Justin Bieber quits Instagram

Justin Bieber quits Instagram… not really


The fact that Justin Bieber had made his profile private first and deleted it subsequently, is all over the news. The drama with Bieber’s ex-girlfriend is widely covered in other sites, so we will not repeat it here. If you want to know more just write ‘Justin Bieber Instagram’ and get the latest news, or read the “very important news” here on CNN
Justin Bieber deleted Instagram picture

We are writing this article to give the Beliebers (if there are any after the drama) a little bit of hope. Justin Bieber might deleted his profile, but he did not delete the pictures yet (i.e. they are still on Instagram CDN servers)
What does this mean? It means that JB could be back on Instagram at any moment. If his decision was final, maybe he would already removed any trace of his pictures. Maybe he did not make his decision final (yet). Only time will tell. Until then we will just sit here and wait.
justin bieber instagram deleted photo

Get a cached version of some of Justin Bieber Instagram profile photos and videos.



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