How to market your Business through Instagram
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How to market your Business through Instagram?


Instagram is a very successful social platform running with 130 million active users. Photographs on Instagram are a visual delight. And there is an increase in the number of new account openers in Instagram every day.

Since there are so many people engaged everyday on Instagram, haven’t you ever had the notion of promoting your brand and business through an Instagram account?

The normal person is in a way marketing himself and his skills while uploading photographs on Instagram and gathering “Likes”…so why can’t a Brand market itself through Instagram. Well a couple of the most popular brands are already very active on Instagram.

All you need to do is set up an Instagram account with an appropriate business username.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help every business or Brand market itself through Instagram…..

  1. Create a very attractive profile – Upload an interesting photo along with a very creative and informative bio. And don’t forget to include the link to your website.
  2. Link your Instagram and Facebook accounts – Facebook too is a very active and powerful social platform. Connect these 2 platforms for ensuring more visibility for your brand.
  3. On your Facebook page create an Instagram tab
    instagram tab
    This allows you to immediately share your Instagram pics with your Facebook followers.

    1. Follow a consistent brand strategy – Develop a plan to connect your Brand with its prospective audience on Instagram. That means think of the kind of photos and videos that would attract your prospective customers to your Instagram account.
    2. Use the right Hashtags – Hashtags are a very important part of Instagram because they guide the followers to the different accounts through Instagram searches. So whenever you are making updates ensure that you use target audience specific hashtags but be careful to not use too many tags.
      too many tags
      Look at the above photo and check out how witty the hashtag is…

      1. Interaction with followers is crucial – You can do this by replying to their comments or asking them brand specific questions…some of the brands are known to share their followers Instagram pics on its Facebook and Twitter. But if you are thinking about doing that make sure you get their permission. You can also Like you followers Instagram pics or even comment on them. All these steps make your followers feel appreciated, which is in fact good for your business.
      2. Upload creative and beautiful photographs – You can hire a professional photographer or you could try experimenting on your own. Click cool photos from unique angles. Make use of the various photo editing featured such as filters or you could also use software such as Photoshop or image ready to make your photos stand out and grab obtain plenty of likes. You can also upload funny pics of your employees or give a sneak peek of the inside of your company through fabulous pics.
      3. Organize fun contests on Instagram

      When you run an Instagram contest, keep in mind to offer a prize that has the sufficient motivation to attract your audience and to make them share it with their friends, also. The more exclusive and interesting the prize the more it makes your contest go viral.

      1. Hit upon the ideal Instagram posting time – The right posting time differs for different brands. Analytic tools will help you find the usual time when your photos get liked and commented. This will help you find the ideal time to post updates to ensure maximum reach.
      2. Connect with other brands – this is helpful especially if you are a new Brand. Connect with them and have them share your photos. This will improve your credibility.
      3. Work on improving every day – Depending on your content outcomes; keep enhancing your photo and video updates. If a specific kind of image attracts a high number of engagements, continue with those kinds of updates.

      To wrap it up, Instagram provides numerous opportunities to reach out to a large audience. You need to post relevant content, use interesting hashtags, interact with followers, build relationship with other brands and identify the right time for posting updates. You follow these tips and you will create a brilliant online presence.

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