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Have the Facebook Algorithms Succeeded in Controlling Fake News


It has been observed through the months that ever since Facebook has made the human editors to resign, the social media site has been showered with fake posts. It had been accused of bias and has faced scrutiny in various occasions when these editors were present. But recently, there are fake news, old news, conspiracy theory and the similar stuffs flooding the site. It even had “Fakingnews” as the domain name itself.

It is a serious negativity on the part of Facebook since it is the site on which thousands of users depend for gathering information. There are many people who do not have the habit of going through newspapers daily but find interest in the Facebook stories. So, when a site like Facebook starts spreading fake news, it becomes a matter of great concern for millions of users all over the world.

In spite of putting in efforts to get rid of the fake news, Facebook has not yet succeeded in eliminating them out fully. They still continue to misguide people and defame Facebook. Experts are of the opinion that eliminating human editors was not at all a good idea and Facebook is compensating for the same.

Posts related to the conspiracy related to the latest election are also very common on Facebook nowadays. In order to get rid of these stuffs, Facebook arranged for some algorithms which would control the things being displayed on the site.

Intersect has even conducted a survey on the daily uploads on Facebook to find out the percentage of fake news in the site at present and has also maintained a record of the same. It has been found that the algorithm has not succeeded in its job. There have been instances of fake news even after using it. The following are the examples of the fake news which has kind of defamed Facebook after it withdrew its editors:

Fake News about Megan Kelly: On Sunday 28, August, there was a fake story about Megan Kelly being fired from the Fox News. This story became widespread on Facebook with an increase in the number of shares. Facebook later on apologised for the same. The story received 20,000 likes on the social networking site. It was finally removed from the Homepage on the 29th of August.

Fake Story about 9/11 Attacks: A story with respect to the 9/11 attacks was also highlighted which mentioned that these attacks were not an example of terrorist activity but controlled explosions that took place.  It was removed as soon as Facebook received alerts regarding it. However, by then, a large number of users had been misled by such wrong information. It had landed on the list of trending topics organically but was caught in the nuisance as a result of the hoax.

So, as you can clearly understand, in spite of using the algorithms, the fake news and stories are still trending on Facebook. Though the editors were initially removed from their posts to keep things unbiased, the latest scenario in absence of them is even worse!

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