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Add Fun to Your Instagram


Today’s age where we can relate more to an object than to a human being, Instagram has its top funniest Instagram accounts to give you a reprise from the otherwise dull day! Here is a list of some top funniest Instagram accounts which are guaranteed to make you go, ‘Woah! That just made by day!’ Follow them quick and get your share of daily fun!

  1. Girl with no job

This account is owned by Claudia Oshry. There are already about 2.4 million followers. If you would like to read a fun mix of memes, you are in for a treat with this one! This is a prime example of turning a no job situation into a decent one! Every day, Claudia posts hilarious pictures with witty captions that express a relatable feeling.

  1. Texts from your Ex

Somebody’s tragedy is another’s comedy. Here is an account which claims to have ‘uninspirational’ real texts from the ex! Follow them for a quick relief from your troubled life. Post your experiences to the email mentioned with the account. Never know; the next image shared could be your text!

  1. Late Notes

Are you one of the dads who find it a real struggle to wake your child to get up and go to school every morning? Well, if you are, you know that routine often does not go according to plan and you do need excuses to be made to the child’s school. Here is when you will love this account! You will find hilarious notes with all sorts of creative excuses to offer to your child’s teacher!

  1. Passenger Shaming

Are you in the list of people who have been witnesses to embarrassing situations whilst traveling? Well, of course! This is a profile that has a portfolio of pictures showing people in the most absurd behavior. Well, did you not take the hint from the name!

  1. Pee Jet

Are you interested in following a friend of international stars…better yet, the best friend of international stars! He can be seen everywhere with them, at parties, restaurants and best yet, even at their homes! Yes, you guessed it right! It is the mix of Photoshop and the creative imagination of this funny man. For all the star struck fans, this account is one you have to follow!

  1. Miserable men

Here is a profile that captures men in fun and unusual situations! Would you like to see an unlucky man captured in a hilarious position? This is the perfect account to follow! Have you wanted to take pictures of your friend in a funny situation? Well, this account may just do it for you!

Memes have surely caused a stir and none can us can complain! There is nothing better than a little humor to liven up your day! Check out these top funniest Instagram accounts and you will not be able to resist tagging your loved ones in the comments! Come on! Make your Instagram feel funny! Follow these accounts and add a little smile to your day!


no more vine for you

No More Vine For You


The social media world might be a cool fun place for the users but for the owners, it’s a jungle out there. Remember Orkut? Facebook swallowed it up. Meerkat got extinct due to Periscope. Instagram video feature might be gobbling up Snapchat. It’s survival of the fittest and Vine isn’t fit enough anymore.

The 6-second video app that was once created to compliment Twitter, fell prey to Twitter’s new growth strategy. Vine never became the platform that Twitter had hoped for. The co-founders gradually quit, and Twitter was sluggish when it came to investing in the project. The launch of videos on Instagram in 2013 dampened its growth, and as with the rest of Twitter, its product features came at a glacial pace. A significant lay-off was obviously coming to the Vine office but not a lot of people thought it would go extinct; we still thought Vine’s popularity would be enough to keep it running in the game but uh oh, reality check, better apps are now here. Time to bid another old friend goodbye (for those who haven’t already done that)…

Vine soared up as a platform to showcase talents instantly and make the maximum effect on people in a short amount of time. Reaching out to millions was possible with these 6-second videos. From Shawn Mendes to “Black lives matter”, we have a lot of things to thank Vine for. Vine was useful beyond imagination for sports fans; they used it to replay unforgettable moments from the court and the field over and over again. Vines taped by basketball fans are particularly very popular, but other sports did well too. Not only the fun part, Vine also gave protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, a way to video-cast everything that was happening in the time following the shooting of Michael Brown, the unarmed 18-year-old black teenager boy. The Vine footages captured moments of heightened tension between the protesters and the police. To respect all that Vine stood for, it has been decided that the video clips will be kept archived and can be downloaded.

