Instagram and art

Instagram and Art


Instagram is application software which allows the users to share photos and videos globally. It was found by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in the year 2009. It was a super hit as soon as it was launched. It had almost 400 million users within a span of one hour from publishing it. Thus was the history of Instagram which is used by half of the world in which half of the users are 25 and below. As this is a world which is being ruled by internet and most of the internet users being youth made Instagram, a huge hit.

Instagram as in the base is ge nerally associated with photos and videos have kindled the artistic minds of people, especially people who have a great passion for photography. Photography is one of the arts which everyone cannot master. It needs a creative, innovative and imaginative mind to click a perfect shot. Not everyone who clicks a picture clicks the perfect shot. Instagram with its wide exposure has made it easy for budding photographers to publish their work and get a good fame in the social circle. There are users who have got the interest on photography because of this application software.

It doesn’t stop with just the art of taking the perfect shot. That is the art that gives our eyes a visual treat. Photography is the only art that gives treat for our eyes just like painting or drawing. To add more boost to the perfect shot clicked there need to be someone and something to do the editing part of it. Editing a photo is as much as difficult as taking a photograph. When photograph is the raw data, good editing application refines the rawness and makes it more delightful for the eyes. And the art of editing is also being nurtured because of this application software.

Communication is a form of art. This art can be mastered only by a few. Even though everyone knows the art of communication it takes a really good communicator to convey his thoughts in a catchy and impressive way. The knack of communication skills cannot be found in everyone. As this is a social networking site this helps people to contact with a lot of people in and around the world. It has made communication easier as people are not separated by distance anymore. People are just a click away from us. By getting to know new people every single day we would inculcate the habit of proper communication.

Socializing is also a kind of art. Nowadays it is hard to find people socializing with one another. This application software has provided with a great platform to socialise with lots of people. In today’s world people find it more laborious to socialise because of the fast life they are leading. Instagram allows users to socialise with people outside their country or continent and thus people get to know about each other better. And people also break the cocoons they live in and socialise with the society at large.

Instagram has aided to lot of growth in many arts. It kindles the artistic abilities in its users and taps out them to expose it to the outer world. The main being photos and videos it brings out a lot of fresh talents in photography. There was a time when it was hard to see a perfectly captured shot whereas with Instagram this has changed. We tend to see a lot of pictures which speaks more than the words could ever explain. This was a turning point where words were replaced with pictures to create more impact on the users.

With the advent of technology, Instagram would be progressing year after year tapping out new talents and connecting people all around the world. This technology that changed the view of the world towards photos and videos is an instant hit. The application software has about billions of users uploading millions of photos every single day. It being quite user friendly application software has many users hooked on to it, because it does not require lots of sophisticated technical knowledge to operate Instagram. This Instagram era has definitely added more colours to people’s otherwise dull and monotonous lives.

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