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How to promote your business with Twitter?


There are several ways to promote your business with social media. Twitter has powerful features so that you can make the most of your investment. You can send convincing message in 140 characters (tweets) so that there will be great increase in sales. A tweet can include a link to other online resources such as Facebook, website, blog, forum, etc. The Twitter offer microblogging tools and they will help you connect with the audience in a very efficient manner.

Unique content

Twitter offers unique features besides sharing common features with other social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus and LinkedIn. A Tweet will be similar to a Facebook update. The messages are not filtered and every Tweet is available with the follower’s feed. As you share photographs on Pinterest, you will be able to share photos on Twitter as well. As you share an image on Twitter, you can garner conversation very easily.

A Tweet will be similar to LinkedIn update. By using LinkedIn, you can send messages to trusted connections. Twitter facilitates conveyance of message to any user. As you update content on Google Plus, you will be able to send short messages with Twitter. The message can be sent to various pockets as you send to groups through Google.

You can include a link to a video by using a Twitter’s Tweet. However, you will not be able to create a channel or organize videos as the focus is on sending quick and short messages.

Twitter for business promotion

You can share your business storey on Twitter so that there will be better brand promotion. When you share your brand information through various online resources, you should maintain the same colors, logo and other branding information across all the platforms. The images should be consistent on these social media platforms.

If you are promoting your personal blog, you can use your name for Twitter username. The business name can be your Twitter username so that the promotion will take place in a very efficient manner. If you cannot figure out the exact business name, you should find a name closer to the business name.

Twitter account profile

The Twitter account profile should be filled completely so that you can take advantage of the inherent features of the platform in a very efficient manner. You should take steps to include the location of your business. The city, state and zip code should be included so that users will find your business location very easily.

The website should be shared with your Twitter community. It is advisable to offer a special Twitter landing page so that you can provide additional and interesting information on Twitter.

You can share the description of your business by using the bio (160 characters). The mission statement can be filled with appropriate information.

Promotion of Twitter profile

You should follow people so that you can generate new followers. However, you should be selective in this process so that you will reach the targeted audience very easily. The various segments which will help you in the promotion of the brand are customers, business partners, contractors & vendors, suppliers, competitors, trade organizations and professional organizations.

A message can be sent to all your followers. If you receive a message, you can send a reply. While sending a message, you can mention other Twitter username. You can send a message directly to other user and it is considered as a private message. By retweeting a tweet, you can share message very easily.

Traffic creation

You should figure out the requirements of your targeted audience so that the content can be created and promoted to fulfill their needs. If you provide useful information, users will follow your profile. It is very much important to answer the questions posed by users. Steps should be taken to create traffic to your website and blog. Hence, a Tweet should be created around the link. The long web address can be shorted by using a URL shortener. Your online presence can be connected in various ways. The Twitter account information should be added to your website and blog.

You should add the timeline of Twitter messages to your website and blog. Users should be able to share your content on blog and website very easily so that you can make the most of your investment.

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