Vine turned even the stupidest and meaningless videos into little capsules of laughter; it gave rise to many stars (remember Lele Pons, Brittany Furlan, Rudy Mancuso, Nash Grier?) and yet couldn’t live up against brutal market competition. Most of the Vine stars said that they knew this was coming. When the mother organization was making that big a loss, Vine was just acting as a bigger drainage of funds. Besides, in today’s fast-paced world with full-fledged consumerism, Vine was too slow to grow if not stuck at one place. People are forgetful, give them a new shiny toy and they tend to forget the old ones, no matter what memory is associated with it. It’s the fault of the old toy that it couldn’t upgrade itself and entice the human anymore. Vine’s popularity might seem like a fluke since the parent organization didn’t really give so much of an effort on it. But even then we’ll miss that little app that served creativity to us in a crisp manner.

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How to make Instagram account popular?


Instagram is one of the highly popular social networking platforms which has more than 200 million active members who on a daily basis share 60 million of images and the page receives 1.6 billion likes in a day.

It’s really surprising to see how Instagram has got over its initially perceived image of being a fun app for kids. Today it stands has one of the strongest and prominent content marketing as well network plus user building platform. Most of the businesses today are present on Instagram, but not all are reaping the benefits of this wonderful tool.

If despite using Instagram for a considerable duration, your business has managed to get only a few followers – it’s time to analyze your strategy and work harder to make the most of your Instagram account.

Here are a few useful tips that can help you make your Instagram account popular.

  • Don’t bombard users with your posts

Posting on your account is a way of staying connected with your followers but overdoing the same can surely annoy your followers. Be mindful about the number of photos or videos being shared in a day. It would be advisable to stick with 2-4 photos or similar count of videos in a day. Strategize everything and plan the posting very carefully.

  • Use ingenious hashtags

Hashtags may have been invented by Twitter, but it can’t be overruled that hashtags have become highly popular in the world of social media marketing. And the same can be used for Instagram postings too. You can use hashtags to caption your posts and photos, but use them creatively and don’t go overboard with them as well. Be creative, share fun, inspiring and impressive posts – don’t be uninteresting.

  • Be creative with words

It’s true that images have a great impression on people but using the write content is equally important. Describe your posts, photos and videos using the right set of words. Build a story around your brand or service that can sound convincing and non-saleable at the same time. Your posts shouldn’t be targeted at direct sales, keep them more engaging and proactive.

  • Share the best of your photos

Think of this – why would you follow any brand, business, service or for that matter an unknown individual on Instagram? Quite obvious reason is that you admire their photos. And this is what

google makes it easy and secure

Google Makes it Easy and Secure


Our life wouldn’t have been the same without the presence of Google. Google has changed our lives in every sense. We refer to it whenever we are looking forward to learn a new recipe, searching for new information for doing our project work or even for finding the address to the local stores selling a particular product.

Over the last four to five months, Google has undergone a series of developments to make your experience even better. Gmail, one of the main components of Google has become more safe and secure than ever. As a result, if you ever try to establish contacts with a user who does not support an encrypted TLS connection, you will automatically get an alert featuring a red-colored open lock icon warning you about the same.

On receiving a message from someone who is not authenticated by Google you will find a question mark instead of the photo of the sender. This will let you know that the person who has sent you the message is not an authentic user of google.

The features for protecting your system and your personal information from the malicious websites have also been developed further. You will now get a full-page message warning you of the same. Also, if you are an activist, journalist or policy-maker who is the victim of spying by the state, you will get a notification from Google informing you of the same.

Google’s new “Gmailify” feature allows you to manage the things like Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo and allow you to avail the Gmail features without installing the Gmail account on android.

There is also a Smart Reply feature that will reply to your mails on behalf of you. And this has been made possible by “Inbox” on Google. It will, in fact, provide you three options to choose from. You can select any one from them and send that as reply. “Inbox” gets better and more efficient in its work every single day as it sees you type more complex replies. It develops the ability to type such complex replies on its own and thus gets better with every passing day.

