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Instagram for beginners


How to create an Instagram account?

First of all you need an email id to start with. All you have to do is click on the sign up button that appears on your screen and fill in your name, email id, phone number and also type the desired password. After filling all this you have to select a picture to keep it as your display picture. Keeping one’s own picture is advisable so as to let others know that it is you.

Let’s get started with following people

Once you are done with creating your account all you have to do is look for people you know and follow them. To follow a certain person, all you have to do is search that particular person’s name. Once you find his or her profile, double check if it is the same person you are looking for. Now, all you have to do is click the follow button that will be displayed right in the corner of their profile.

Let’s do some privacy

Unlike other social networking sites Instagram allows you to choose the people that can view all your posts. This way, you can be sure of your account’s safety. This method of choosing people is done by clicking on the “Direct” tab. After clicking direct tab you have to choose those people with whom you are ready to share your posts with.

Let’s get to know more

To get to know about what your friends are up to, you have to scroll down your feed. This place displays all the posts that the people that you are following post in their respective accounts. You can look through the feed by clicking the icon that looks like a home. This lets you scroll through the posts of your near and dear ones. For reloading the tab click on the refresh button on the top right corner.

You can search for a particular person’s post by typing their name in the discovery tab. This tab is indicated with a magnifying glass icon. You can even search a post with the hashtags that were used to caption that post. You can discover posts based on the photos and videos liked by you.

News tab is a place where you get notified when someone likes your photos or videos, or when someone tags you in a post, or when someone starts following you or requests you for following. This tab is indicated with a small comment box icon with a heart in the center. If a person actively likes or comments when you are logged in your account in Instagram, a small orange heart or comment bubble will appear just above your news tab.

When you find a photo or video attractive you can show your interest by liking the post or by commenting on it. You can like a photo either by clicking the heart shaped button just below the post or by simply double tapping on the post. For commenting on that post first you have to click the little comment box icon type your comment and post it.

You can also see your own profile to just have a check over the people you follow and the ones who follow you or to see the posts you have uploaded so far by clicking on the profile tab on the right side which is indicated with an icon of a bubble with stripes inside of it. You can also edit your Instagram profile.

To add photos to your Instagram profile all you have to do is click on the share button first and then tap on the camera icon and you are ready to click a photo. If you want to share an already existing photo click on the share tab it will show you the existing photos in your mobile.

If you want to edit your photo Instagram offers you even that facility. It is minimal though. But still unlike the rest of the social networking sites it isn’t same providing only the platform to posts photos and videos.

With all these amenities Instagram has been rocking the world for the past several years from the day of its launch.

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