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FaceBook is All Set for Halloween


I don’t know how sad the real Frankenstein was, he just seemed right away scary to me but Facebook thinks otherwise. This Halloween Facebook turned your regular emojis into scary little monsters; so now you get to laugh like a witch, get sad like Frankenstein, say wow like a basic white-cloth-clad ghost and get angry like a scary pumpkin. The ‘like’ button becomes a skeletal hand and the ‘love’ button gets eaten (by unseen monsters?). in order to use these funky Halloween reactions you will have to hold down the ‘like’ button on mobile or hover over the ‘like’ button if you are on your laptop (you know the procedure) to avail the options of the reaction images; then all you have to do is choose between the candy heart ‘love’, skeletal ‘thumbs up’, laughing ‘ha-ha’ witch, ‘sad’ Frankenstein, ‘wow’ ghost or the ‘angry’ pumpkin!

Introducing customized features for festivals is the new social media trend and what’s more appropriate than Halloween to give things a little make-over? Funny emojis have become funnier with the monster theme and everyone seems to be looking forward to those. It came out in late October, just in time for Halloween. But not everyone is happy about it. Let’s find out why. So, say you want to mourn for something, the loss of a loved one or a tragic accident, and instead of the normal sad emoji (which is still funny for a grave reaction if you ask my opinion) you get a green faced, teary eyed Frankenstein; not appropriate! And that’s exactly what happened when Jared Smith wanted to mourn the death of his friend’s father. Not everyone is equally enjoying this feature, Mr. Zuckerberg! The users took their complaint to Twitter, saying that the idea was not thought through well and they aren’t ‘cool’ with it at all. Seems like the extra edge that this social media giant wanted to gain came out pretty blunt.

But there’s another feature which is doing pretty well till now, that is to say, it has not attracted any controversies: the Halloween mask feature. Putting on masks was something that Snapchat had introduced (you remember those adorable puppy faces, don’t you?); well, Facebook is here with Halloween themed ones. These live masks are for people using FacebookLive only on the iOS and only in the States, the U.K, and New Zealand but fret not people of the other countries, Facebook loves you too (maybe a little less than the ones from those above-mentioned countries) and soon this feature will be available in other countries as well. To make the masks work, give a tap on the LiveVideo icon at the top of the timeline, page or news feed. This will make you go live; then tap the magic wand (yes, there’s a magic wand! Relive Harry Potter with Halloween) in the upper left corner of the screen and then select the mask you want from the bottom of the screen. There are some pretty cool masks in there, very realistic. Give them a try now and enjoy your Halloween fellas!

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