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Creating Content And Interacting With Other Users On Instagram


What you need to know

Instagram has become among the most popular social networks and mobile photo-sharing apps. It now has millions of active users and even though it is video and photo centric, users can share short stories and live videos on a temporary basis. Temporary here means that they get deleted or disappear after 24 hours. It is nonetheless still a great platform you can use for business purposes. To be a success using this network, you need to be creative around content that you share and how you interact with other users.

Adding your photos

Adding photos on the platform is easy and you can actually even make edits so you get to post a high quality one that will interest other users. You can for instance adjust brightness, saturation, color and structure of the photo. Editing can also add highlights or remove shadows and even tilt-shift the photo.

When adding the photo, decide whether to make it public is to send it directly to an individual. If you want it public, then it is wise that you caption it to describe it. You should also add location and tag people as appropriate. The best thing about photos on Instagram is that you can turn off comments.

As a business, consider using hashtags to maximize exposure. Users on the platform are looking in search of hashtags and use them to peruse photos fitting their interests. Using them, therefore increases chances of bringing more followers and interests.

Adding Instagram stories

They are posts that disappear after 24 hours. They are very good, especially for events that are only relevant for a specific period of time. These stories can also be videos intended to give users a snapshot of something that is relevant to the business. The best thing about the stories is that once they have ended, they cease to exist anywhere.

When adding the stories, make sure they are most relevant and are carefully structured to deliver the intended message quick and easy before they disappear. Keep the content relevant and to the point, so their short life can actually get you the kind of reactions you are looking for.

Interacting with other users

Instagram is not only about sharing photos, there are so many other ways that you can use to interact with other users for the benefit of your business. Some of the options you have include:

Mentioning – It uses @ symbol to tag specific users to post captions or comments. It is a simple way of replying directly to the users so they do not miss out on the notifications.

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