheless still a great platform you can use for business purposes. To be a success using this network, you need to be creative around content that you share and how you interact with other users.

Adding your photos

Adding photos on the platform is easy and you can actually even make edits so you get to post a high quality one that will interest other users. You can for instance adjust brightness, saturation, color and structure of the photo. Editing can also add highlights or remove shadows and even tilt-shift the photo.

When adding the photo, decide whether to make it public is to send it directly to an individual. If you want it public, then it is wise that you caption it to describe it. You should also add location and tag people as appropriate. The best thing about photos on Instagram is that you can turn off comments.

As a business, consider using hashtags to maximize exposure. Users on the platform are looking in search of hashtags and use them to peruse photos fitting their interests. Using them, therefore increases chances of bringing more followers and interests.

Adding Instagram stories

They are posts that disappear after 24 hours. They are very good, especially for events that are only relevant for a specific period of time. These stories can also be videos intended to give users a snapshot of something that is relevant to the business. The best thing about the stories is that once they have ended, they cease to exist anywhere.

When adding the stories, make sure they are most relevant and are carefully structured to deliver the intended message quick and easy before they disappear. Keep the content relevant and to the point, so their short life can actually get you the kind of reactions you are looking for.

Interacting with other users

Instagram is not only about sharing photos, there are so many other ways that you can use to interact with other users for the benefit of your business. Some of the options you have include:

Mentioning – It uses @ symbol to tag specific users to post captions or comments. It is a simple way of replying directly to the users so they do not miss out on the notifications.

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Twitter Moulds Itself to Regain Its Customer Base


Twitter is coming up with a new set of features and help you to have a better experience tweeting stuffs to your followers. This is what the spokesperson of Twitter said in a recent conference. Here are the latest developments that Twitter has is undergoing:

The 140-character limit is now expected to be extended so that  people do not have problems communicating their minds to their followers. This character limit has been troubling the Tweeteraties since long and people have time and again come up with the request of increasing this limit. Their wish is finally going to be fulfilled now since Twitter has finally decided to ease it out. So, people will no longer be required to spend time and effort for shortening their tweets or leave their feelings unexpressed. The media contents will not be included within the character count. Similarly, the re-tweets will also be ignored.

Another great news is that the ‘[email protected]’ will not be considered anymore. As a result, you can up tag to 50 people in your Tweets. So, not only Facebook, Twitter is also a great platform for tagging now.

Twitter had lost 2 million users by the end of the year 2015. Now, with the usage of these features, it expects to regain popularity among the social media users. It aims both at regaining old users as well as attracting new ones. However, analysts say that in spite of adding these features Twitter will not succeed in attracting a huge user base since not many of them would be interested to Tweet considering this little extension. This extension will not really matter since Facebook provides ample space to write one’s status and people will naturally prefer it over Tweeting (unless, of course, it is a celebrity that we are talking about).

Twitter is also planning to launch a few control features for its users. One of them is controlling the number of notifications. It is a common experience among the users that their Twitter accounts get flooded with a number of notifications. It is difficult to decide which ones to ignore and it is quite distracting too. With the addition of the notification controlling feature, one would be able to select an option of receiving notifications only from the people whom they follow on Twitter. Ones who want to receive notifications from others too, can simply turn off this feature.

Another very significant feature is the quality controlling feature. Using this, you can easily control the quality of Tweets you find on your feed. Duplicated and automatically controlled Tweets would be filtered out .Twitter is also making attempts to eliminate racist and hateful messages that the users have been facing.

All the changes adopted by Twitter have increased its number of users by just 3% as compared to the previous year. We hope its changes for the better so that Twitter can be at par with other sites like Facebook and Instagram.

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Most Followed Sportspersons On Instagram


Social networking sites have always managed to bring people together and have connected people from all across the globe. Of the various social platforms, Instagram is one growing networking sites which has created an impact on many. It’s being admired by all, be it the common masses or celebrities.

