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How to make Instagram account popular?


Instagram is one of the highly popular social networking platforms which has more than 200 million active members who on a daily basis share 60 million of images and the page receives 1.6 billion likes in a day.

It’s really surprising to see how Instagram has got over its initially perceived image of being a fun app for kids. Today it stands has one of the strongest and prominent content marketing as well network plus user building platform. Most of the businesses today are present on Instagram, but not all are reaping the benefits of this wonderful tool.

If despite using Instagram for a considerable duration, your business has managed to get only a few followers – it’s time to analyze your strategy and work harder to make the most of your Instagram account.

Here are a few useful tips that can help you make your Instagram account popular.

  • Don’t bombard users with your posts

Posting on your account is a way of staying connected with your followers but overdoing the same can surely annoy your followers. Be mindful about the number of photos or videos being shared in a day. It would be advisable to stick with 2-4 photos or similar count of videos in a day. Strategize everything and plan the posting very carefully.

  • Use ingenious hashtags

Hashtags may have been invented by Twitter, but it can’t be overruled that hashtags have become highly popular in the world of social media marketing. And the same can be used for Instagram postings too. You can use hashtags to caption your posts and photos, but use them creatively and don’t go overboard with them as well. Be creative, share fun, inspiring and impressive posts – don’t be uninteresting.

  • Be creative with words

It’s true that images have a great impression on people but using the write content is equally important. Describe your posts, photos and videos using the right set of words. Build a story around your brand or service that can sound convincing and non-saleable at the same time. Your posts shouldn’t be targeted at direct sales, keep them more engaging and proactive.

  • Share the best of your photos

Think of this – why would you follow any brand, business, service or for that matter an unknown individual on Instagram? Quite obvious reason is that you admire their photos. And this is what

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