Finding information is also quite easy with this app. The useful and hidden data will be scanned and the relevant ones will be placed among the top search results.

Another area where Google innovates itself is the Hangout. Hangout is one of the most popular apps used for chatting and also making voice calls. And the good news is one can even make calls on Hangout even if they do not have a Google account. All you would require is a friend who will send you an invitation to join Hangout via mail and you will have to click on the link to get approved by the sender for joining the voice call feature of Hangout. Google has even increased the limit of the video calls made by using Hangout by ten minutes.

All these features will surely help millions of Google users from all over the world in multiple ways.

studets app by linkedin
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The Students App by LinkedIn is Gaining Popularity Fast


After serving as a networking platform for the working professionals, LinkedIn has now built a new app for the post-graduation students. This app is mainly meant for the students who have completed their graduation or post-graduation and are looking for their ideal roles.

The app will not only help the students to establish relations with people who are already in the professional world but also help them to identify their areas of competence where they would be able to excel.

It basically relates data regarding the course that they have subscribed to and the university which they are affiliated to help a student find a job profile suiting his interests.

It works in a similar manner to Tinder. One can create a new account or avail the features from their existing account. It has a friendly user-interface which helps the users to operate it at ease. The multiple tabs are not used here. Instead, there is a card-like structure where you can swipe between options.

It is a common experience among graduates that they become frustrated with the jobs that they are being offered and do not observe any scopes of improvement or growth. They therefore plan to undertake post-graduate courses in order to get better job opportunities. The scenario has worsened with time and finding the ideal job is no less than a challenge.

Keeping all these in mind, LinkedIn has come up with the idea of this student’s app. They have also decided to modify this app for use by the people of various countries. The app has already been used by thousands of students from the reputed colleges of USA. It is expected to become equally popular in UK too. The app is now available in the Apple iTunes store and Google Play stores for the Apple users and Android users respectively.

The app can help the graduates or pupils undertaking their first post-graduation course in three different ways-

  • It will help them to find their dream jobs in a company of their choice.
  • It will help them to enrol themselves in an internship program that suits their career.
  • It will help them to identify what postgraduate courses they should participate in.

In short, it will guide them through the different career options and study options that are open in front of them.

The students can also start networking with the alumni of their universities that have acquired some important position in a particular company and can be of great help to them in future.

It is not necessary that a student will pursue a career in the same subject which he or she is studying. They might feel like changing their stream and look for off-beat career options. LinkedIn has also made arrangements for the same. It will allow the students to select their sector of interest and then guide them accordingly.

facebook brings marketplace

Facebook Brings Marketplace – A Big Step Towards Capturing The Market Of E-Commerce Retailers


Though it initially started as a site where people could chat and enjoy, Facebook has become a kind of trading site over the years. It is been converted into a platform for buying and selling stuffs, no matter who is selling them and to whom. It can be a friend of yours who posts the pictures of a product and wants to find a buyer for the same. It can also be a page where different members of a community sells out its products.

Facebook has now taken a step forward in the business world. It has launched ‘Marketplace’, enabling people to buy and sell at ease. People can easily have a look at the photos of different products and buy the ones that they like. They will also be able to use the search button to search for their favourite products.

These features are somewhat common with Ebay, Craiglist and other such e-commerce sites. However, Facebook will also have some advantages over the others in one respect. It will not ask for any payment for listing. This can also be considered as a disadvantage from another angle. Facebook does not have any arrangements for payment and doesn’t take care of the formalities related to the purchase. The buyer and the seller have to carry out the needful related to the buying of the product and Facebook is not going to intervene. This, though sounds like an added freedom, may not always help you since you will not have a place to complain in case of any discrepancies related to the payment.

Facebook does not take any responsibility with respect to the delivery as well. It clearly states that one should not consider it as an auction or retailing site. It is rather acting as a platform that enables the users to exchange products against money. So, the process is quite hassle-free over here unlike the app-based retailing sites where you need to follow a lot of instructions before you zero down upon a product and proceed to buy it. Naturally, it is expected that it will take over the other e-commerce retailers within no time.

