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Microsoft Bought LinkedIn – Is it Working Out?


We all know that Microsoft has bought LinkedIn for a lump sum of $26 billion in June 2016. Microsoft has previously been unsuccessful in its attempt to excel by buying other brands like Nokia. So, why did it again take the risk of buying another brand by spending so much of money? What is the impact of this acquisition that took place in the month of June this year?

Microsoft and LinkedIn can together form a great combination since Microsoft’s online Office Suite and thousands of users that LinkedIn has can complement each other very well for serving great purposes.

The event has also been described by some as a bonding between the professional cloud and the professional network. So, one can easily toggle between a productivity software and social networking site.

Microsoft has been able to monetize LinkedIn which would not have been possible for anyone else. This investment will help LinkedIn to excel in a better way. So, LinkedIn users would be able to experience more benefits which would not have been possible under normal circumstances by using its own funds.

The relationship between Microsoft and LinkedIn is intermediate between an autonomy and synergy. So, both Microsoft’s and LinkedIn’s products are being promoted. LinkedIn is getting benefitted in various ways and its users can now enjoy more benefits thanks to the connected devices, cloud computing technology, big data handling and artificial intelligence.

LinkedIn still remains as a stand-alone entity under the wings of Microsoft. It is, however, benefitting Microsoft in every possible way. Microsoft products like Office 365 and Dynamics that were previously not so popular are being bought by the LinkedIn users. After all, it is the biggest professional social media platform in the world. Moreover, LinkedIn stands at a better position with respect to its competitors as compared to the other brands bought by Microsoft in the past. LinkedIn will offer it some valuable data that has applications with respect to recruiting. It would also provide some great per

LinkedIn had been lacking an adequate software prowess so far. Now, with the help of Microsoft, it is emerging in a better way. The users are thus being able to leverage the datasets better thanks to the Microsoft Office and Dynamic CRM Footprints. Especially the Enterprise Sales people will be benefited as a result of this. They will be able to receive massive dividends in terms of closing duration and sales efficacy.

In future we would expect that the training tools of LinkedIn will help Microsoft in building the virtual reality applications too. Microsoft, on the other hand, can increase the number of users and also the revenue of LinkedIn in the upcoming years.

Thus, it can be said that the synergy between Microsoft and LinkedIn is yielding out benefits as expected. We hope they continue to remain the same!

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