Even sports people have a strong presence on Instagram with millions of followers. And these sportspersons too take part actively by sharing regular posts, photos and various other updates which their fans look up to.

Let’s have a look at some of the most followed sportspersons on Instagram, see if you have been following one of them.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who doesn’t know him? He is enjoying over 38.5million followers and is believed to be most followed footballer in the world. This Portuguese forward who’s also a Real Madrid talisman is said to have seen around 76% increases in his follower count. He not only enjoys a great following on field but off field too he is amazing.


This Brazilian player has a total following of 36.1million, and he has seen an increase of 67 percent over the past year. He is even piped against Lionel Messi to the silver medal. It is notable that he had carried his country’s 2015 World Cup with grace.

Lionel Messi

The all time favorite, Lionel Messi enjoys 29.8million followers. There is no doubt over the fact that he is a great footballer, and the same can be witnessed both on and off field. He enjoyed 73% increase in his following in the year 2015.

David Beckham

He has a total following of 16million, and this Manchester United star became an active member of Instagram in 2015, and within a year he has seen massive growth in his following.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

This Sweden player has a following of 9.8 million and his popularity on Instagram saw an increase by 83 percent over the past one year. He is a striker who had helped PSG to Ligue 1 splendor and enthused Sweden to a Euro 2016 play-off win over rivals Denmark. His following indeed speaks for his fandom.

The Rock

Then we have the mighty, Rock, which proves that football is not the only dominating sport on Instagram. He has over 14.7 million, and apart from wrestling, his celebrity status in Hollywood films too have helped him make a mark on the social networking platform,

Floyd Mayweather

The boxing lovers across the globe would surely know Floyd and his massive Insta presence. He has over 7.1 million followers who are always keen to know of his whereabouts. And he too obliges them by posting all the latest stuff.

Thiago Silva

Looks like we absolutely can’t do without Footabll, this sport is completely ruling Instagram and maximum sportspersons which are followed the most happen to be soccer players. Silva is another who enjoys 5.1 million followers. He is not only a great player on field but is an equally great social media enthusiast. His posts are very regular, and he certainly knows how to keep his followers happy and connected.

If you are a sports lover, don’t forget to follow one of these legend players!

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Top Healthy Eating Instagram Accounts


Instagram is no more limited to fun photo sharing; this social networking platform has become a global sensation, and is widely spread in every field around. From fashion and lifestyle, to travel and adventure – Instagram has a vast presence; thanks to the vivid followers it has.

Even food is a favorite on this platform, and if you are a fan of healthy eating – you can get numerous Insta accounts to follow. These sites share some amazingly wonderful food photos and healthy eating tips.

If you love being healthy and eating healthy by choice, the following healthy eating instagram accounts are a must to follow. Have a look:


Here you can come across some yummy plant-based dishes and smoothies. Also, this account features all gluten and sugar free delicacies. What more can you ask for, isn’t it? The page regularly shares photos, videos and quick tips related to cooking the healthy plant based dishes. Follow them on


If you are always concerned about your meals, this is another page to look forward to. Here you can number of nourishing meal ideas picked from all over the world. So this is one page where you can get the best of the best. Follow them on


Sugar may taste good, but it certainly doesn’t does good to your body. But quitting sugar is no easy task; however this insta page is dedicated in helping you quit sugar. The page shares step-by-step plan for avoiding sugar, and brings in some easy to make sugar free recipes. So, if you want to quit sugar, follow


Run by Miranda Hammer – an authentic dietician, this page features different recipes related to soups and desserts as well as breakfasts. It has some quick to make breakfast ideas, particularly for those who lack time to do so in the morning. Stick to this blog if you want to bring in a healthy change in your lifestyle.


This insta page is run by Carina Wolff, and while she is not a dietician by profession, she has invested her time in exploring plant-based healthy recipes which she keep sharing with her fellow bloggers and insta followers.


