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Linkedin Learning – Videos to Boost Your Career


The business and employment-oriented social networking service, LinkedIn, has now acquired at a hefty $1.5 billion which means now you can also upgrade your skill set through videos on the same platform you showcase your professional skills! specializes in offering learning videos on a monthly fee basis. had specialized in developing and marketing learning videos for more than 15 years. Originally the focus was on training courses for software programs like and Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Excel and the likes. But in recent years, increasingly expanded its presence in the business area, with learning videos on marketing and strategy. It seems for now that this collaboration will prove to be quite productive: with’s 9000 videos available to 450 million LinkedIn users it will be possible to know about an individual’s work experience, skills, contacts and now even the videos she checks out and in how frequently.

You can now learn skills from over 1000 business courses to help you gain that extra edge over your contemporaries. In the U.S. it has now become a standard practice for HR officers and company managers to look into the LinkedIn profiles of employees before their personnel files. LinkedIn Learning can soon make synced LinkedIn profiles with a professional learning video library a yardstick for professional development programmers in companies. Discover and develop skills with recommendations based on your LinkedIn profile, learn on your mobile devices even when you are offline and you get to learn all these from industry experts with real-world experience.

Build skills for leadership, communication, online marketing, project management, productivity tools and more with the new LinkedIn learning feature. Not only that, you also get to offer IT training on networks, business intelligence, big data and a wide range of essential applications. Inspire learning in design, video, 3D animation and photography and much more. LinkedIn experts curate content into series of courses on dozens of topics so that the learners can stay current. They can also use data-driven insights to assemble their own series, providing learners with truly individualized instruction. Trends and technology are always evolving; LinkedIn Learning provides 24/7 service for thousands of up-to-date and cost-effective business, creative and technology skills training videos designed for both desktop and mobile learning. LinkedIn users can avail all these for a monthly fee of only $25, while LinkedIn Premium members get free access. Currently, most videos are offered in English, but a drive has been created for the production of German, Japanese and Spanish contents as well.

LinkedIn learning can very well prove to be a new revolution in the world of professional skills if this idea is harnessed right.

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