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How To be Popular on YouTube?


YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites over the internet. It is so popular that it generated billions of unique viewer everyday which can mean a very good opportunity for you as well as for your business to flourish. Only thing that is standing in between you and success is generating good views for your videos over YouTube. To make this happen, there are many things that you can do, let’s have a look at some of the easy hacks which can generate good viewers for your videos over YouTube:

Create your own brand

Deciding what the overall theme of your videos is going to be is very crucial for the success of your videos on YouTube. As there are thousands of videos uploaded, everyday it’s very important that your videos are professional looking and distinct from others. It’s very important that you get to be popular as someone who makes amazing, entertaining videos instead of those which are already over there.

Name of your channel is also very important and should be something which will give a distinct idea for niche.

Create videos in professional tone

Most of the viewers are looking for a video which are created in a professional manner. Videos which can teach something to the users are very important and are widely liked all around the world. Creating a topic in which you have earned speciality can be very effective and can provide you good popularity. Make sure that the videos that you create are in simple language which can be understood by everyone, videos with unnecessary jargons can make the overall process a lot difficult.

Get positive reviews

Reviews are very important and give an indication to the users if the channel or video is good or bad. If you create a video then make sure that you get good reviews over that particular video. You should also ask your friends and family members to view and post a positive review for the video. This will create a very positive hype in the minds of the users and provide you a good fan following. Getting more number of followers over your YouTube channel can be very effective not only for this particular video but also for other video that you would upload in the future.

Create Tags

Tags are very important way to promote your video. They provide YouTube a way to categorise videos into different categories which makes it easier for users to search and view the videos. While creating tags it’s also very important that you create tags which are relevant to your videos and not those that are created randomly on the basis of things which are trending over YouTube.

Videos should neither be too long nor too short

Length of the videos is very important for the purpose of catching the attention of the users. A video should be of perfect size and not be very long or very short. For example if you are creating a video for Halloween makeup then it should be of 15 sec rather than for 30 minutes.

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