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How to increase traffic on your website with Facebook?


To increase traffic on your website, you can implement various steps. Facebook is a great means to attract and retain targeted audience in a very efficient way. Facebook has about two billion active daily users and it has great user base all over the world. The account on the social media can be optimized so that you can engage with customers in the best possible way. In fact, Facebook offers special features for promotion of business. If you setup a profile page and manage active presence, it is possible to make great improvement in sales.

Effective ways

If you promote your Facebook on other social media, there will be quick progress. The promotion should take place with the audience already created by you. If you go for paid links, there will be great risk. You should spend time and effort to promote through the social media. By promoting on Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can manage hundreds of thousands of users. Even though you will not want to go through the vigorous promotion, the active promotion will make a great difference.

The Facebook should be promoted on your blog. If you are running a WordPress blog, appropriate plug-ins can be installed so that the promotion will take place very efficiently. There should be ‘call for action’ indicators on the blog so that there will be great satisfaction. You can include ‘Like Us on the Facebook’ and images so that users will be attracted very easily.

Promotion through email list

The news about Facebook presence can be conveyed through the email list. In fact, you can include the link to Facebook in every mail you send to the customer. If you manage a subscriber list, the link can be posted at the bottom of the email so that customers will be connecting to your social network very easily. There should be links which can be shared with their friends as well. When the link is forwarded by a known friend or colleague, it will be opened as the click through rate will be high. You can offer emails which motivate other users as well.

Promotion through Facebook Groups

The promotion of your business blog can be done with the help of Facebook Groups. The business promotion should be done from a location where you find the active presence of audience. There will be groups which belong to your niche. You can search for those niche groups and join those groups through the Facebook Page. Instead of connecting groups through personal account, you should connect through the business account. As you post a comment on the group, your brand will be promoted. The group rules should be followed when you explore the Facebook Group option.

Traffic generation

The traffic will be generated from the business blog as well as from your Facebook account. The Facebook page should be posted multiple times in a day to boost traffic on the social media. It is the best way to build relationship with users. You will be able to connect with the audience that you have created through various ways. Even though you manage hundreds of thousands of Facebook Likes, you should interact with audience to enhance your prospects.

Go through the page insights

The content should be posted at the most appropriate time. It should be posted on a consistent way. You should post authentic content which is not available at any other source. The content should deliver in-depth insight to users so that they will be able to go through the post. The link will be shared with friends and associates in a very efficient manner. You should understand the sweet spots of the day and they should be maintained to engage the audience.

Facebook Advertising

The promotion of your business will be done in the best possible way through the Facebook Advertising. Facebook ads will get hundreds of thousands of likes whey they are presented as per the standards. You should create landing pages to get more subscribers. The landing pages should be promoted through various channels so that the traffic on your site will increase.

You can spend time on enhancement of Facebook audience so that there will be great chance to transform your brand. You are advised to invest on Facebook ads as well so that there will be great progress.

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