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How to gain instant popularity on Instagram?


Instagram lets you post your most wonderful pics to entertain and amaze your followers. This is an awesome platform for anyone who has a passion for clicking pics. The more you make users happy the more likes and followers you gain on Instagram. And the more likes and followers you gain the more popular you become on Instagram.

Posting everyday pics or monotonous pics will make your page uninteresting. Here are a few tips and tricks to create an attractive Instagram profile.

  1. Have a theme for your profile
    instagram theme for profile
    Focus and decide on a theme for your Instagram page. It can be based on cooking, landscapes, food styling, modelling, adventure etc; anything that interests you the most. Focussing on a theme and building your entire profile around that theme guarantees a winning Instagram page.
  2. Keep an eye for what’s clicking
    Instagram keep an eye
    Keep yourself updated with the current audience trends. This helps you to know what attracts people and what excites and engages them. You can do this by checking other Instagram pics and by observing people’s reactions to different pics.
  3. Be very consistent
    Instagram consistent
    Update your content consistently. This will help your audience to know when to expect the next upload. Predictability is some-times good! So if you decide to update daily stick to it or if you cannot do daily then decide on a time period and follow it.
  4. Publish your best shots
    best shots Instagram
    Don’t clutter your profile with every click that you take. People want a piece of the best work and not the cluttered variety. So when you upload your best work people involuntarily get the notion that you are the best. Another advantage of this is that people don’t have to waste their time browsing through the entire set of pics to view the best one.
  5. Create an attractive portfolio
    attractive portfolio Instagram
    Add at least 20 beautiful pics to your Instagram account before you set off on gathering likes and followers. Also let people know who you are. Upload information about you on your Instagram profile. Once people start visiting your page, keep an eye on what’s clicking with them. In there are any pics that are not interesting your audience; then make sure that you remove them.
  6. Follow Other People
    Follow Other People in Instagram
    This is a very important tip on becoming popular on Instagram. Following other people is like interacting and socialising online! Start by liking and commenting on others pics and profiles. And they will return the favour if you have uploaded some good works.
  7. Add very interesting and unique pics
    interesting and unique pics
    Wouldn’t you like to view yours friend’s pic with a celebrity? Pics of you posing with a celebrity or doing something interesting like sky-diving will increase your ratings. Your Instagram profile will catapult to popularity if you upload celebrity pics or any funny pics.
  8. Use Special effects
    Special effects options and specialized apps are available for making the photos more appealing to your audience. These effects will make your photos catchy as long as you don’t overdo it.
  9. Use catchy hashtags
    Hashtags are seen as the vital means to get more views on your post, but they don’t essentially keep people returning for more. Use hashtags that are more funny, catchy and interesting instead of using the most common ones.
  10. Interact more on your Instagram page
    Reply to the comments. Acknowledging and interacting with them in some way makes them feel appreciated.
  11. Click a beautiful and interesting photo
    beautiful and interesting photo
    Eventually it all boils down to the photo which you have uploaded. Good pics attract high number of views, likes and followers. Experiment with various angles and take unique shots. The audience are always on the look-out for fresh and unique content.

    Instagram’s growing popularity is due to people’s demand for more images and less text. Today we all want to read stories through images and no the long texts. Images have a greater and long-lasting impact than the text. Images are easier to scroll and are a pleasure for the eyes and the mind. So if you want to gain popularity on Instagram, get out and click some outstanding pictures.

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