Instagram Advertising Strategies to make money

Instagram Advertising Strategies You Should Try


Instagram has taken social media by storm and has gained loads of popularity. Businesses have found the platform very effective in driving advertising messages home. No matter how limited advertising can seem on this social network, it is not entirely impossible for you to publicize your business and gain followers who add value to your business as customers.

When thinking of advertising on Instagram, you should start by remembering that it is a photo and video centric platform. Instagram makes advertising possible in three different formats. You can go for photo ads which are posts that look like regular photos, but contain sponsored label on them. There are also video ads that are regular video posts, but come with a sponsored label as well. The third format is carousel ads which mimic photo ads only that they feature multiple photos users can swipe through to see.

The three formats appear on home feeds when users are scrolling through Instagram app and they support clicks, video views, mass awareness and mobile app installations. Many businesses have ignored Instagram when it comes to advertising because it seems too complicated. However, there are lots of strategies you can try on the social network to fetch your business some valuable exposure to your target audience; you only need to be creative and the network will prove worthwhile to your advertising efforts.

Take photos to show off services or products. It is definitely one of the easiest and most obvious strategies you can use on Instagram to let people know about your existence and the kind of products or services you have to offer. You can share pictures of products that are most popular under your company or any new products you feel a need to create awareness on. If you are in the service industry, you can still share photos of what you do. For instance, you can take snaps of the top foods on your menu if you run a restaurant or take photos of professionally done hairdo if you what you have is a hair salon.

Give viewers a tour behind the scenes. It is an interesting way of gaining the trust of your customers, especially when it comes to quality and all. People tend to trust what they see and when you take them through your production process using photos, you can be sure to get positive feedback and responses. You can showcase a process that most customers always seem to be asking questions on to create interesting content they will love going through.

Allow customer to show off photos they have taken with your promotional materials or products. You can create incentives or create some kind of contest to encourage them to share photos of the products or services you have to offer. You can create custom hashtags and Instagram handles for such so other users who could be interested in what they see can have an easy time finding you. It is also important that you make sure you comment and like photos your customers post so they can feel encouraged to continue doing so.

Offer exclusive deals. Nothing works better on any advertising plan than giving back to your customers. You can offer discounts on certain products and services to your Instagram followers.

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