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Reasons Why Social Media May Not Be Yielding Expected Results


Social media networks make some of the best tools for businesses that are looking to widen their reach and strengthen position in the marketplace that is competitive. Regardless of the line of business you are in, you are bound to meet stiff competition and it is up to you to come up with ways to remain relevant amidst all the competition and to actually grow. Social media marketing strategies are working very well in modern times, especially considering that they have become a way of life for millions of users globally.

But for the approach to work for you and yield the kind of results you expect, you need to have a plan that is targeted in every way. When you have everything figured out social medial channels will be a success and yet the smallest errors can end up causing damage to your brand image and integrity. If you have been giving it a try, but social media do not seem to be brining you the kind of results you expected, it could be because you are making common mistakes most business people make when using the platforms. Find out what you could be doing wrong and make changes as appropriately and social media could turn to be the best marketing tool you ever chose.

You are using one plan for all your social platforms – If you are treating your social media campaign as a one size fits all it will not work as optimally as you expect it to. Each one of the media channels has features that could be unique to it and therefore content that works for one platform may not necessarily do as well on the other channels. You need to base your content on specific channels and the kinds of audiences, it attracts to be a success. The approach you use should differ from one channel to the next. Alternatively, consider using only one network or at least two instead of trying to have a presence on all the channels.

You are talking at your audience – Social media remains to be just as the name suggests, social. Remember, it is not a newspaper, radio or TV for you to broadcast at audiences. Your conversations should therefore be two ways so you are able to encourage consumer interaction at the end of the day. Learn to talk with your audiences instead of talking at them if at all you are to be able to create better relationships that are rewarding. Avoid taking a sales pitch in every one of your posts and instead share fun, informative, valuable and interesting content most of the times to keep the engagements going.

You are posting too little or too much – Posting too much turns annoying for your followers and users especially because it clogs their newsfeeds. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why users unfollow or unlike pages. On the other hand, if you end up posting too little will suggest apathy and this will only make it hard for you to retain followers. People tend to move on very quickly on social media because of the short attention span the channels naturally promote. It is very easy for you to be forgotten if you are not a regular poster. Try to find a balance; post at least one daily, but do not go beyond three posts either in a day. It is also very important that you ensure anything you post is relevant, informative, valuable or interesting.

You keep inserting yourself in the wrong place – Not every trending topic will be relevant to your business and neither will all topics offer any value to you. Stealing mindshare on topics your business has no relevance in will only end up making you look insensitive and ignorant. No matter how popular a topic may seem, if it has nothing to do with your line of business, try to avoid a force-in otherwise it can easily make your followers questions you and your business. Choose topics and conversations to join with care so you only choose what is really of value to your business and can give you the right exposure to your target audiences.

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