How to get a wider following on Instagram
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How to get a wider following on Instagram


There are some tips that one can use so as to become more popular on Instagram and increase those much-desired likes. There are some things that you can do so as to ensure that your posts get out there and get recognized by other people. This is what you should do.

  • Post at the ideal time: before posting, there are some things that you should bear in mind at all times. The first one is the time zone where the audience is located and the time they are most likely to check their Instagram. Most of the users will log in, in the morning, and in the evening as they make their way to and from work or even school. For the brands, you should post at night and if possible in the very middle. This will allow more people to view your post before it gets all buried in other feeds
  • You can also make posts at the times when you think that the audience may be checking the accounts. For example, if the target is kids in high school, then the afternoon can be a great time as most of them will be on break and they may actually get to check their accounts. If it is for a business thing, then it is better to post during the rush hour as people will be on buses and trains as they go home.
  • Using the hashtags that are popular can also really help. This mostly depends on the industry. There are many hashtags that are very popular and can make the photos posted even more visible to your target audience. You can use Google so as to discover which hashtags are most popular within your own industry. A simple search on Google can actually do wonders. Some of the great hashtags include #instagood, #photooftheday, #instadaily and also #tbt.
  • When you are doing hashtags, do not be overzealous. When you post a hashtags that is a paragraph Klong, you may look nuts and your post cluttered. Stick to the most relevant hashtags for the photo posted.
  • Photo captions can also be used where you ask some questions of your potential audience. This is one of the ways in which you can get even more likes on the photos you post on Instagram. You can drive likes for the photos as well as comments with this one.
  • A contest on Instagram is also a great idea. You can host one of this. You will soon discover that this is one of the most effective methods that you can boost the engagement and also get some more new followers on social networks. Instagram has really grown in its popularity and this has made it be on the list of the social platforms that are the best. This includes the photo vote contest. There are tips as well as practices that can help you hold a photo contest successfully on Instagram.
  • Teasers: another amazing way to capture the attention of Instagrammers. When you have a business that is product based, you need to upload photos that have teasers of a product that is bound to be released soon. This can also include an event which is just about to go down. Teasers are an amazing way of getting the attention of the user’s interest and getting more likes on photos.
  • Candid shot: this is another great idea. Make sure that you share your most candid shots. You should think of the brand around on Instagram as the backstage pass for the followers so as to allow them to take a look at the scenes that aren’t for everyone. Let them see how your company works. It is not always effective to use the images that are used in the adverts. People also like the photos that are less edited and those that they can relate to. Let the account tell the world about the employees you have and how they work. When you feature a few faces that are behind the brand, you allow the brand to look like it is more transparent in the eyes of the followers. Content posted doesn’t have to be a marketing thing. You can post some for fun. These are the kinds of photos that will get you even better engagement. Focus on the platform’s essence. It should be playful and human-centric.

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