Should you choose Facebook or Instagram
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Facebook Vs. Instagram – Best means of promotion


Instagram and Facebook are two popular online platforms through which promotion of business will take place in a very efficient way. As these platforms are different, users will create accounts on both platforms to connect with others. The platforms can be used to connect with your friends, family members and colleagues. They can be used by brands and advertisers as well so that they will be able to make the most of their investment. You should implement a branding strategy that is unique to your business so that there will be great results.

Facebook potential

Facebook with more than 1.3 billion users offer quite efficient online promotional channel. The exposure that you get for news and views posted on Facebook is very high. The message has the potential to go viral so that you can make the most of your time, effort and money.

  • If you would like to add value through the social media page, Facebook page will accomplish the task in a very efficient way. Facebook has certain advantages with which it becomes the most sought after platform than all social media sites.
  • The networking capability associated with Facebook is very high. The reach with Facebook is higher than Instagram. If you are keen in improving the reach, you should go for Facebook. Even though Facebook lags behind Instagram in terms of engagement, it has the potential to generate the second highest number of interactions.
  • Facebook is very popular among adult population. 72% of the adults are found Facebook. There is no drastic difference between male and female presence. The presence of female users is 77% and it is 66% male users out of total internet users.
  • Facebook has the potential to attract users from all age groups. The performance of ads is highly successful. If you can use ad campaigns in right directions, the popularity of your brand can be enhanced very easily.

Instagram potential

As one image is worth more than a thousand words, you will be able to attract visitors very easily through the Instagram. It is possible to share locations as well with the help of Instagram. The information will be presented in a creative way on Instagram so that it will catch the audience very easily. The engaging content will propel users to visit the native site so that there will be great satisfaction.

  • The active users on Instagram are 300 million on daily basis and 500 million on monthly basis. 80% of users are located outside US. Businesses can use Instagram to enhance visibility in a very efficient manner. There are highly engaged users on Instagram. More than 95 million photos and videos are shared on the website and there is great scope to promote your products and services with the website.
  • The user interaction on Instagram is higher than any other social media site. The social media site will also ensure that highly engaged media interactions will take place so that the promotion of the brand will be done very efficiently.
  • The social media network should be chosen as per the demographic reach. The selection should be done as per user preferences. As per the research, it was found that the number of female users on Instagram is higher than the number of male users. 55% of young adults between the age of 12 and 19 are registered on the Instagram.
  • The best features available in Instagram can be used to promote your brand. You can target new generation and young customers on Instagram. Facebook has the ability to attract users from all age groups so that you can make the most of your investment. You can set social media budget and the promotion of products and services can be done very efficiently.


It is very much important to maintain presence on both platforms, Facebook and Instagram. The features that best serve your interests on both platforms can be selected so that you can promote your business to the next level without any issues. Deeper content can be created on Facebook and it can be shared in a very efficient way. You can provide better customer service through the Facebook so that you can increase traffic and the promotion of the site can be done in an effortless manner.

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