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Draw inspiration from these top five travel accounts on Instagram


Are you passionate about travelling and wondering where to go on your next vacation? Are you spending lots of time checking with your friends and searching on the internet for some travel ideas? Bid goodbye to all these time-consuming activities right now. Log on to your Instagram account and check out the following accounts to draw inspiration for your next vacation. Instagram has become one of the most powerful social network sites today in terms of pictures. Therefore, you don’t have to look beyond this for your travel options. These accounts are held by travel buffs who have visited to various parts of the globe and have posted some of the most expressive pictures from the places they have visited, in order to share their wonderful experiences with their followers. All you need to do is to just log in to your account and follow the accounts mentioned below to get updates of diverse destinations within minutes, right from the comfort of your home!

  1. @BucketListJrny

If you are a travel enthusiast but are holding back due to certain apprehensions, this is the travel account that you need to visit first. The owner of this account is Annette White. She is a real inspiration for people who want to travel to a variety of places in the globe. She had prepared a list of 34 countries in her list and keeps filling her account with exotic pictures from the places that she travels to on a regular basis. Her pictures are full of life, capturing the intricate moments of different lifestyles, food and culture present across the globe. Fears cannot and should not cut off your travel aspirations at any cost – this travel account is a perfect example to this rule.

  1. @theblondeabroad

Are you feeling insecure to leave your lucrative corporate job and pursue your travel ambitions? You need to visit this account owned by Kiersten Rich. She quit her well-paid finance job so that she could carry out her travel plans without any hindrances.  She knew that travel was her passion when she visited Spain as part of her studies and there was no turning back thereafter. As of now, Kiersten has visited 40 countries and she updates her account with bold and entertaining pictures which help travel enthusiasts to dream about destinations that they never thought of initially.

  1. @thefella

If you are a professional photographer and care about minute details, this is the travel account that you need to follow to get latest updates. The owner of this account, Conor MacNeill is a professional photographer and specialises in architecture and landscape photography. His pictures speak so much more than his captions as he takes care of every single detail about his object. One look at his pictures and you will know exactly where it was captured as MacNeill uploads his pictures along with their location. If you are a travel buff, all you have to do is just to follow his account and make a note of the places that catch your attention and start making your travel plans. MacNeil’s pictures have the power to inspire anybody and make them yearn for the places where he had been to, purely because the expression and beauty that they exude.

  1. @chaiwalla

If you thought flashy and loud pictures are the best, you are badly mistaken. You have to visit this travel account owned by Allan Edward Hinton to know what we are talking about. This is an account Hinton has posted his pictures with minimal styles and subtle designs. In a bevy of travel accounts available on Instagram today, this account clearly stands apart purely because of Hinton’s unique style of photography. His adventurous experiences all over the world in about a year and 2 months are captured perfectly in this account, inspiring travel-cum-adventure enthusiasts all over the globe.

  1. @leeabbamonte

What better way to draw inspiration for your travel from this account  owned by Lee Abbamonte, age 36 and the first American to have ever visited all the 193 United Nations sovereign nations in the world? Abbamonte’s travel account is filled with pictures from his trip to all these countries dominated by exuberant colours. Adventure is his forte and this is reflected in all the pictures in his account. One look at his account and you will feel a rejuvenated energy running up in your veins!

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