The Marketplace has already come into action in four countries. It will slowly expand to the other countries too and become equally popular over there. It will be accessible through the Android and iOS apps.

You could include a variety of items in your selling list such as books, CDs, DVDs and more. Marketplace has certain limitations too. It will only be usable for buying and selling things in the neighborhood. It is understandable that no one would want to take the risk of ordering things from a distant place since the delivery will be a difficult to execute.

Since Facebook is an open platform, you could even ask for advices from a mutual friend before entering into a deal with the seller. Happy Shopping on Marketplace!

top eight marketing profiles on instagram
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Top eight marketing profiles on Instagram


The age of social media has eased a lot of avenues of people belonging to diverse professions. No matter whichever field you are from, you can use Instagram in order to boost your marketing skills. If you are a marketer, then you should check site traffic as well as attract more potential visitors to your profile. In this manner, you can increase your clientele base. If you follow marketers as well as business owners on Instagram, you can get to know about certain tips as well as techniques that you can use in order to enhance your business. Here are the top profiles in Instagram you should follow if you are a budding marketer:

  1. Social Glims: This profile will help you to know more about the training as well as the support of advanced social media. Whether your enterprise is big or small, you can learn as well benefit a lot by following this profile.
  2. Content Marketing Institute: You need to be an expert with social media tools if you want to be a marketer. You will know how having excellent quality if content determines the popularity of any website. Also, you will have a fair idea of SEO Marketing techniques as well as methods.
  3. I Boom Media: This site will help you to sharpen your social media marketing skills and will inspire you to undertake the job of a social media marketer, providing you with the necessary determination that the profession demands.
  4. Kim Garst: Small businesses are helped a lot by proper social media marketing and this profile will certainly uncover a huge number of strategies and tips to help you to carry out efficient social media marketing.
  5. The Social Agency: If you are looking for inspirational as well as motivational stuff to give you that extra boost, you should definitely check out this site. Images and illustrations are available in this profile which will help you to be a more effective social media marketer.
  6. Emily Lagrange: This profile is loaded with infographics that will direct you with proper guidance when it comes to social media marketing. You just need to see the images and it would not be much necessary for you to read the elaborate texts since the techniques are pretty updated.
  7. Socinova: Concise, as well as direct tips, are the crux of this Instagram profile. The texts are very easy to understand and there is a whole lot of inspirational stuff too that will help the social media marketers to take any step.
  8. The Crush Agency: Creativity marks this profile as the inspirational quotes and the important tips for marketing are shared in this profile in an artistic fashion. Any essential information that would help you to navigate through the job of being a social media marketer is provided here.

The profiles that have been mentioned above have been of great help to many professionals in this field. So go ahead and check them out on Instagram!

accounts book-lovers need to follow on Instagram
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Top 10 accounts book-lovers need to follow on Instagram


Book-lovers are very hard to find. With the rising popularity of social media, it has become possible to form communities that share common interest. But, among other platforms, one always tend to stand out. It is none other than Instagram.

On Instagram, you can meet million other book lovers who you can discuss with on various common subjects and also share immense knowledge. Here, you can meet people who are willing to share ideas and thoughts that will definitely interest you.

There are several budding accounts on Instagram that are slowly gaining momentum in terms of popularity and even followers. Here, they share the bestselling author books and ideas to find cheaper books online. Here, people also share the best quotes that they come across while reading a paragraph in one of their favourite novels. For all you know, these quotes might become your favourite, too.

To make your job easier and simpler, we have listed out the top 10 best accounts that you ought to follow right away if you claim yourself to be a book lover. Read on and stay tuned.

