Misconceptions you should ignore for Instagram

Misconceptions You Should Ignore For Instagram To Work For Your Business


In a short period of time Instagram has managed to grow exponentially. It is indeed among the rising platforms on social media may be because of its unique approach of focusing more on photos for visual marketing and interactions. Brands get the chance to diversify content to broaden the online presence and reach using the network and app, but there are some that turn away from Instagram because of misconceptions about what the network is all about.

By shunning out Instagram as a brand, you end up missing out on a very strong user base that could have made a huge positive impact on your business. The reasons keeping you from using this platform could end up being untrue and it is therefore important to unearth the truth before ignoring the platform all together. Below are some of the most common misconceptions you should steer away from so you are able to use Instagram for the benefit of your brand.

Instagram is only for photo posting – Most brands even the top ones, unfortunately hold this as the gospel truth. Even though it is a platform that is more focused on photos, there are so many other approaches you can use to share your content. You can even use videos and Instagram stories to pass your message along. Some brands have been successful using user generated content. Hash tagging offers great advantage even when using the photos so do not be afraid to explore what the platform features can do for your business.

Instagram reserves the right to sell photos – It is one of the misconceptions that have lasted for a considerable time. It came up after Instagram updated its Terms of use with rumors spreading the right to sell photos to third parties of their choosing. The negative feedback led to a reworking of the Terms to try and correct wording that seemed to give the impression. The truth is that you remain to be in full ownership of your photos. You have no reason to worry about your photos being sold outside the app. It is always wise to read through the terms and conditions of everything so you do not end up being misguided by poor interpretations.

Instagram is only for those selling visual products – Just because you are a service provider does not mean that you cannot share photos on instagram to market what you do. The photos should actually be treated as effective incentives to get your brand out there. As long as you have entertaining, compelling and valuable images, you can be sure that sharing with the right audience will help you meet your goals regardless of the products or services you have to offer them. You need to remember that even though you may not have any products to show on instagram, you can still use photos to show your company culture, celebrations, merchandise and employee goodwill.

Instagram is for big brands only – No single social network is designed for specific brands. In fact, all networks offer all brands both big and small equal opportunities to grow and expand using provided features. You may be a small company, but there is so much you can do with Instagram to make it benefit the company. Explore the platform and everything it has to offer, then be creative on how to use it to benefit your small or big brand. There is really something for everything the platform, so do not be left out because of a simple misconception.

It is impossible to measure results on Instagram – It came about because Instagram does not have any built-in insight tool, hence people assume tracking and monitoring is a task they have to do manually. The truth is that it is very possible to monitor your activity on Instagram using web based apps like Statigram, SimplyMeasured and SumAll. Tracking and monitoring your activity is important because it gives you insight on what is working and what needs to be changed. It is the only way you can tell how successful your brand presence is so find an app that gives you an easy time doing so. You can also use IOS apps for the same function.

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