If you have though that healthy is always boring – this page is one to look out for. Run by Kevin Alexander, this insta page provides various healthy recipes for pizzas, burgers and delicious snacks and desserts which are all healthy.


If you love salads, this is the right place to be in. here you witness some artful salads, fresh vegetables, inspiring quotes, with a slight tinge of healthy humor. Get over your regular salads and try something innovatively new with this.


Run by Sara Forte, here you get to see some wonderful sprouts idea, different from what we make in routine. It’s healthy, natural and more importantly absolutely delicious.


Who says chocolate can’t be healthy! This page is dedicated to all chocolate lovers and offers various chocolate recipes with a healthy twist. So, if you crave for chocolate and want to be healthy at the same time, you know which page to follow!

Light up your kitchen with these healthy recipes, and enjoy the natural flavor with your loved ones!


facebook halloween

FaceBook is All Set for Halloween


I don’t know how sad the real Frankenstein was, he just seemed right away scary to me but Facebook thinks otherwise. This Halloween Facebook turned your regular emojis into scary little monsters; so now you get to laugh like a witch, get sad like Frankenstein, say wow like a basic white-cloth-clad ghost and get angry like a scary pumpkin. The ‘like’ button becomes a skeletal hand and the ‘love’ button gets eaten (by unseen monsters?). in order to use these funky Halloween reactions you will have to hold down the ‘like’ button on mobile or hover over the ‘like’ button if you are on your laptop (you know the procedure) to avail the options of the reaction images; then all you have to do is choose between the candy heart ‘love’, skeletal ‘thumbs up’, laughing ‘ha-ha’ witch, ‘sad’ Frankenstein, ‘wow’ ghost or the ‘angry’ pumpkin!

Introducing customized features for festivals is the new social media trend and what’s more appropriate than Halloween to give things a little make-over? Funny emojis have become funnier with the monster theme and everyone seems to be looking forward to those. It came out in late October, just in time for Halloween. But not everyone is happy about it. Let’s find out why. So, say you want to mourn for something, the loss of a loved one or a tragic accident, and instead of the normal sad emoji (which is still funny for a grave reaction if you ask my opinion) you get a green faced, teary eyed Frankenstein; not appropriate! And that’s exactly what happened when Jared Smith wanted to mourn the death of his friend’s father. Not everyone is equally enjoying this feature, Mr. Zuckerberg! The users took their complaint to Twitter, saying that the idea was not thought through well and they aren’t ‘cool’ with it at all. Seems like the extra edge that this social media giant wanted to gain came out pretty blunt.

But there’s another feature which is doing pretty well till now, that is to say, it has not attracted any controversies: the Halloween mask feature. Putting on masks was something that Snapchat had introduced (you remember those adorable puppy faces, don’t you?); well, Facebook is here with Halloween themed ones. These live masks are for people using FacebookLive only on the iOS and only in the States, the U.K, and New Zealand but fret not people of the other countries, Facebook loves you too (maybe a little less than the ones from those above-mentioned countries) and soon this feature will be available in other countries as well. To make the masks work, give a tap on the LiveVideo icon at the top of the timeline, page or news feed. This will make you go live; then tap the magic wand (yes, there’s a magic wand! Relive Harry Potter with Halloween) in the upper left corner of the screen and then select the mask you want from the bottom of the screen. There are some pretty cool masks in there, very realistic. Give them a try now and enjoy your Halloween fellas!

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How To be Popular on YouTube?


YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites over the internet. It is so popular that it generated billions of unique viewer everyday which can mean a very good opportunity for you as well as for your business to flourish. Only thing that is standing in between you and success is generating good views for your videos over YouTube. To make this happen, there are many things that you can do, let’s have a look at some of the easy hacks which can generate good viewers for your videos over YouTube:

Create your own brand

Deciding what the overall theme of your videos is going to be is very crucial for the success of your videos on YouTube. As there are thousands of videos uploaded, everyday it’s very important that your videos are professional looking and distinct from others. It’s very important that you get to be popular as someone who makes amazing, entertaining videos instead of those which are already over there.

