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Instagram and its features


Everyone around the globe knows about Instagram. Instagram is application software that enables it’s users to take pictures, edit them and post publicly. It doesn’t stop there it also enables users to take videos – really short videos which last for one fourth of a minute. It has developed so much from the time it started till now. The growth of Instagram is quite a speedy one. This was because of the boom in the users of internet within a span of six to seven years. Instagram had around 100 million users in the year 2013 where as it has increased many folds to 400 million users in not less than 2 years.

The instant hit of Instagram is due to its unique features which distinguish it from other editing or photo sharing application software. Even though the filters are only handful they are of great use to the users. The editing tools are quite professional ones. This draws numerous users towards this application software. It was a really a trend setting application which drew the youth on the whole. And the facilities it provided to share their pictures with the outer world made it even more attractive. Instagram till now doesn’t have a equal competitor in the business world.

The first feature it offers you is that you can take photos either with your primary camera or secondary camera. Not all apps provide you to take photos with both the cameras. You can take a photo by clicking the photo icon that will appear at the bottom of your screen you can adjust the lighting by filling it with flash. As it provides you dual camera facility you can even switch between the cameras by tapping on the appropriate icon. Once you click the photo icon you are all set to take a photo. All you need to do is tap on the blue circle and you will be done with the task of taking a photo.

The next best feature is the editing part of the pictures you take using Instagram or the one’s which are already on your device. If you are going to edit the picture that you have taken using Instagram all you have to do is after taking the picture you have to continue with the editing. When you want to edit the pictures which are already in your device you have to tap on the photo icon and scroll through the photos that are available in your device. And choose the one you would like to edit and start editing.

The editing should be done in a very careful manner. Once you over do the editing the picture becomes a disaster and not a memory. To have correct editing it is better to use the correct lighting effects and choose the correct filters that suits the picture that you are about to edit. Once the editing part is done successfully you are all set to post the picture to the world. With the response you get for the picture in the way of likes and comments, you can very well ascertain if your posts are being welcomed nor not.

You can also make use of captions to bring more colours to your posts, when you have an Instagram account. You can also make your pictures more creative by using catchy captions. Your captions may even include hashtags. Hashtags are quite popular. So using hashtags in caption might boost the publicity of that particular picture. You can also use hashtags in your comments to boost the likes and comments for your picture.

Instagram allows its users to take even videos too. The videos won’t last more than one fourth of a minute. And with the new update in Instagram users can also send text messages to the ones who follow them. Texts can be sent only along with pictures. Texts alone cannot be sent to others.  And photos of Instagram can be downloaded with small application software called InstaSave. With each and every year passing by, there is tremendous change in it and due to those changes there is terrific growth which has made Instagram so successful.

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