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Facebook Brings Marketplace – A Big Step Towards Capturing The Market Of E-Commerce Retailers


Though it initially started as a site where people could chat and enjoy, Facebook has become a kind of trading site over the years. It is been converted into a platform for buying and selling stuffs, no matter who is selling them and to whom. It can be a friend of yours who posts the pictures of a product and wants to find a buyer for the same. It can also be a page where different members of a community sells out its products.

Facebook has now taken a step forward in the business world. It has launched ‘Marketplace’, enabling people to buy and sell at ease. People can easily have a look at the photos of different products and buy the ones that they like. They will also be able to use the search button to search for their favourite products.

These features are somewhat common with Ebay, Craiglist and other such e-commerce sites. However, Facebook will also have some advantages over the others in one respect. It will not ask for any payment for listing. This can also be considered as a disadvantage from another angle. Facebook does not have any arrangements for payment and doesn’t take care of the formalities related to the purchase. The buyer and the seller have to carry out the needful related to the buying of the product and Facebook is not going to intervene. This, though sounds like an added freedom, may not always help you since you will not have a place to complain in case of any discrepancies related to the payment.

Facebook does not take any responsibility with respect to the delivery as well. It clearly states that one should not consider it as an auction or retailing site. It is rather acting as a platform that enables the users to exchange products against money. So, the process is quite hassle-free over here unlike the app-based retailing sites where you need to follow a lot of instructions before you zero down upon a product and proceed to buy it. Naturally, it is expected that it will take over the other e-commerce retailers within no time.

The Marketplace has already come into action in four countries. It will slowly expand to the other countries too and become equally popular over there. It will be accessible through the Android and iOS apps.

You could include a variety of items in your selling list such as books, CDs, DVDs and more. Marketplace has certain limitations too. It will only be usable for buying and selling things in the neighborhood. It is understandable that no one would want to take the risk of ordering things from a distant place since the delivery will be a difficult to execute.

Since Facebook is an open platform, you could even ask for advices from a mutual friend before entering into a deal with the seller. Happy Shopping on Marketplace!

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