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Employees Can Now Use Facebook Effectively at Their Workplace


‘Facebook at Work’ is an initiative by Facebook which is meant for helping the working professionals to remain active in Facebook even during work. It has been officially launched now and is known by the name ‘Workplace’. Analysts predict that the owners of Facebook will not observe much monetary gains from this. The expected financial income by the end of the year 2017 amounts to just $36.7 billion. However, it has certain indirect benefits associated with it.

Even before the launch of ‘Workplace’, several organizations had been trying it out using the Beta mode. Lots of users from reputed organizations like the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Scandinavian Carrier Telenor have been happy to use it.

First of all, it helps the employees from the same company to communicate among themselves in an effective way. This makes the application at par with some others like Altassian, Jive, Yammer and Chatter. It is a well-known fact that a clear business communication is essential for the prosperity of a business. And business communication is made easy with the help of this initiative by Facebook.

Workplace can be accessed in two different ways- you can either login from own profile or can combine the two and shift from personal to professional mode whenever required.  The best thing is that the two profiles (personal and professional) are completely separated and you can be assured of the fact that the feeds from your personal life will not be visible in your professional corner. The reverse of this is also not likely to occur. This keeps your personal and professional lives separated and makes your Facebook experience better.

Workplace, however, is a bit expensive to be afforded by everyone. The first thousand Monthly Active Users are being charged at a rate of $3/month. The next 2000 will be charged at a rate of $2/month.

It is believed that Workplace still has a lot to be covered in order to be at par with its competitor. Its competitors (whose names have been mentioned earlier) allow a lot of plugins and other additional features. They are also integrated with different third-party applications.  It’s not that Workplace has not been integrated to third-party applications and is detached from plugins, but it still has a long way to go.

But how will Workplace benefit Facebook???

Researchers remark that it will lead to an increased usage of Facebook in the place where it is not normally used, that is, the workplace. And among these people who will use it in their workplace, there are many potential customers for the brands who advertise through fb. So, you can guess how this increased user base will help in expanding the business.

So this is all you needed to know about Workplace. To use Workplace, a company must be subscribed to it first. Individual users cannot use it unless the company is entitled to it.

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