Instagram marketing strategy

Building an amazing Instagram strategy


So as to allow brands get the most out of the top engagement platform in the world, a comprehensive strategy is very necessary. That, together with a checklist of question that every brand has to ask before they publish their very first post on Instagram, as well as the others that follow, is one of the ways that you can make it big.

Instagram has millions of users currently. There are around 80 million photos that are being uploaded on a daily basis. It is a social network that stands as the most engaging currently. The top profiles are able to earn over 110 times the kind of engagement the most engaging profiles on twitter get. This platform offers a great opportunity for the different brands to connect with the fans as well as the millions of customers using the social media platform. However, to succeed, it will take much more than just posting your prettiest photos.

Why use Instagram?

Your presence on Instagram needs to be aligned with the goals, vision and business that your company is involved in. You need to let the stakeholders understand with clarity the entire objective that you have in mind. Make sure that you communicate with the team handling the social media and then connect them to all the KPIs on Instagram. All companies are different in one way or the other and this is also true for the Instagram goals. Get your goals straight. Some of the most common goals of Instagram users, especially with businesses include:

  • Attract different talents that will be able to make the company even better and successful
  • Share the culture of the company
  • Announce all the company news so as to ensure that everyone is well informed
  • Strengthen the loyalty of the brand with all the different customers regardless of the location that they are in
  • Increase the awareness of the brand amongst the audience that you are targeting
  • Provide customer care that is social and outstanding
  • Get many new customer leads
  • Guide different users to the website that has been set up for the business.
  • Display the product you are dealing with in the most effective manner.

Find audience

You need to create a profile that is well detailed so as to reach the audience that you are targeting. You should consider involving your marketing colleagues as you may discover that they already have something that is of interest. Think about all the prospects and how well you might do with a social platform. Get to know the audience and the things that they are most likely to follow and the type of content that they can enjoy. Consider the time when they are most likely to check out the feed on Instagram. This can be really helpful in the long run.

The content

This is another very important aspect of how successful your platform is going to be. What are the content types that you can come up with? What are the topics that you want to cover? Make sure that you do some brainstorming with the team so as to come up with the possibilities which are most creative. You can also research on the examples that are the best on Instagram. Stay open minded to all the ideas. This is the best way that you can test as many options as you possibly can. This allows you to continue using the ones which are able to perform in the best way possible. You can:

  • Build a guide for the style you intend to use for the account; this includes the tone, the filters, composition and the brand aesthetic. Get to know exactly how the values will reflect on the content that you use.
  • Determine the stories that you can tell. Never underestimate the storytelling power. Take a hint from national geographic where every picture posted has a story behind it.
  • Mind the audience. Consistency is a must and the content should always be held high, let the account be as appealing as possible so as to have some sort of value. Post with the followers in your head. The fact that the pictures will be in their feeds is an amazing thing. Don’t try too hard to sell the products. Instagram is much more than that.

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