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Mobile Dating App Bumble Takes Greater Strides


Though initially popular as a dating app, Bumble is now taking things to a greater level and is exploring the professional world too! Its new section called Bumblebizz is meant for connecting its users in the business world. Though the basic platform of Bumble would remain the same and people will be free to date through this app, Bumblebizz will come as a separate section to establish connection with the co-employees. So, the users will be able to switch between the dating and the professional world. It is a great idea since people will want their dating profile and professional profile to remain separate.

Bumblebizz is expected to be somewhat like LinkedIn. It will connect people from the same field of work and living in the same geographical location. Bumble claims itself to be a believer of women empowerment. And this is the factor that still remains intact in its professional section too. Women still have the advantage of choosing men according to their will. This could be a safe option for a female professional interested in connecting with other people from her profession. They can also connect with other women who they feel can help them in their career prospects.

People are comparing this app to LinkedIn since both are meant for establishing connections in the professional front. However, Bumblebizz is different from LinkedIn because of the reason that it will offer a more casual platform for professional networking unlike LinkedIn where things are hard-core professional. Bumblebizz will not directly connect people to their jobs but will provide them an opportunity to establish strong connections in the professional front that would help them to build careers.

The swipe and match process will remain the same. People will be able to establish an on-demand networking for the interested ones. The only difference is, what used to be done out of an attraction towards the people of opposite sex will be now done for job purposes. Just like the app allowed them to choose people on the basis of location other factors, here also the users will get to input the locations and industries of their choice where they are interested in building contacts.

This is not the first time that Bumble has taken an initiative to expand its horizons. It had previously launched BumbleBFF, a platform meant for finding friends. Here, on switching to the BFF mode, people can find others of the same sex with whom they might be keen on making friendship. There is a color code helping you to distinguish between the two modes. Conversation in green theme color will help you to realise that you are in the BFF mode while that in yellow color signifies the dating mode. With BumbleBFF, Bumble intends to find suitable friends for a user by browsing through their facebook profile.

Making friends in your job sector is now easy thanks to this recent development of Bumble.

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