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Instagram gets better… With a range of new features and a stylish look!


Instagram is the ideal place on social media where you can upload your photos. Starting from your selfies to pictures with your pets- Instagram welcomes all kinds of photos along with suitable hashtagings. Recently it has been adding some new and innovative features with an aim to become even more popular!

One such feature that has been recently incorporated is the saving as draft. Ever since the beginning, Instagram users felt the need of saving things as drafts. However, such a provision wasn’t there so far. Now, with the latest update of Instagram, one can easily store his or her content in the form of a draft. So, if you had started a post previously but couldn’t complete the upload process due to some reason, you can now complete it without the need to start it afresh.

Another area where Instagram has produced remarkable changes is the comments. The comments against your post are now customizable. So, if you feel that a certain comment is spamming, trolling or negative in some way, you can easily filter it using the latest features of Instagram. This filtering facility helps the business-owners to keep their brand image intact by keeping their area on Instagram clean.

You can even add colors to your text now! Just swipe through the colors on the keyboard and choose the color in which you would like to see your text.

Instagram has not only enriched itself with newer technological developments but has also changed it’s logo to present itself in an entirely different form. The user interface has also been improved and made more stylish so that the photos and videos look more vibrant.

Over the five years that have passed since its birth, Instagram has incorporated millions of users into its community. It has a set of tools such as Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse in order to make the user experience better. The icons for these tools have also been changed along with the main icon of the app in order to give the entire thing a new look.

Another development that had been announced by Instagram back in the month of March was the optimization of feed depending on the area of interest of a person. It has been observed through the years that almost every Instagram user has a tendency to follow too many people and as a result have their news feed flooding with lots of posts, out of which many are irrelevant to them. That is why the app has come up with the facility of feed optimization that will be done depending upon your relation with the users under consideration and also the timelines of the post.

Lastly, we would also like to mention that Instagram is all set to support multiple accounts! You can access more than one account from the same device. You can swipe between two accounts by pressing on your username at the top of the page.

Update your Instagram app and enjoy these features!

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