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Mistakes You Must Avoid When Using Social Media For Business


A marketing strategy on social media that is successful in every way needs to be targeted and planned. You will only manage to broaden your brand reach, capture the interests of new customers and showcase your brand positively when you take time planning your approach. The business world has become very competitive and you will only remain relevant when you are able to strengthen your brand.

In as much as there are so many positive ways of marketing your brand using different social networks, mistakes can negatively impact your brand identity and business in different ways. The last thing you want to do is make errors that end up damaging your reach, integrity and image as a brand. A silly mistake can end up ruining the goodwill you have spent time creating towards your business. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you must avoid when using social media for business.

Giving focus on quantity more than quality

If at all you are to acquire followers on social media, you must capture them with the quality of content that you choose to post. Most businesses make the mistake of replacing quality with quantity believing that it is the best approach in getting the numbers. If what you are looking for are organic results on the social platform you are using, then make sure that you pay attention to the quality of everything you post otherwise you may come out as very unprofessional and fail to make the impact you were hoping for amongst your target audience. In relation to followers, it is best to think about valuable ones than thousands of them who are not relevant to your business.

Responding poorly to negative commentary

As a business not everyone will agree with what you post and you must therefore be ready for users who have a different opinion or those who find your post offensive in some way. There are sometimes valid reasons behind such commentary or it could be from people who love complaining and finding negatives behind everything. Whatever the case, never ignore, delete or respond harshly as though you are attacking the complainant. You will come out more professional when you are quick in responding and ensuring that your response is to try and calm down the user or apologize for offending them with the post. You can also offer private means for them to contact to have the issue resolved. A positive response is highly likely to turn a previous negative comment into a positive thus improving your reputation because you at least hear out your customers and strive to meet their needs.

Overusing hashtag

It does come with amazing benefits, but you need to always make sure that you use relevant hashtags and in moderation for that matter. Never use multiple hashtags in one post and ensure that they remain precise. When you end up overusing the hashtags, you end up appearing as though you are piggybacking on trends that could actually be irrelevant to your brand or post. Do not annoy users and followers with endless hashtags and those that have nothing valuable and new to offer otherwise you could end up losing valuable followers. Hashtags are also more suited for Instagram and Twitter than they are on LinkedIn and Facebook. Make wise choices and your brand will stand to gain.

Not having a marketing strategy

It is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when using social media for business. In as much as social network is integral part of buyer experience in terms of sharing purchases, checking in and even socializing with your brand and creating loyalty and strong relationship, you need to have a plan. Failing to plan your social media marketing will only drain your efforts and probably even resources and not achieve anything valuable in the end. Start by choosing social networks that are most relevant for your business and you will be able to keep up with; you don’t need presence on each one of the social networks. Think of your target audience and the platform they relate most with then think about approaches that will appeal to them most when planning your strategy.

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