Perks and Risks of Instagram

Perks and Risks of Instagram


Instagram being one of the worldwide used photos and videos sharing application software has a lot of perks to its users. And wherever there are perks there are risks too. The risks can be easily avoided by being a rational user. It is a very wide platform where we tend to have lot of experience, portray our artistic talents, get to know new people and also meet new people in and around the world. As almost the world is at our fingertips it is easier to connect to people in all the corners of the world.


Instagram is the best application software, when it comes to sharing photos and videos on social networks. It comes with a lot of advantages. The first and most important is that photos are shared easier. This refers to sharing photos and videos. You can share your photos and videos with almost all the people around the world.  It recreated the way of taking photos and videos by providing the users with additional features like editing the photos and cropping the photos. This was something which no other social networking sites offered so it became a hit as soon as it was launched into the market. People went crazy with the features of the application software.


By taking pictures we are building an artistic ability within ourselves which is considered to be a perk. Also, the use of hashtags has added more power to our pictures. By taking a lot of pictures we get to know a lot of details about photography. It makes us to take better photos. The photos are uploaded in the internet for the world to see and it results in lot of publicity and thus your skills will be exposed to the public.


By posting a lot of photos and videos you tend to get lot of followers. And lot of followers means your friend list is going to get a hike in the near future. This means, you get to know a lot of people whom otherwise you would have never known. You also get to meet a lot of people. And thus you become a social person, as you come out of your shell and veil that you were hiding behind all these years. With lot of interaction with people you get to know about a lot about people, especially their likes and dislikes.


Photos being one of the main elements, a lot of e- commerce business houses use this application software to enhance their product in looks. As a result, this attracts a lot of customers. The enhancing of the product in its look brings a lot of customers to those businesses and thus the business progresses day by day.


As Instagram stores the photos the customers are at liberty to view the product as and when required. Therefore there is no hindrance in that. These photos or videos remain wherever it was posted until and otherwise the rightful owner of the account deletes it.




There are as much as risks involved in Instagram which would equal the perks. There are two sides to every coin and Instagram is not an exception to this rule. The risk of photos being downloaded by unscrupulous people is very high as this application software allows the user to share photos publicly. So being a rational user we must make it sure that we posts photos and videos privately and not publicly. This way, we can avoid unnecessary risks.


As we share photos and videos we tend to make a lot of friends. Not all friends we make are good for us. And we also get to meet new people. Those new people need not necessarily be good for our lives. So it is better to make your account secure by enabling privacy settings and accepting only those you know personally and following only those you know.


As e-commerce has started using this application software to enhance the look of their products customers are at times carried away by the way the product looks alone and end up being exploited. Customers, being cheated this way, are quite a high risk for the society at large.  It has also got a drawback where it can only be downloaded only on iPhones and android phones and not on windows mobile, blackberry or Linux.

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