google makes it easy and secure

Google Makes it Easy and Secure


Our life wouldn’t have been the same without the presence of Google. Google has changed our lives in every sense. We refer to it whenever we are looking forward to learn a new recipe, searching for new information for doing our project work or even for finding the address to the local stores selling a particular product.

Over the last four to five months, Google has undergone a series of developments to make your experience even better. Gmail, one of the main components of Google has become more safe and secure than ever. As a result, if you ever try to establish contacts with a user who does not support an encrypted TLS connection, you will automatically get an alert featuring a red-colored open lock icon warning you about the same.

On receiving a message from someone who is not authenticated by Google you will find a question mark instead of the photo of the sender. This will let you know that the person who has sent you the message is not an authentic user of google.

The features for protecting your system and your personal information from the malicious websites have also been developed further. You will now get a full-page message warning you of the same. Also, if you are an activist, journalist or policy-maker who is the victim of spying by the state, you will get a notification from Google informing you of the same.

Google’s new “Gmailify” feature allows you to manage the things like Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo and allow you to avail the Gmail features without installing the Gmail account on android.

There is also a Smart Reply feature that will reply to your mails on behalf of you. And this has been made possible by “Inbox” on Google. It will, in fact, provide you three options to choose from. You can select any one from them and send that as reply. “Inbox” gets better and more efficient in its work every single day as it sees you type more complex replies. It develops the ability to type such complex replies on its own and thus gets better with every passing day.

Finding information is also quite easy with this app. The useful and hidden data will be scanned and the relevant ones will be placed among the top search results.

Another area where Google innovates itself is the Hangout. Hangout is one of the most popular apps used for chatting and also making voice calls. And the good news is one can even make calls on Hangout even if they do not have a Google account. All you would require is a friend who will send you an invitation to join Hangout via mail and you will have to click on the link to get approved by the sender for joining the voice call feature of Hangout. Google has even increased the limit of the video calls made by using Hangout by ten minutes.

All these features will surely help millions of Google users from all over the world in multiple ways.

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