  1. Catbookclub: If you love cats as much as you love books, this is the right page you must follow. The account is filled with adorable cat pictures along with owners, interrupting their reading time. If you think it is relatable enough, this page is meant just for you.
  2. Terribly Tiny Tales: Started by a bunch of Indian students, this account is only reaching heights today. It is aimed at writing shortest of stories in a matter of two to three lines which are bound to pierce your heart. Every story based on a theme is very relatable and heart warming. Started in India, it has now reached the global audience in a matter of only couple of months. Every tiny tale will leave not just book lovers but almost anyone in a slight smile or a small tear. Don’t wait anymore and follow this account right away.
  3. Subway Book Review: This account and website has a very unique concept. This account is dedicated to readers and their current selection in NYC. The whole account is only shot in black and white leaving you thoroughly obsessed with every picture and caption that comes with it.
  4. Book Baristas: This account embraces both the worlds of book reading- books and ebooks. There are benefits to both the worlds and it is good to see there is some account dedicated to both of them equally. This account guarantees to keep you glued and give you new and innovative ideas of book reading every day. Follow them today!
  5. Novel Heart Beat: This account is meant for lovers of the YA fiction. YA novels have a tendency of attracting readers from all the age groups and thus this account has a huge fan following. The account if full of favourites from the Divergent series to much much more. You are ought to get addicted to this page, it is our guarantee.
  6. City of Deja: The photographs in this account are simplistically gorgeous. Every snap will leave you thoroughly amazed without any doubts. Unlike any other mainstream bibliophile loving account, this one is definitely exceptional.
  7. Rantings of a Beautiful Mind: This page is dedicated to people who love everything small and crisp. The just writings in this page are beautiful and absolutely stunning. You will look forward to every new post every day as they are that interesting and intriguing. Don’t forget to press follow at this end of article!
  8. Bookishmaug: You will definitely drool over this page and that is our guarantee. Do not waste time over wrong accounts and get here already.
  9. Graces Library: Here, you will get all the right tips in the world. From where to get books on discounts to what book matters, everything is available here. Just press FOLLOW and you should be good to go. Get ready for the best guidance in the world to improve your love for books.
  10. Unseelieprince: All sorts of wow is the best sentence to explain this account. It will surely deepen your love for books.
10 ways to get your Instagram bio interesting
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10 ways to get your Instagram bio interesting to get more followers


You’ve probably heard the famous saying: ‘first impression is the last impression’. But, do you actually take it seriously and act upon it?

Instagram is a platform to display your life and what beautiful things you see while living it. It’s a platform to connect with those who share similar interests. Unlike other social networking sites, Instagram gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded people and exchange valuable information.

Although the Instagram trend has taken over any other social media, not many are aware of how to utilise it wisely.

Not many are aware of the several unique ways to portray themselves on this platform in order to get more followers who share common interests. Therefore, we have listed out ways to make your biography section even better than before to bag you most number of followers. All you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps like a Bible and you are good to go. Within no time, you’ll see a huge list of people, just like you, following your work, your life.

  1. Keep it simple: Most people like to add a lot of information about themselves into a very limited space of the biography section. Avoid doing so. The key is to keep the details very simple and easy to understand. With a view to look cooler and smarter, several tend to use gigantic words straight out the Oxford dictionary. Remember, the aim is to get more followers by reaching out to them in their layman language. If you use big words to portray yourself more posh, you may end up driving your potential followers off your list.
  2. Keep it crisp: Sometimes, people believe that long and unending bios interest potential followers. Very untrue. It is a fact that the more crisp your data is, the more people would like to know about you. Avoid adding up unnecessary information, save the rest for when they directly contact you through messages. Your job is to build curiosity about your work and life.
  3. Avoid sharing extremely personal information: A lot of people cannot stop themselves from overflowing personal details about to Instagram users. You need to realize when to stop your writing and emotions. What is the use of letting out all the information in the first meeting, after all? Save some for later. Build interest in other users by offering only limited and less information.
  4. Be smart: There are tonnes of trashy people out there in the world. You do not want to accept them all in your list that may put off your other potential followers. Choose wisely who should follow and comment on your pictures. This will give a sweet invitation for others to get intrigued with your work and also your personality.
  5. Be witty: Try playing with words as much as you can. Give out riddles, puzzles, incomplete information in the biography section to leave other users thoroughly intrigued. That is the key to woo most followers to your profile. The smarter you play, the bigger genuine list you create.
  6. Humour always helps: If you got a great sense of humour then what are you waiting for? It is about time you flaunted it to the world. Let people from across the globe know how smart, artsy as well as entertaining you are. Everyone wants to be around people who are funny and intelligent. You are the one and thus show them what you got. Tweak your bio in a way that attracts users to your profile.
  7. Never lie: Strictly avoid lying to people out there. They want to know the real you. So, do not unnecessarily lie to get extra followers. Be honest and see for yourself, how many people respect that.
  8. Avoid revelation of unnecessary details: Do not EVER reveal private details. The world is a bad place, well almost. Do not easily trust everyone and play smart.
  9. Save time: Just like #2 mentions, keep your profile crisp and save time of your potential users.
  10. Don’t share private number or account details: Last but not the least. If you plan to display your personal contact number, be ready to be the next victim on CSI. We don’t mean to scare you in any way. Just be cautious as social media can prove fatal sometimes. Act smart as you already are.
things you want to tell your friends about Instagram

