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Features of Instagram


Instagram was considered an evolution of photo-sharing and video-sharing software applications as it offered many different extra-ordinary features at the time which is way out of its league and it still produces world-class features with unmatched capabilities. Some of the features are not known to many users whereas some of the features may be well known but rarely used. Instagram offers the widest range of filters and image editing and effects.


Instagram is known for its filters, 40 in number, have many different names and many different image modifications. Some of the widely used filters are: Amaro, Mayfair, Rise, Hudson, Valencia, Sierra, Willow, Earlybird, Sutro, Toaster, Brannan etc. Some of these filters have become very popular among the masses and has even showed up on the 10 most popular baby names. There are many other features offered by Instagram regarding image altering like cropping and aspect ratio maintenance. It also offers various contrast options along with one-tap image rotation.

Inbuilt apps

Instagram also has some applications inside the app itself that offer various different features. Some of the applications available inside Instagram are: Hyper lapse, layout, Boomerang etc. Hyper Lapse is an application inside Instagram that helps users to create picture perfect time lapse videos. Time Lapse videos are those videos which fast forward through the time span of the video and shorten the length of the video showing all actions in a brief concise manner. Hyper lapse acts a wizard through this process and makes time lapse videos with ease.

Layout is an application that helps the user collage images and produces different effects to the images. This includes the ability to merge different images into one image and also varied effects to all the images producing an eye-pleasing collage.

Boomerang is another in-house application of Instagram that produces GIF’s which are short looping videos. This is usually created by taking consecutive pictures and then playing through them quickly making a looping video. This is usually taken of some action or an object in motion.

Other features

There are many other features of Instagram that do not include applications. Instagram can also play host for many other social networking platforms and can be linked simultaneously producing results of all contacts of the users and their accounts making it easier to locate and follow the contacts. Instagram has also produced an update which allows the users to send pictures or videos to specific people or groups and not public called the Direct. This also enables users the security and privacy of confidential information or pictures which is currently not available in any other means of photo-sharing applications and software. Instagram also has a unique explore tab that helps users search images in public posts with the use of explicit and specific hash tags that make searching for images so much easier.

Instagram also plays host to some unique features such as editing the thumbnail of the video cover. This means that users have the authority to select the picture which would be on display when the video is shared. This is made possible by allowing the users to scroll through the frames in the video and then being able to select the frame of their choice. This makes the video more attractive to gain more attention and more likes in return. Instagram also allows the viewing of all the posts that the user has liked and hence making it much easier to find the post that the users want to share later. Instagram also plays host to certain feature called geo-tagging. This enables the user to tag the pictures or videos with their location. This is certainly attractive for people who are travelling and want to see different locations. Pictures are tagged in the locations and are displayed according to their tags on the world map, which often appears to be bliss to the random backpacker as they can quench the thirst of mystery and find it intriguing to help people discover different places.

Instagram also holds tiny but nifty features where users can see photos in which they are tagged and also the different videos. Instagram is also deemed user friendly because some of these features are used to edit different captions and comments even after posting to allow correction of human error.

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