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Key To Impress Your Special One On Instagram


Instagram is a photo sharing app which was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger just 18 month before its acquisition. This app was acquired by Facebook on April 9th 2012 at a net worth of $1 billion in cash and stock. People on Instagram share pictures publically as well as privately.

Even after the acquisition Instagram did not wait to surprise which begins with following their user profiles and then continues with liking, commenting and even texting. People just need to click pictures and videos and share it as a message or post it on the profile after passing through the edit section of Instagram. This has many filter as well other editing options. Instagram has a layout as well as Boomerang option, which makes it stand out.

Well listed below are some secrets to turn your silly flirting attempts to a really impressing try –

  1. Follow- Now this is the thumb rule which you have to follow even if you want to know the person. And if you are really crushing on the profile picture of the person, you surely should get to know the person and the pictures in the account better.
  2. Profile Picture- Have a decent yet classic profile picture. As the profile picture in an Instagram account cannot be accessed for a bigger display, it is better put a recognizable picture cropped to the appropriate size as your profile picture.
  3. Liking in Bunch– Well if you really are crushing on someone, you will have this outrageous urge to like all his/ her picture. But keep calm and think what if you get categorized as another stalker and the person detests to even looking at your profile. So like only a few pictures, recent and older.
  4. The Recent One’s- You should generally like the recent pictures and avoiding liking old pictures in the account. It will give some genuine remark to your personality.
  5. Connect with Her on Other Social Networking Sites as Well- Well don’t just stick to the persons Instagram handle, explore the other connected accounts as well.
  6. Create a Story- Instagram, like many other social networking as well as instant messaging apps, has a write-your-story section. So utilize this opportunity, share a story which turns all the attention all to you but in a surprising way. You may also post a similar thought that was on the person’s account last week. It will make the person feel that there is some connection, or maybe post a picture in a common place.
  7. Like a Not-So-Liked Picture but Know the Limit – Like an old picture of the person concerned which may not be hell beautiful, but different from the lot- a picture which is great but has received less appreciation than it deserves.
  8. Be Appropriately Flirty- Commenting “nice “and “beautiful” on some of the pictures is an acceptable notion. But like a dumb head pouring all the appreciation over her pictures will seem too cheesy and annoying.
  9. Send a Casual Direct Message– Send a Casual Direct Message, may be an informative one. Like where did you purchase that wrist brand (flashing your favorite brand’s name) from?
  10. Use Emojis Appropriately– The thumbs up, the smiling face are the safe emojis. But if you really want to get noticed you can always put the emojis with heart eyes or maybe the kissing emojis on the comment section. But don’t fill the comment with ten of them.
  11. Wait for Actions to be Reverted – Leave a message request after a few days of liking and commenting. Accepting the message request and replying or a follow back could be a gesture that the person is open for some interaction. But if this doesn’t happen, don’t seem too desperate in your attempts.
  12. Polish your Profile – Before starting with all the liking and commenting, make your profile presentable. Edit the “about you” section and put up something decent and real that really introduces you correctly.
  13. Don’t over Think– just go with the flow, don’t plan much of it. Be real and don’t fake about anything.

Just sign in and start exploring the picture-filled world of Instagram!

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