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How to improve traffic with your LinkedIn account?


The popularity of LinkedIn is increasing and businesses can use the opportunity to source right kind of candidates to fill-in various job profiles. Individuals can use the platform to figure out the emerging opportunities so that they can move up in their career ladder. LinkedIn is the unique platform where employers as well as employees will be benefited. The LinkedIn search can be used to find LinkedIn profiles. If you optimize your account, the visibility will increase. There are some simple and efficient tips which will help you in this direction.

Optimizing the profile page

The number of views can be detected with the help of the ‘How You Rank’ feature. You can figure out the number of views in real-time without any issues. You can access the profile page under the posts section. You should fill the page with required information so that the optimization will be done very efficiently. Right kind of keywords should be used so that you can make the most of your investment.

The profile page should contain the description, experience, projects undertaken, volunteering efforts and relevant information which help employers in picking up your profile. By using the standard job titles, the optimization of the content will be efficient. Instead of showing a job title as a jack of all trades, you should focus on features as well.

Promotion of LinkedIn profile

The LinkedIn profile can be promoted in various ways. If you place the link in email signature, it will help in promotion of your profile. You can also place the link in various social networking sites so that inbound links will be generated in an effortless manner.

If you share relevant information on social networking sites, the link will be shared by users vigorously so that the promotion will take place efficiently. It will help in creation of new connections and you will attract link juice which is crucial to improve the visibility as well.


The endorsements made by other users will improve your popularity. It will affect your rankings. The value of your profile will increase when you take the most appropriate steps. If you endorse others’ profiles, your profile will be endorsed by others. You can also send requests to close connections so that the endorsements will take place on your site.

Anchor links

The LinkedIn profile comes with three links and it includes a blog and website as well. You can include the descriptive information in the anchor link and the anchor link can be changed as per your needs. The LinkedIn profile can include up to three links. The ‘Contact Info’ section can list up to three links.

You can link it to your website and blog. In fact, Blog and Website are default options. If you would like to link a blog, you are advised to use a keyword-rich title. The anchor text can be changed so that descriptive information can be provided. You can include right kind of keywords as well. The public profile should be visible as you post the content publicly. It can be changed from the Settings.

As you optimize a website to increase traffic, you should optimize the LinkedIn profile page as well. The profile can be updated with a profile photo and can mention recommendations as well. You can use the ‘profile strength’ tool to complete the profile in a very efficient manner.

Expand your membership

When you join in various relevant groups, your membership will be expanded. The SEO performance will improve as the group name will appear in the profile. The search engine crawler will go through the information without fail.

LinkedIn is a perfect platform to connect with your colleagues. It will help you maintain the work – like balance in a very efficient way. The connections which are not relevant to Facebook can be diverted to LinkedIn. If your LinkedIn profile is closer to the real name, you will ensure that the promotion of the profile is very efficient.

You should use the best features of LinkedIn to improve your profile’s visibility and the keyword stuffing should be avoided so that there will not be any negative impact. Your LinkedIn profile can be promoted at other locations such as Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.

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