8 things you want to tell your friends about Instagram


Many know that Instagram is the next big thing. But, there are still a few slow ones left behind, who haven’t heard of the beautiful world on Instagram. It is about time, you introduced them to this platform and tell them how much they are missing out on in life.

Instagram is a platform for like-minded people to share their favourite interests and bond over them. It is a platform for users to display what they see through their naked eye, no matter what part of the world they belong to. It is a platform to connect people across borders and boundaries. It is a platform that brings you closer to each other and see what is happening on the other side of the coin you are living in.

But, how many really are aware of the Instagram world? Do you not want your friends to give up on other social media and sign up here so that they could also see what life is all about? Do you not want them to make a scrapbook of their lovely life and display it to their loved one? Of course you do. Therefore, we have listed top 8 things that you need to tell your dear ones right away about Instagram so that they too sign up immediately. After all, what is life and fun and zeal without opening an account here right?

  1. The technologically-advanced scrapbook: Tell your age-old friends that Instagram is the 21st Century scrapbook. You can display your entire life here and share it with the ones you love. Can scrapbooks get any better now? It is about time they participated in your high and low points in life. Tell them.
  2. Leave other social media platforms: There are tonnes of social media platforms available in the online market, but are they any good? Tell your friends the various ways that makes Instagram special over other platforms. Tell them how important it is to hold an account on Instagram and forget about handling the rest.
  3. Swag is here: Your friend circle needs to know how crucial it is to join Instagram in order to look cooler. In case they are working, tell them that employers tend to look at Insta profiles over LinkedIn these days. If your friends are studying, tell them the platform can boost their creativity and knowledge and also give them an opportunity to meet and converse with new people across the globe.
  4. Introduce yourself to the world: This is a platform for your friends to introduce themselves to the big world out there. They ought to create an identity of themselves and this platform gives you that liberty. It serves the purpose right as it displays your life in front of million other users, with whom you can interact with and share interests too.
  5. Showcase your talents: Unless you get into the ring, no one would know you exist on this plant. It is time you showcase your inner hidden talents to other million Instagram users. It is time you show them what you actually got and makes you stand out. Your friends can actually create a fan following in the name of followers by opening an account here. The key is to tell the world how ambitious and skilled you are and how badly you want them to recognize it.
  6. The edits are out of the world: The editing options every picture has on Instagram is unlike any other editing expensive softwares. The options you get here are beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Every edit tool is a step to making your pictures look prettier and special.
  7. Like, comment and share: Tell your friends how the platform gives you an option to acknowledge someone’s work and comment and like on it. This not only encourages them but also increases your friend circle. Tell your friends that here you can also share ones picture and get them the global reach that they deserve.
  8. Make friends: There couldn’t be a better way to making more and more friends than on Instagram. On this platform, one can come across artsy people that share similar interests as you from music to painting to cars to almost everything. It is safe as long as you use it wisely.