Marketing ideas on instagram for the smaller businesses

Marketing ideas on Instagram for the smaller businesses


Instagram is a social media platform that is currently being used by hundreds of millions pdf users every day. It is one of the platforms that have bridged geographical distances so as to come up with one huge global community. As with other social media platforms, instagram is used socially by some while yet others prefer to use the network as a marketing area for all their brands and products. This is a place where trends are set and money made. However, with so many people on Instagram, there is a need to know how you can use it so as to capture the attention of as many relevant people as you possibly can there are some amazing marketing ideas that can really work extremely well on Instagram and you will get the recognition, the likes and the comments that you may have always desired to get on a social media platform.

What instagram is all about?

Well, the essence of instagram is the pictures and this is what it is all about. This is where you find the most striking models and gourmet businesses that have taken a great advantage of the social media platform that is visually impaired so as to promote the brand and see them grow, this platform concentrates on photos and as they say, a picture can speak a thousand words. When you use images to attract people, it works really well if you upload the most amazing pictures that you can find.

When you use instagram, you are able to increase all online engagements and the reach that you want to achieve, especially when the images that you upload are clear and crisp. This is one the things that you should always make certain about. So as to allow the market to get out the best hidden potential on instagram, there are some ideas that can actually allow you to make this a possibility.

  • Ensure you make updates on a daily basis: this is one of the ideas that are simplest and it is one that is greatly highlighted. When your instagram page seems to be dormant, it may be the same as not having an account at all. You need to post pictures every day. More and more users will be able to notice the posts that are made daily. The more they notice the posts, the higher the fun base rises. Always make great posts so as to ensure the target audience remains thrilled at all times.
  • Don’t ignore the hashtags: this is an ultimate rule when you decide to use instagram. It is one of the easiest ways in which the users can find the images that they prefer including the ones that you post. So as to achieve this, you needed to follow the various trending topics so as to come up with the hashtags that are most relevant. When you use hashtags that are random, it may not go too well for you. As a rule of thumb, always ensure that you use the hashtags that are most relevant with all the pictures that you post. This is an amazing way of always being trendy and in sync with the rest of the world.
  • Engage followers: this is a tip that can be used in marketing across any platform for social media. However, there are some people who believe that instagram is only meant for image sharing. However, this isn’t the case. You can actually respond to the compliments, the complaints and the concerns that your followers have. Engaging followers can be compared to how you relate with the followers you have on other platforms such as twitter.
  • Posting a call to action: in the marketing world, this is an instruction that provokes a response from the audience immediately. You can use imperative verbs such as find out more or call now or visit us today. A CTA on instagram can be a rather difficult thing to pull off. Backlinks can never be used on the photos that you create. However, at the very end of the post, you can ask the audience to click links within your bio after they comment or like your post. This is a link that will take them to the homepage where the matter at hand is handled.
  • Link your account to twitter to increase the audience reach.

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