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How to Tell Your Story through Pictures on Instagram


Instagram is all about telling your life’s story through short sentences and amazing pictures. It is a fabulous stage for anyone interested in photography, where they can showcase their works.
Everyday plenty of amazing photographers engage and entertain followers with their brilliant images. Some of the images are from their daily lives while some of the images talk about their parallel lives.

Follow These 4 Steps to Click Photographs That Tell a Tale on Instagram

1. Isolate and focus on the Subject

When you are composing, isolating the subject is required in every photo that you click. Isolation of the subject allows viewers to understand what you are talking about. It is a way of introducing the characters of your story and their actions, to the audience.

Observe the image above. It is talking about a person on a busy street. The story is about that person and the isolation of the subject ensures that there isn’t much room for too many other interpretations.

2. Tell stories through exaggerated and vivid pictures

When you are story telling through pictures, add in a little bit of exaggeration and drama because it makes your story telling more attractive and engaging. Rationality takes a back seat when it comes to clicking photos. Be a little bit creative and add in more style and depth to create a heightened impact.

⦁ Choose a very dramatic location
⦁ Remove all the clutter
⦁ Click from a new perspective

Though we know that the situation in the above picture is not real, we find it very interesting and amusing. That is what photography is all about – having fun while clicking images.

3. Capture more natural emotions through your photographs

A good photograph captures thoughts, ideas, emotions and experiences on a heightened level. The most significant part to be captured is the emotion. The more expressive the shot is, the more it charms and attracts our senses, and the greater the relationship we build with it.

Imagine that you are making a movie and try to bring out the maximum emotions out of your subjects. When a photograph expresses emotion – whether its delight, surprise, grief or even fear and disgust – it is interesting.


Look at the above photo; it was clicked at the right moment capturing the two priceless expressions. And it’s this burst of natural emotions that breathes life into your photographs.

Tips to capture natural emotions

⦁ Pick the most comfortable location and atmosphere – People act themselves in a private, familiar and secure atmosphere. This allows them to let down their guard and be vulnerable. Making your subjects comfortable is very important in order to get them to express without inhibitions.
⦁ Wait for the honest emotional moment – Be patient and look for the moment when the subject brings out an authentic expression.
⦁ Shoot the moments between poses – The moments between poses is the time when people catch a breath of air and relaxes. This would offer you are very natural click.
⦁ Focus around the eyes – Eyes are the most expressive parts of our body. Clicking shots focussing around the eyes will add more life to the photographs.
⦁ Study your subject’s expression – This lets you know when they look their best. It is the glow from within, which in fact imparts a natural and charismatic look to the photograph.

4. Take Candid shots

Candid shots are more natural and real because it does not require the subject to pose or follow any guidelines. Candid shots are important when you are in a new setting or a new environment.


Sometimes you see the story only after clicking the photograph; everything falls into place and the natural moments and expressions weave a wonderful tale.
How to take candid shots

⦁ Take your camera everywhere with you
⦁ Move around the location and people and expect the moment
⦁ Don’t use your flash
⦁ Maintain patience
⦁ Click with a telephoto lens since it allows you to shoot from a long distance
⦁ Use the burst mode for candid shots

Taking care of the details including the minute ones while shooting, produces very captivating images that don’t need any additional description.

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