Name of your channel is also very important and should be something which will give a distinct idea for niche.

Create videos in professional tone

Most of the viewers are looking for a video which are created in a professional manner. Videos which can teach something to the users are very important and are widely liked all around the world. Creating a topic in which you have earned speciality can be very effective and can provide you good popularity. Make sure that the videos that you create are in simple language which can be understood by everyone, videos with unnecessary jargons can make the overall process a lot difficult.

Get positive reviews

Reviews are very important and give an indication to the users if the channel or video is good or bad. If you create a video then make sure that you get good reviews over that particular video. You should also ask your friends and family members to view and post a positive review for the video. This will create a very positive hype in the minds of the users and provide you a good fan following. Getting more number of followers over your YouTube channel can be very effective not only for this particular video but also for other video that you would upload in the future.

Create Tags

Tags are very important way to promote your video. They provide YouTube a way to categorise videos into different categories which makes it easier for users to search and view the videos. While creating tags it’s also very important that you create tags which are relevant to your videos and not those that are created randomly on the basis of things which are trending over YouTube.

Videos should neither be too long nor too short

Length of the videos is very important for the purpose of catching the attention of the users. A video should be of perfect size and not be very long or very short. For example if you are creating a video for Halloween makeup then it should be of 15 sec rather than for 30 minutes.

microsoft bought linkedin

Microsoft Bought LinkedIn – Is it Working Out?


We all know that Microsoft has bought LinkedIn for a lump sum of $26 billion in June 2016. Microsoft has previously been unsuccessful in its attempt to excel by buying other brands like Nokia. So, why did it again take the risk of buying another brand by spending so much of money? What is the impact of this acquisition that took place in the month of June this year?

Microsoft and LinkedIn can together form a great combination since Microsoft’s online Office Suite and thousands of users that LinkedIn has can complement each other very well for serving great purposes.

The event has also been described by some as a bonding between the professional cloud and the professional network. So, one can easily toggle between a productivity software and social networking site.

Microsoft has been able to monetize LinkedIn which would not have been possible for anyone else. This investment will help LinkedIn to excel in a better way. So, LinkedIn users would be able to experience more benefits which would not have been possible under normal circumstances by using its own funds.

The relationship between Microsoft and LinkedIn is intermediate between an autonomy and synergy. So, both Microsoft’s and LinkedIn’s products are being promoted. LinkedIn is getting benefitted in various ways and its users can now enjoy more benefits thanks to the connected devices, cloud computing technology, big data handling and artificial intelligence.

LinkedIn still remains as a stand-alone entity under the wings of Microsoft. It is, however, benefitting Microsoft in every possible way. Microsoft products like Office 365 and Dynamics that were previously not so popular are being bought by the LinkedIn users. After all, it is the biggest professional social media platform in the world. Moreover, LinkedIn stands at a better position with respect to its competitors as compared to the other brands bought by Microsoft in the past. LinkedIn will offer it some valuable data that has applications with respect to recruiting. It would also provide some great per

LinkedIn had been lacking an adequate software prowess so far. Now, with the help of Microsoft, it is emerging in a better way. The users are thus being able to leverage the datasets better thanks to the Microsoft Office and Dynamic CRM Footprints. Especially the Enterprise Sales people will be benefited as a result of this. They will be able to receive massive dividends in terms of closing duration and sales efficacy.

In future we would expect that the training tools of LinkedIn will help Microsoft in building the virtual reality applications too. Microsoft, on the other hand, can increase the number of users and also the revenue of LinkedIn in the upcoming years.

Thus, it can be said that the synergy between Microsoft and LinkedIn is yielding out benefits as expected. We hope they continue to remain the same!