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Common mistakes that should be avoided on Instagram


Instagram is one of the powerful social media tools today. Ever since the networking giant, Facebook acquired Instagram, the latter’s reputation has grown phenomenally. Also, the number of active users on Instagram as per latest data is close to 500million. Researches have indicated that people login to their Instagram accounts at least 21 times per day. With all these facts and figures, it is evident that Instagram can be used as a powerful tool for promoting your business. If used in the right way, you can connect very well with your prospective clients. On the contrary, if you do some mistakes here, your business can go for a toss. Here are some of the mistakes that should be avoided on Instagram, especially if you want to promote your business here.

Inadequate Business profile

Your business profile should be completely updated. Nothing can bring bad reputation to your business than incomplete information. State the nature of your business, your mission and your USP very clearly in your business account, so that people know exactly what your objective is and what values you stand for.  Instagram experts recommend using two or three short, crisp and strong sentences in your website that will catch the attention of your prospective customers. An effective tip here is to include a CTA (Call to Action) at the end to keep your users hooked. Examples of CTA sentences could be:

  • What do you think about your service? Write to us at [email protected] and let us know your valuable opinions.
  • Click to try our free package for 30 days or a certain period of time.

Keeping profile private

While it is perfectly alright to keep your personal account safe and secure, it is absolutely not recommended to do the same to your business account. When you apply privacy settings on your private account, you are not doing justice to your business in any way. You are limiting the visibility of your account to a great extent, as a result of which, your followers drop significantly.  Ensure that you edit your profile right away and un-tick any privacy setting that you might have opted for, so that your account and all the images that you post become visible to all your followers.

Ambiguity on frequency of postings

Getting the right balance when it comes to the timing of your posts is very important.  When you keep on crowding your account with images or posts every 2 or 3 hours, your users are quite likely to lose patience and not give your post the seriousness it deserves. On the contrary, if you think that just one or two posts a month is enough, you are making a big mistake here. Your followers will soon forget who you are, if you go at such a thin pace. So, how do you strike a balance here?  It is highly recommended that you should provide at around 3 to 4 posts per week so that that you don’t fall under the “over-posting” or “under-posting” category.

Not using hashtags properly

Hashtags are one of the most important components in Instagram. Use clever hashtags on your account to encourage discussions from customers. Also, ensure that the hashtags that you use should be relevant for your business. When you avoid lengthy descriptions and use crisp hashtags as captions for your images, your post gets noticed more. On the contrary, if you overuse hashtags, customers tend to ignore your posts. What’s worse, you could be even be regarded as a spammer on Instagram!

Not being engaging enough

If you want to promote your business on Instagram, it goes without saying that you need to be well-connected with a big group.  If you don’t follow other businesses or if you don’t interact with your followers, it doesn’t reflect well on your image.  Here are a few tips for you to overcome this problem and get success from Instagram:

  • Follow accounts that are relevant to your niche.
  • Interact in various forums and post your opinion there, so that you get to learn more.
  • When a follower posts something in your account or asks you a query regarding your product, be quick to respond to them and clarify their issues first.
  • Post engaging videos on your account to encourage interaction.

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