How to have an attractive Instagram Account
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How to have an attractive Instagram Account?


Everyone likes to be famous amidst their circles. And to become famous it takes quite a lot of efforts. But Instagram has made it easier by just recreating the platform to become famous. You become famous with your follower’s support. The number of times they like or comment your photos and videos adds to it. In the previous years for a person to become famous he has to either be a celebrity or a well- known person in the society. But nowadays the entire agenda has changed. All you need is an account in any social networking sites.

Instagram, being the provider of the facility to post photos and videos publicly is one such social networking site. By creating an Instagram account you tend to become famous as there would be lot of persons who would start following you. And with the increasing number of followers your name gets quite known to all. Once you get a lot of followers you have to start updating your account every single day. And to be the best you have to post at least ten posts a day. All your posts should be catchy. To make it catchy you have to do a few things.

The do’s to make your profile look more attractive are to post videos and photos very frequently. Make the posts more attractive by editing them. While editing be sure that you don’t overdo it. And to make it more popular add hashtags to your photo’s caption. Use some hashtags that are normally used by many people so that, when people search for that particular hashtag, they may get a chance to take a glance at your post. This will surely make you famous. Hashtags are nothing but a word with hash sign (#) in the beginning. For example, #foodlove#instapic#instalike.

The other way is to take part in community activities. Community activity is not sort of a big deal. All you have to do is start following a community and find out day to day themes and hashtags . And once you find out the theme and hashtag you have to post a picture that correlates with the theme and hashtag. The themes are quite generic like styles, contents and more.

All the social networking sites run on the basic policy “Give And Take”. The more time you spend with the other users, the more time they will spend time with you. And by spending a quality time with lot of users you gain popularity. Not just mere popularity; your posts will be flooded with likes and comments. This gives a huge boost to your profile. Be pleasant with whomever you communicate with. Good communication leads to innumerable followers .This eventually leads to a large number of likes and comments for your pictures and posts.

The posts need to be more artistic in the aspect of pictures and videos and creative in editing aspects and innovative in the aspects of caption. When the posts lack magic the words will do the magic. That is when people find the posts a bit boring your caption might save your posts from going into sheer waste of time. When you provide your basic information be imaginative, give catchy descriptions than the mundane stuffs, to stand out from the routine posts. Today’s internet is flooded with young users; so they find it really unattractive seeing mundane descriptions.

As Instagram is flooded with users across the globe, one can make their accounts more attractive by opening up their thoughts and imaginations to the world. Creative things are well recognized by the society at large. So when you posts pictures, be creative on what you post. The caption part of it should be well described so the picture and the caption together should tell a story of their own.

You can make your posts more creative by using good editing application software and customising the pictures as per your wish. The big mistake people tend to do are over do the editing part of it which makes the pictures look less clearer and loose the naturalness which could have been depicted  in an artistic way with the minimum amount of editing and right cropping.

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