twitty bird wants to grow up

Little Twitty Bird Wants To Grow Up


Twitter was a huge hit when it first hit the market; with its quirky concept and the need for a social media other than Facebook twitter was soon a raging hit among all the social media lovers. So when they released their public offering in 2013 the expectations were high. And twitter was doing pretty well for some time after which things started going downhill. Now we don’t know whether the public offering got such a response because of the tricky little game that ‘expectations’ always play or twitter was actually worth that price.

Running out of fresh ideas to keep your customers interested is a big concern in the social media game circle. Introducing video clips, GIFS and periscope broadcasts clearly don’t seem enough (although community polling is a real cool idea if you ask me.). So here are all the new things that twitter is doing to buckle itself up,

  • Expressing more in 140 characters: if you’re thinking that they are increasing the character limit then no, they are merely letting a few features to not “use up” those valuable characters. Replies, media attachments, retweet and ‘@’ won’t be counted under the 140 character constraint.


  • Making twitter accessible for the visually impaired: individual websites were long using ‘screen reader’ or ‘Braille display’ to get over this situation but now twitter has officially added the “accessibility” feature to help people add a descriptive text to the images.


  • Uncropped and multiview photos: with Instagram and Snap chat taking over Twitter’s market, Dorsey had to do something about photos.


  • More anti-harassment features: we all know how brutal people can get on Twitter. A little nudge is all it requires to make twitter-users go nuts over a situation and things get pretty filthy at times. High school bullies are enough, we don’t want them here as well. Period!

But still, these are not proving to be enough. Jack Dorsey is desperately looking for a merger and he isn’t getting one; that can’t be good news what with the $103 million loss this quarter. Alphabet and Salesforce have both turned Dorsey down, stating Twitter isn’t a good fit for their group. We heard a little something about Walt Disney Co. showing interest but nothing materialized. So the newest strategy that Twitter is taking to get over the loss and achieve efficiency is the age old ‘pink-slip’ strategy. 9% of Twitter’s work force is going to be cut down according to new reports. Twitter’s user count is already decreasing, the revenue that Twitter obtains comes from advertisement and it doesn’t seem enough to maintain 3,860 employees. Increasing long-term shareholder value is what Twitter is aiming for now and with no partners (read buyers) agreeing to collaborate with Twitter a 3k workforce doesn’t seem necessary. Dorsey claims this strategy to be working although a certain market research firm has claimed that Twitter’s share will go further down by 2020. Let’s see if cutting employees makes our favorite bird soar high up again.

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